Volumes of Blood (2015)


Directed by: PJ Starks, Jakob Bilinski, Nathan Thomas Milliner, John Kenneth Muir & Lee Vervoort

Written by: Todd Martin, Nathan Thomas Milliner
& P.J. Starks


Jason Crowe .... Tyler
Roni Jonah .... Kaelin
Alexandria Hendrick .... Lily
Garrett Smith .... Reece
Louisa Torres .... Lily
Jim O'Rear .... Lucern Ferre
Todd Reynolds .... Travis
Jordan Phillips .... Librarian
Elissa Grant .... Ghost
Kristine Renee Farley .... Paige
Courtney Eastmon .... Linda
Kevin Clark .... Rod the Bod
Kevin Roach .... Derek
Grant Niezgodski .... Norman
P.J. Starks .... Himself

Release Dates: Montreal Comic Con Horrorfest: July 4, 2015; Fandomfest: August 8, 2015; Late Night Horror Film Festival (Horrorcon International): September 25-26, 2015; Cinema Wasteland / Highway 61 Film Festival:
October 3, 2015; The Art of Fear (Horror-Fix): October 10, 2015; Fright NightHorror Weeend: October 17, 2015; Night Risers Film Fest: October 25, 2015; Colorado Horror Con & Halloween Fim Fest: October31,2015; Living Dead Horror Convention: November, 2015





Five tales of dread interwoven when a sociology student gathers several of his friends at the local library to help him create a new urban legend with deadly consequences;

Lily (Alexandria Hendrick) is in for a late night of researching and needs something to keep her going. It isn’t until she’s approached by a mysterious stranger that her luck may change… for the worse;

A typical night of work for a librarian (Jordan Phillips) becomes a classic ghost story with a modern twist. Sometimes you can’t keep a bad book down;

Sidney (Paige Ward) is allowed to stay after hours to study for a test. It’s not until she suddenly awakens in the darkened library that she realizes the horrifying truth of what lurks among the stacks of books after midnight. She better pray she doesn’t become the prey;

Paige (Kristine Renee Farley) faces regrets that she’d do anything to take back. When an ancient and arcane spell book literally falls into her lap, she decides to make a grave decision. Be careful what you wish for, it might just kill you.


We spot a fun campy situation with a teenage couple making out in a vehicle and then an argument going as it's comedic to watch but not overly funny. Still it's entertaining and then spot a killer in the distance and about to do them in which is a nice start to a horror story and then it's a good teaser that a student is watching this as a horror film on his mobile and the teacher catches him. Then while he's teaching his students as well as a shocking moment on what we catch him doing to himself before the opening credits roll in as it's a good start for sure.
Also in between we spot a tortured victims as well as someone with a chainsaw dooing this poor one in as it looked almost shocking.
Things get rolling with students going into a library and waiting for their other friend with a campy moment on someone calling on their speaker cell borrowing a moment in Scream only to find out it's their friend that's pulling a prank as he tries to catch them by surprise in which this looked to cheesy to make you jump. But the first story they tell looks impressive.
In this one there's some nicely done work with someone named Lily overwhelmed with her studies and a strange fellow named Lucern Ferre comes in and advertises his drink to her to overcome her stress as this leaves a clue that this could be a dangerous type of drink. This all looked well done but the camera shots could've been a bit tighter on the two of them.
Yet there's good shots on her at the library table looking stressed and losing it as well as trying that drink and finding out the bad results as there's good gruesome and intense results. This moment was well done.
The next chapter was done in black and white giving it that perfect old fashioned ghost film feel to it all as this one was done good and simple like in the first one.
Nice haunting moments when he reveals a book on ghosts as it falls in odd places and we ssee a freaky ghostly object passing a librarian or spying on him as well as this ghost ready to place a hand on his back which keeps you in suspense wondering on what will happen here. Also perfect creepy shots on the ghost with her twisted looks.
In the third chapter we have Paige staying at a library and her boyfriend Rod the Bod coming in and being loud as well as a total goof in which the comedy used in this is quite bland but at times he acts so inappropriate you have to laugh at times by what he does and some realistic moments with a customer at the library telling him to shut up. Adds some good elements as you feel like saying the same thing to this person.  
Also he gets her to take a swig on his jack daniels and later on she acts drugged and falls asleep in which there's nice blurry camera shots on this. Adds some nice twisted moments which is a good add on to the story.
Then we have moments on distant shots with a strange person wearing a jack o lantern mask and then later a beastly figure stalking her in the library but you could tell it was a costume. Some good intense moments when she is being attacked and good close up shots on her going for the kill.
The third chapter was the best of them all in which there's a perfect emotional setting with Paige towards a middle aged man Norman about her grieving and he acts sympathetic as their conversations were well done and dramatic when we see all of this.
The later on we spot her toying with a ouija board as it seemed rather cheesy when she tries to summon up her boyfriend but then later on things become incredibly intense when she struggles against her dead vengeful boyfriend as well as some dark secrets that are revealed about her which also seemed cleverly put in. Some great action sequences and special effects while we watch all of this happening.
Then when we get back into the four friends telling these stories at the library there's a teasing twist that one of them ends up killing the others which seemed to work well and thinking that this is the end of the film only to find out that someone yells cut after we see someone spitting out fake blood which is ketchup and then it gets into the filmmaker getting arrogant about everything that went wrong or getting pissy with others which looked believeably funny.
Then the film really gets going from turning into a horror anthology into a slasher flick when we spot a masked or hooded killer doing people in as this should please all the horror fans in which it looked dark and exciting to watch all of this happening while people are trying to get away from this maniac.  
Bottom line is that this was a decent low budgeter with many different twists to the story thinking that some things were acted out to trick you but then it actually happens later on which makes the film look genuinely clever. It's pretty well done for what they got even if it's not original. Still I rate this a good horror comedy although it isn't overly funny with little scares.

