Vipers (2008)

Directed by:

Written by: Brian Katkin


Tara Reid .... Nicky Swift
Jonathan Scarfe .... Cal Taylor
Corbin Bernsen .... Burton
Genevieve Buechner .... Maggie Martin
Stephen E. Miller .... Hank Brownie
Jessica Steen .... Dr. Collins
Don S. Davis .... Dr. Silverton
Mark Humphrey .... Sheriff Hendricks
Aaron Pearl .... Jack Martin
Claire Rankin .... Ellie Martin
Michael Kopsa .... John Staffen

Release Dates: Made-for-Cable: August 12, 2008 (Portugal); September 21, 2008 (USA)







A set of vipers in a science lab on a small island as they were finding a cure for cancer with them but these reptiles manage to escape due to a group of criminals breaking in and manage to go into the woods and enter a small town as they end up eating people alive there along with trapping the survivors and finding other ways enter their hideout.


The film shows a nice scenery on a laboratory as things looked nicely effective while watching on what's going on for a made for cable horror flick along with criminals coming in and all hell breaks loose with the snakes they kept escaping which seems common for a horror film of this king. Things looked energetic but not as intense like you'd expect in a major motion picture.
There's nice drawing moment when someone picks up a garter snake and another gets scared about it which works in well and often written in before the real deadly reptiles are about to take over.
In another situation there's a perfect effective moment taking place in a greenhouse with a nagging woman named Ellie Martin complaining towards Nicky Swift on growing marijuana there and not getting off her back which really came to life here by how this was all set out and making you want to hit her for being difficult about it all and guess what happens here??? The argument looked good and solid.
A perfect setting on a couple of horny teens camping outside and getting it on which is perfect to use in a horror film as you have a creepy feeling that something deadly is going to occur for having sinful sex like this and the effects look not too badly done when we spot snakes eating these two alive with great bloody close up shots on this as it looked perfectly intense and a good horror scene to spot as well. Deadly snakes these days don't look scary but the people at the CGI department did their best as you can tell here.
There's another effective moment when the main character Cal Taylor comes to the rescue as he witnesses a child that was bitten by a snake and tries to take care of it all which showed some good moments with him and the kid on this since it's a nice start up to another horrific moment later on.
A great focus with both characters Nicky and Cal having a serious and touching discussion with one another as this drew in very well by what they were discussing as well as good shots on the two of them here.
In the plot we spot family man Jack Martin cheating on his wife by having an affair with another woman as this was another good drawing card to the story giving a feel that the snakes are going to come in as well but we spot Jack taking a shower and then the snakes slither up to the mistress' legs adding some dark humor on her thinking it's him rubbing against her and then great shots on the snakes coming up to attack her with some great shocking results later on which should please the horror fans big time.
Great intense moments when Jack drags his wife away from the snakes while their daughter Maggie is locked in a door crying as this looked pressuring on what to do while he assures her that he will rescue her in time. The filmmaker really put some good effort and suspense into this situation.
There's also a perfect sad situation when Jack accidently gets shot with Maggie getting upset showing a great focus on everyone's emotions and what is done here adding a perfect dramatic situation as well as things being good, still and serious too.
Plus we spot people running outside and trying to dodge the snakes with some of them getting killed which looked perfectly adventureous to watch and quite terrifying and dark especially due to the night shots here.
Plus there's more adventureous situations later on in the story with the heroes trying to save the day by mapping out a plan and making traps which looked nicely focused too. Also more suspenseful moments when certain one's try to run away from the snakes but get pulled down. There's even a cool moment when we think a snake is killed and it leaps up to bite someone's hand which was supposed to be a jumping moment but that situation fails a bit.
Yet the terror happens a bit more when people try to keep themselves safe from being in a greenhouse and the snakes slither around the window type roofs and walls with one of them trying to shoot one of them causing a glass to shatter as this gives you an impression that the dangerous moments are going to happen again and having a deadly feeling on what will happen next.
Bottom line is that this film was fairly well done and added some fun entertainment with the reptile invasion on a small island but we've seen movies like this before such as Kingdom of the Spiders for one. However it's a nice movie to sit back and relax watching a fun horror flick nevertheless with some good shocking horror violence here and there. Horror films with snakes just aren't scary like they were 30 years ago.

