The Video Dead (1987)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Robin Scott


Roxanna Augesen .... Zoe Blair
Rocky Duvall .... Jeff Blair
Sam David McClelland .... Joshua Daniels
Victoria Bastel .... April Ellison

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November, 1987



A TV that only seems to have one channel is delivered to someone's home which shows an old fashioned zombie flick in which this causes the zombie's to appear out of the screen and kill this resident.
Two siblings move into this home during the disappearance of this resident while waiting for their folks to come home as well.
One of them named Jeff (Rocky Duvall) finds the TV in the attic of the home but then is warned onscreen as to what this TV does. Plus he spots a redneck zombie hunter who travelled all the way from Texas named Joshua Daniels (Sam David McClelland) to warn
them that they are in danger as they try to snuff out these zombie's that are residing in the backwoods of the neighborhood along with trespassing into other people's homes and killing them as well.


We spot a beginning with a grouchy resident as well as cheesy slow motion shots on delivery people bringing out the TV and going to the home of this resident in which this was supposed to look creepy but it looked way too corny to be taken seriously.
Later on we spot the TV turning on spotting an old fashioned type of zombie flick as well as him trying to turn it off and it keeps turning back on as watching this moment looked rather amusing. Plus we spot a zombie looking at the TV screen and ready to try and pull his way through the screen as this looked rather creepy I must say so a nice pointer here. Yet there's cheesy camera shots on the zombie's suddenly walking on the floor of the home ready to do some deadly deeds.
We spot a close up shot on someone walking in a zombie type fashion in which this was supposed to draw into the mysterious moments here but yet this looked way too silly to be taken seriously.
A nice impressive moment when we spot the TV on in the attic with a lustful woman in it calling out to Jeff as this looked cheesily ghostly like. It was fun to spot this.
We spot a corny moment with Joshua Daniels as a zombie killer warning the new neighbors Zoe and Jeff about a TV in the house as this looked way too slapstick and totally raw while watching all of this not leaving an effective moment in the scene at all
like we'd all expect in this situation.
Plus there's a moment where a gorgeous friendly neighbor named April Ellison and Jeff spotting her dog dead in which there's terrible one liners about her worried that her parents will send her to reform school. It seems like the writer didn't have any bright ideas with this scene plus she's not shocked or devastated at all on what happened to her pet. This scene was very lame to watch.
Some amusing moments when we have Jeff smoking dope while watching the TV as well as the woman appearing out of it before him which there's neat shots and effects within all of this. Plus a good moment with a character killing her and then warning him as to what is happening which looked well focused and what to do. This moment looked perfectly haunting in once again a cheesy horror fashion. Also neat effects when Jeff tries to put a mirror in front of the TV set with mist flying out of it and a zombie handcoming out of the set and trying to grab at him as this always works well in a strange horror story such as this one.
Some nice takes on the zombie's in the woods spying on others in which gives it a fun cheesy horror feel as well as good moments on them entering a home. Plus we spot a corny situation with the undead bride putting on a wig or the other zombie's checking out stuff in which this was done in a fair matter. However there's off moments when some of them try to kills the residents which looked terribly sloppy here. Plus we even spot a moment with one of them putting a woman in her washer and spotting her body spinning which looked incredibly stupid.

Impressive shots with a zombie coming in to grab April Ellison and dragging her away in which this leaves a nice decent impression here.
However there's alot of trashy discussions between Jeff and Joshua when they go hunting in the woods to try and find April. However there's a neat shot on a zombie creepily approaching them as well as them shooting this undead down. Then of course we spot Joshua taking out a chainsaw in which this seems typical in a cheesy flick like this one to have it. Also more trashy one liners when Jeff tells him his favourite movies in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and wanting to do the trick here to saw up this zombie. Ho hum!
We spot a moment when Jeff uses himself for bait and Joshua falls asleep which is of course showing on how lame brained this hunter is and you wonder if he will be done in while tied in the air plus we spot the undead bride using the chainsaw by swinging it around which looked hokey to watch but yet this was one of the memorable scene's in the story too.
Then what is a real attention grabber is when Zoe has no choice but to invite the zombie's in and makes a meal for them. Of course this scene was off the wall but yet done in that taste and making the moment look dark and creepy too which worked in very well here.
Of course we have an ending which left a door open for a sequel which of course never happened due to the lack of interest in this one thank god.
Bottom line is that this clunker was very silly and of course doesn't explain itself all that well as to how these zombie's history to being in a TV set. A story that was done for no apparent reason at all. This is not an Evil Dead ripoff at all. Had the odd entertaining moments otherwise the flick was very amateurish and avoidable.