The acting is quite good even if not many of the cast here is familiar as Jason Crowe (Tyler) seemed to do an okay job as a goofball teen who likes to joke around in which he adds alot of hyped up energy into his portrayal as someone who likes to have a good time. Shows off some good spunk and has the right looks as a typical goofball. However he isn't overly funny like he makes himself out to be.
Roni Jonah (Kaelin) does well with her sharp behavior as someone whom is bright and has it together. Is strong with her speaking and seemed to portray a good leader of the pack telling the stories. Seemed to do well with her struggling energy while dying or so we may think. Also had the right looks for this too.
Alexandria Hendrick (Lily) was great in the first chapter of this flick. She shows some perfect frusterating energy while being stressed out writing an essay and really draws to the extreme while crumpling up paper and starting something all over again as well as just losing her mind which looked believeable. Also she shows off some good aggressions too. Plus was terrifically intense when Jim O' Rear (Lucern Ferre) was probably one of the best actors in this flick as someone advertising his drink with his energetic and strange speaking as well as his hyped temptations in which he adds a nice mysterious feel to his role. He adds alot of adrenaline into this. Had the sharp looks for a strange salesman in an almost Lucifer type of fashion.
Jordan Phillips (Librarian) does a good job with his timid attitude taking care of stuff and showing good concerned expressions when he constantly spots a book that falls and he tries to pick it up along with his frightened energy later on when he spots a ghost as this looked totally energised.
Paige Ward (Sidney) did a nice job with her laid back behavior and really getting into her mode with her onscreen boyfriend laughing and trying to tell him to stop on what he's doing. Also does well falling asleep acting drugged after taking a swig of his drink. Does well with her screaming and frightened behavior when she is attacked as well as doing a great job stabbing someone and getting into this intensely. Also does a great job acting upset and crying uncontrollably after finding out on what she did.
Kevin Clark (Rod the Bod) certainly came across as perfectly annoying and being a shit disturber. He can come across funny especially when he acts sleazy and flirtatious as well as getting on your nerves by being too loud in which he made his part truly believeable as someone whom is an immature goofball.
Courtney Eastmon (Linda) does well by acting emotionally sad within her speaking during the beginning of her performance as she delivers alot of nice characteristics into what she did by expressing herself. However, she needed a little more inspiration when using a ouija board as she doesn't come across too well by getting into this object. Yet does a great job screaming or acting terrified when trying to struggle away from the terrors of things. She is a good character actress for the most part.
Kevin Roach (Derek) really brought it out greatly and is the best out of the cast in which he was perfectly evil as a demonic ghost of a dead boyfriend and shows a great growly voice and nasty expressions. He shows it all off perfectly intimidating by what he does here and shhows great forceful blocking too. A true powerful force of nature especially when he gets in someone's face on their dark little secret.
Grant Niezgodski (Norman) shows off a great irish accent and a real gentleman middle afged like behavior. Was believeable with his speaking and sympathetic attitude. Definetely shows it off as someone that you can talk to as an all round nice and understanding person as well as having the right looks for all of this too.
P.J. Starks (Himself) has a hilarious supportinng role playing the filmmaker like he does as a real life one in this flick appearing after the chapters in the film in which he shows off a perfectly arrogant and obnoxious attitude with his loud voice and aggressions. Shows great timing with his comedic performance.

Bloody stabbings that looked graphic
Slit throat
A chainsaw is stabbed in a victims body
Someone throws up blood and ttheir teeth fall out as well as their head exploding
Bloodied bodies revealed
Face is slit off
Insides are spilled out
Spine is torn out of someone's back

The music was wonderfully put together by Tony McKee in which he offers a variety of sounds in which we hear alot of windy and hissing sounds as this came off as good and ghostly as well as high screeching sounds too with intense violin sounds and other sharp elements that we hear in the film. Plus for the final chapter alot of nice chiming sounds with chantings and good trombone music in which could be easily used in big budgeted flicks. There's at times some low budget types of synthesizer playing but yet it didn't take over the story at all. This fellow deserves a good pat on the back for his effort.