The acting is pretty good as we have lead actor Tara Reid (Nicky Swift) seemed to pull of her charm quite well into her part as a tough as nails type with a good sharp attitude. Also does a great job by being aggressive in a scene swinging a punch towards someone else in which she showed great effort in her blocking and defensive attitude too. Also shows a nice touching moment with her seriousness and having nice emotions with whatever she does in certain spots and really studying these scene's incredibly well too. Plus showed a good strng minded behavior and really added some great spunk into all of this. She proved to be a worthy character actress.
Jonathan Scarfe (Nicky Swift) offering a great charming guy next door type of appeal as a lawman in the flick. He drew across with his mr nice guy type of act and was clear in his words while having discussions by expressing himself in a believeable fashion. Plus showed great effort and energy into whatever he did especially showing some great heroic action during the terrors involved in the film. A good pat on the back for this dude.
Genevieve Buechner (Maggie Martin) did a great job playing a rebellious type of teenager in which she does well acting sulky or having a whiney type of attitude too. Plus she does a great job with her upsetting emotions bringing everything to a great hype here. Also shows a great intense type of attitude with her screaming and freaked out behavior. Also does well with her crying emotions bringing this to life a great deal. She stands out nicely in her supporting role.
Stephen E. Miller (Hank Brownie) always has done a good job with whatever I've seen him in. He shows a nice focus as a local on the island and hosting others where they are and really concentrating on this. Plus he does a nice job at being anxious when the terrors start to happen showing great energy here as well as using a gun which he brings some great might into this too. Plus shows some great reactions when the suspense happens around him.
Jessica Steen
(Dr. Collins) was perfect playing a scientist in her role here as she showed a perfect sharp attitude whenever she came across with her words to someone else as well as doing a good job crying in fear showing a nice versatality into what she does. Plus came across as someone who knows what they're talking about too. Showed a nice firm behavior into what she does and keeping level headed too which really shows off as a believeable type here.
Don S. Davis (Dr. Silverton) came across nicely with his witty behavior as he shows some interesting characterisitcs into what he did here. Plus shows off some great energy when he tries to dodge away from the snakes as well as talking excitedly in a patient fashion. Seemed to know this role inside out and deserves good credit for all her did here. Very well done for this chap.
Aaron Pearl
(Jack Martin) seemed a bit stiff in his role as I found that he had a hard time getting inot it all but yet was good by acting calm and serious but when he acts lustful or flirtatious it doesn't come off all too well here. Yet does a nice job by acting shocked or getting anxious as this moment was a bit of an improvement here. Also does well acting weak choking out his words when he is about to die which also looked impressive onto the screen.
Claire Rankin (Ellie Martin) was really impressive by having a nagging type of attitude as well as really acting anxious and perfectly annoying too bringing this to life a great deal. She stood out the most in this film with all of this. Also does a great job by getting emotional due to the terrors as well as acting like a bolt of energy while struggling against the situation as she really got inot alot of this and not letting an ounce of energy down here. She was a true talent for what she did in the movie.

Many bodies are chewed up by snakes and one totally revealed greatly.
Body pieces are exposed on a dock.
Someone is eatne by snakes and a pool of blood is forming.

In many parts of the movie we hear accoustic guitar twanging and guitar sliding sounding very southern western like on a hot day type of feel although this was shot on a cold season in Vancouver so it didn't totally fit the feel to the story. There's some nice romantic type of guitar strumming which sounded fairly decent though. Also we hear alot of deep horror sounds in the story which made the feel to the film pretty gloomy which was also well done too. Plus we hear metal banging and clanging when people try to escape from the snakes as this always works in a horror film of today's standards. All of this was nicely put together by Lawrence Shragge

Nicky Swift: Homeland Security? This isn't terrorism, these are snakes!