Virus (1999)


Directed by:  John Bruno 

Written by: Chuck Pfarrer & Dennis Feldman


Jamie Lee Curtis .... Kit Foster 
William Baldwin .... Steve Baker 
Donald Sutherland .... Captain Robert Everton
 .... Nadia 
 .... J.W. Woods Jr. 
 .... Richie
Cliff Curtis .... Hiko
Julio Oscar Mechoso .... Squeaky 

Release Date: Theatrical: January 15, 1999




A tugboat during a storm approaches an abandoned looking Russian ship as the crew go on board after their own boat gets destroyed by this ship's anchor as they discover a survivor on board who warns them that some alien life form has taken over the ship's computers and is churning out mechanical warriors.


Impressive beginnings and camer shots on Russians working away on a ship as well as in space with many uplifting moments in which changes to terror later on after spotting something in space that leads to the ship with good effects on what goes on.
Perfect adventureous moments with a crew in tugboat straggling against high waves in a storm as well as energetic moments on the commandments as well as the excitement making this wanting to watch more as to what will happen next along with good gasping moments when this tugboat loses some frieght that's valueable to the Captain Robert Everton as well as him acting crazy and losing his mind when he demands his crew to search for it. Things looked good and intense by the surroundings.
Perfect shots on the abandoned Russian ship when the crew in the tugboat go to it as it looked genuinely creepy by how it was shot as well as a good special effects shot on an anchor crashes down on the boat and it ends up sinking which looked incredibly powerful and suspenseful.
Plus nice creepy moments when everyone goes in the ship and spots the surroundings as well as mechanical devices coming to life adding some suggested terror into what can happen next. It leaves an impression that the surroundings are forcing the people to stay there. 
A real clever situation is when someone is putting a stitch on one of the crew members after an incident and when things are good and still a situation takes you by surprise big time which added perfect timing almost making you jump.
Then great intense moments when they discover one of the survivors on the ship Nadia getting paranoid and telling them to shut off all the power as this was nicely written into the story leaving a good deadly feel to what she was talking about.
Great dark shot on one of the people in the ship missing entering and not the same person he was which offered a bizarre situation and a great sci-fi moment too.
Many more great scene's with everyone trying to struggle from the mechanical devices as well as Robert laughing like a madman at what goes on there which also made things perfectly twisted while others try to find a way on surviving.
Many good gruesome shots on robotic devices with what they plan on doing to the people they catch there which also looked freaky and strange to watch. Plus a good moment with Robert welcoming the main android which looked still and powerful while watching on what they're talking about. 
Also a great presence with Robert entering and not the same as he was which offers some campy moments along with the sci fi terror. Plus good powerful moments on Kit Foster trying to find a way on snuffing him which was a memorable moment to anyone who saw this flick and done in good taste too.
Plus a nice moment quarter way through when Kit is pitted againt the head android with nice close up shots on her leaving you in suspense and terror wondering if she will manage to escape. 
Bottom line is that this is a well written detailed story mainly focusing on speciall effects but the film is well done in general looked like in the beginning that they saw the awful Death Ship and reused some of the formula to make a better story out of it as well as using a touch of The Thing remake and the Termintor franchise as well. A film that had alot of money put in but of course this was done at Uinversal Studios as things look exciting when you watch it. The beginning was excellent as I nearly gave it four bats but then not as exciting later on but still good.

The acting was done terrifically as Jamie Lee Curtis (Kit Foster) decided to put her scream queen cap on her one last time which she had a strong drive by what she was doing acting as tough as nails and having a no bullshit attitude. Shows a perfect anxious and aggressive attitude as well as acting good hearted too. Really knew on how to swing a punch towards someone else at full thrust. Plus does well choked up when real terror strats to strike at her. Yes she was dynamic and always does a great job in every show so no negative pointers for her. 
William Baldwin (Steve Baker) seemed to pull his weight quite well as one of the survivors but isn't anything too memorable by what he does. Yet does the job as much as he can. He had a powerful motive with all that he did here. He presented himself well onto the camera and still knew on how to portray a character part. 
Donald Sutherland (Captain Robert Everton) was one of the best performers in this flick in which he has a great obnoxious and demanding type of attitude as well as really driving to the point by acting completely insane as he was very natural by doing all of this. Shows off great energy as well as turning into something else offering perfect wicked humor to what he was talking about and going to a full thrust. 
 (Nadia) really brought out her paranoid attitude as well as her Russian accent in which she springs into action in each scene. She was a ball of energy and knew on how to do a good job. She had a real effective supporting role. Was a total piece of dynamite while firing a weapon as well as trying to stress a warning to others. 
Marshal Bell (Sherman Augustus) had a perfect rough and rugged look for his role as well as doing a noticeable job with his gruff and griping type of behavior. Brought on a perfect seriousness to his role as well as coming across as someone who's a bit bitter. I liked his part in the story as he shines off nicely while behaving like this. 
 (Richie) showed alot of great enthusiasm into his part of the story as well as doing a great job freaking out or showing some tough aggressions throughout his role. He really made himself incredibly noticeable within all that he did. Also does a nice job suffocating to death and stressing his words towards the end of his performance.

Body parts are turned into mechanical objects
Decapitated head is revealed
Heart is torn out
Brain is exposed
Sharp object is stabeed through someone

The music composed by Joel McNeely had the perfect classical score having a great action themed vibe for each scene with the trombone and drum booming sounds. All of this was very powerful. Plus it echoes off along with good science fiction space type synthesizer music too. I was pleased with how it sounded with alot of hard work put into it all.