The acting is pretty terrible while watching it all. Lead actress Roxanna Augesen (Zoe Blair) however pulls her role off quite well when we spot her as she tries very hard to get into character and many times pulls it off pretty well too. Does a good job with her concerning behavior which shines off nicely. Also does a good job with her shocked reactions in certain spots of the film too. Makes her frightened actions come to life big time when inviting the zombie's in which she does well with her choked up and quiverring speaking. Yes she seemed to study this role in a fair fashion. Plus had the nice teenage girl looks which was another nice bonus here.
Rocky Duvall (Jeff Blair) was a little too over the top with a hyper type of young teenager in which he came across as a little annoying while watching him do his work here. He seems okay in certain spots like panicking when the terror strikes him showing off some fair energy here but he wasn't cut out as an actor let's be honest here.
Sam David McClelland (Joshua Daniels) was the worst of them all as he was way too over the top by showing an aggressive and eccentric type of behavior. It looked like that he was forced to do all of this. Plus he can't even pull off a Texan accent which looked embarrassing for him to do all of this. There's alot of moments when he acts saracastic which even this didn't look at all convincing. Yes this guy was an embarassment folks.
Victoria Bastel (April Ellison) looked like she graduated out of a modelling academy when we spot her portraying her role in which she doesn't show any inspiration at all. She was just a line reader here. But she does act well when she has an uplifting type of behavior which comes off nicely here. However when she gets into a sob it bombs big time. Her looks did all the talking here and came across as an airhead.

A clothing iron is stabbed in a zombie's head
Some blood is revealed while a zombie messes someone up
A beautiful woman is mangled looking while someone kills her on a TV screen
A zombie is chopped up by a chainsaw
A redneck hunter is stabbed by an arrow
Another victim is bloodily stabbed by a chainsaw while he chops off a head of an undead bride

The music was pretty cheesy but suited the flick and some fun touches with low budget synthesizer music on ghoulish type sounds having a decent deep quiverring and toned out type of sound in alot of the sequences that it was played in. Also there's the odd screeching or high pitched icy sounds as this sounded at an average pace. Plus for the real adventureous or suspenseful situation we hear alot of energised drumbeats too. Plus there's the odd hissing sounds as well as some scrapings too adding nice flavor. We do hear the odd chimings to top it off sounding nicely done. Plus there's some almost mainstream types of music which sounded like it was ripped from an old soundtrack and badly overdubbed. Also we hear the odd light tapping of a piano playing as this was only half good. All of this was put together by 3 composers which seemed obivous since alot of this had many different types of themes while watching it as their names are Leonard Marcel, Kevin mcMahon and Stuart Rabinotwish.

April: You don't understand. He likes to chase skunks in the woods, and if he finds them he tries to mate with them. Only skunks don't like to mate with poodles, and then they spray him, and he really gets turned on! 

Jeff Blair: Hey, I've got it! 
April: You do? 
Jeff Blair: The dog swallowed a ball. You were walking the dog, on a leash, and some total jerk threw the ball to the dog, and he accidentally swallowed it. All we have to do is push the ball down the dog's throat. They'll never know the difference. 
April: That is really sick! You think it'll work? 

The Garbageman: You don't know, what you're messin' with. Why in the hell don't you leave it alone? 
Jeff Blair: Who was she? 
The Garbageman: They look, just like you and I... But inside, they're, they're different. They have no soul... 
Jeff Blair: Who are you? 
The Garbageman: They call me the Garbageman. I dispose of human garbage. 
Jeff Blair: Why are you telling me all this? 
The Garbageman: Because you're in danger. There's been a little accident, an escape. They are very real, and very dangerous, Jeff. Be careful. 
Jeff Blair: No, wait! What do I do? 
The Garbageman: Take the TV, and lock it in the basement, and do one more thing. Get a mirror, and put the shiny side next to the screen. A mirror... 

Jeff Blair: But why mirrors? 
Joshua Daniels: The reason for the mirrors is simple, the dead can't stand to look at themselves. Same goes for when a living person comes up against one of 'em. When the living person shows fear, it all comes home again, that they're different. All they wanna do is kill the only thing they can never be: the living. 
Jeff Blair: But what if a person could keep from showing fear? Wouldn't he be safe? 
Joshua Daniels: Keep from showing fear? Only two ways of doin' 'em in, least as far as I know. First is to, trap 'em in a place from which there is absolutely no escape. Then they'll go crazy, eat themselves. 
Jeff Blair: And the other way? 
Joshua Daniels: The other way is much more simple. Since they think they're alive, by attacking 'em like you would the living. With guns, knives, anything. For a time, they can actually be convinced they're dead. To make that death final, however, they must not be buried. And left instead to be reclaimed, by mother nature. 
Zoe Blair: Then will this all be over? Will they really be dead? 
Joshua Daniels: Then they'll be where they belong... in death. 

Jeff Blair: I saw him. 
Jeff Blair: I shot him. 
Jeff Blair: It's only fair that I get to use the chainsaw.