Voodoo Academy (2000)

Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by:
Eric Black


Debra Mayer .... Mrs. Bouvier
Riley Smith .... Christopher Sawyer
Chad Burris .... Rev. Carmichael
Kevin Calisher .... Billy Parker
Huntley Ridder .... Rusty Sankervich
Ben Indra .... Mike McReady
Drew Fuller .... Paul St. Clair
Travis Sher .... Sam Vollero
Rhett Wilkins .... Blake Godfrey

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: August 1, 2000




A new student named Christopher Sawyer (Riley Smith) enrolled into a prestigious Carmichael Bible College managed by a strange headmistress named Mrs. Bouvier (Debra Mayer) along with a strict Reverend Carmichael (Chad Burris) who has strange rules at the school.
Suddenly the students around him act very strange in their sleep after they have some wine there along with strange disappearances. The students start to act strange there too and Christopher does some exploring realising that he went to a school run by a cult ceremony that does strange types of voodoo witchcraft.


In the beginning what do we expect from a DeCoteau flick but spot some teenage jock boy unbuttoning his clothes for a long time feeling himself as well as showing a woman's hands feeling all over him in order to kill some time for this flick. Then he is lying on a table wearing his Calvin Klein underwear so I knew that it was the right movie I was going to check in which there's the woman named Mrs. Bouvier along with Rev. Carmichael at their ceremony exposing some magic in which it shows nice cheesy CGI type effects with a hand waving over this student body. Oh, I forgot to add the cheesy thunder and lightning at this private school while this is all happening which all looked pretty fun to watch but had a feel that it was going to be another bad film made on a shoestring budget as usual.
Then to kill more time the opening credits are revealed and exposing the cast members faces announcing their names like you'd spot in a TV series yet this is overly long too.
It does pick up pretty well with the new student Christopher Sawyer introducing himself towards Bouvier in which this looked charming and well put in with what is to be expected at the school. Of course we spot it saying that it's a bible school in which we have a feeling that the people there will break the rules by being naugfhty towards one another since this sells in a horror film.
While we keep watching when she introduces Christopher to everyone in the room that he's staying in of course we spot a hunky bodybuilder weightlifting topless which is a typical DeCoteau flick since then he was changing his tone from women to jock men. It kinda looked silly to watch this as well as cheesy one liners on them teasing him as it doesn't work in well at all.
Then some good mysterious moment with Carmichael teaching his class with the typical sinning crap convincing that all his students have sin in them as some bible school's fill student's heads with the brainwashing on Christianity telling them all of this. It's fairly cheesy watching the communications with everyone discussing this.
Plus it looked very strange when Carmichael bringing back a student which is the bodybuilder Rusty back from his confessions as his shirt looks unbuttoned a bit as well as untucked in which this definetely leaves you an impression that he was misbehaving and that something is terribly wrong at that school for sure. A nice little scene for making things more mysterious.
While we get more into the story there's a dialogue between Christopher with a towel wrapped around him while speaking to Billy Parker having a bath which seemed to look impressive and definetely a great pointer for the gay market by what is happening in this scenario. The discussions looked good with them calmly talking towards one another taking a bath as he does well speaking energetically back. This scene was well focused.
More strange and mysterious moment with Bouvier serving wine to everyone at the dinner table acting too friendly as this looked very exciting to watch along with Rusty entering the table in his tank top acting crude in which this was supposed to look twisted but however watching all of this seemed to be quite cheesy which was a bit of a backfire here.
Then it gets a bit pointless when everyone but Christopher is having bad dreams lustfully feeling themselves in bed with long camera shots on this as well as exposing someone having an errection in their calvin klein underwear. I'm thinking to myself that this is getting a bit ridiculous. Also it lacks with when there's a situation towards Christopher while speaking towards Billy waking him up in which his reactions don't sound believeable at all.
However great lighting effects with Bouvier and Carmichael speaking towards Rusty with their voodoo magic on him as watching this can psych you out a bit with the effects used here. It certainly looks weird when a voodoo doll is exposed and his head is revealed in it. Pretty corny stuff. You'll see what I mean when you check this one out.

When Bouvier reveals herself as a demon with horns on her head it looks pretty cheesy but not overly cheesy. Nice cheesy demonic sounds effects when she talks which works in well with the story. Yet when the terror unleashes it's a bit of a disappointment due to a lack of the budget this flick carried. Mind you with the films made today it's decent for it's standards.
Bottom line is that this is a fun film to watch but nothing too special at all and a little pointless too. It's for people who have enjoyed the Brotherhood flicks which isn't saying much at all. The story would be better off in a young adult horror novel by the same likes of R.L. Stine in which you can use your own imagination while reading it than what is exposed onto the film.

The acting is in average shape in which we have Debra Meyer (Mrs. Bouvier) as the head mistress of the bible school in which she seems to have a real sharp type of behavior whenever she speaks acting quite wickedly charming into what she does here and really gets into her part fairly well. She comes across very strongly within her presence here and can pass as a character actress without a doubt. In the beginning of her performance she does well speaking out well and acting uplifting and to the point. A nice approach on her speaking wickedly and softly towards someone in a bathtub.
Riley Smith (Christopher Sawyer) was another fine actor in the film who came across as someone who was intelligent and cautious about what happens in which he proves doing both of this well while watching his performance here. He had the guy next door type of looks too which suits his role perfectly. I found him to be one of the best actors in this film with his charming behavior. He shows a good calmness to his speaking especially during the beginning of his performance here. Does a nice job with his growly and loud behavior towards the other cast later on in the film.
Chad Burris (Rev. Carmichael) knew his stuff as a stern and serious preacher in the film and drew the line with his words perfectly and was very short about everything in which is what this character is supposed to be as you can tell while watching his performance here. Does a good job speaking seriously and focusing on his cast while pointing out instructions as well as doing well speaking sternly. I have no negative comments on this fine actor and also knew how to act wicked too when he reveals his true indentity here.
Kevin Calisher (Billy Parker) was a total attention grabber with his sarcastic, cocky and wise ass behavior into what he does here showing a ton of energy while performing all of this in which he seems very full of life whenever he speaks out his lines. Yet he seems to be a little over the top in some spots but still makes up for all of that whenever you spot his work here. Does well speaking aggressively in a certain scene towards someone else. Yes indeed he shows some great spunk into his part here.
Huntley Ridder (Rusty Sankervich) really couldn't act too well at all and seems awfully wooden when he tries to get into character. He was off on his blocking too especially in a sleepwalking scene which seemed a bit sloppy. Basically he had the brauny hunky looks that did the talking with what he does here. When he speaks his stunned and silent in his performance his acting abilities doesn't make it at all believeable. Quite a disappointment and a shame too. However he shows a nice freaked out and intense reaction during a terrifying situation surrounding him.
Ben Indra
(Mike McReady) shows alot of good anxious energy throughout his performance here in which he was believeable by acting insecure which really shows here big time. He just knew on how to behave closed minded about stuff as well as acting totally nervous within everything that he did here. He really springs into action big time here.

The composing for this film is wonderfully does the score here in which seems to have the odd cheesy old chemistry in his composing like back in the good old days with the synthesizer like what you'd hear in Puppet Master but also seems to have a very powerful strong classical feel in many other spots like the big drum boomings when the suspnse piles up. There's also good twisted dark sounds as well as some scratching effects for the weird stuff added into the story which comes off perfectly well.
During the opening credits in the flick there's good vocal hamronising but yet it's ruined with some house music in the background which doesn't work into the film at all. This was also used during the closing credits too. What a waste.