Voyeur.com (2000)

Written & Directed by: Miles Feldman


Jena Romano .... Mary
Adam Weiner .... Alex
Tawnya Richardson .... Ricci
Travis Shakespeare .... Alex
Kerri-Anne Relford .... Jennifer
Vanessa Nachtman .... Heidi
Shannon Hutchinson .... Lisa
Laurie Searle .... Sarah
Ryan Boone .... Randy
Iva Hasperger .... Nancy
Kevin Pass .... Newt

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 2000




A group of models volunteer living in a house while 20 video camera's are watching them for a voyeuristic internet site while a killer dressed in leather is doing them away one by one.


We have an okay beginning with the character Mary filming herself and talking about what she's planning to do to help get exposure. Then we get into a lame moment with a photographer and a bimbo model and him taking pointless pictures of her as I was thinking Ho hum! Then we have cheesy shots of the mysterious killer about to come in with a knife ready to kill the photographer and while this incident happens it was supposed to look terrifying but this misses by a long shot due to how it was all put together.
Also we have a lame and phony situation with the model calling to the photographer in which this was supposed to look suspenseful for us expecting the killer about to come in any time and it lags. Then she gets a mysterious phone call which was also supposed to be chilling but that doesn't even work and isn't convincing that its a caller on the other end. We've seen many other horror films like this one but they were done alot better.
However there's a moment where the killer does someone in and this person is choking in pain before he dies as this looked quite impressive to watch.
Then we have some lame situations with some girls taking it off and dancing around partying which looked lame to spot all of this as well as discussing for the try outs. Also another moment when they wait outside at the audtions as their interactions seemed to flow a bit better with some of them acting snobbish and good shots on this which grabs your attention a bit.
Then we have alot of cheesy discussions with the auditions which seemed to be a bit lame but there were some funny situations like the lesbian character Lisa explaining herself which can offer a few chuckles while spotting this and made the picture look fairly entertaining when we spot this. Also nice moments with the two casting directors showing their opposite personalities with one being laid back and the other one arrogant and demanding which also looked impressive to watch.
Plus we spot a moment with these cast members entering the house they plan to stay in and spot an inntaker carefully watching them which is supposed to be a drawing card on being a suspect as the killer but when we watch all of this it looked totally amateurishly done.
Also a good situation with Lisa making an insulting remark towards Mary as this looked impressive and reminding you as one of those types in the business making things not so pleasant here.
A nice situation with the character Sarah working out and then shots on the mysterious killer stalking her as this time looked not too badly done and having an average silent feel to it all before springing into action to do her in.
Another attraction is spotting a blonde taking a shower and she spots an icam watching her and she goofs off in which this seemed to look not too badly done here.
There's some lame discussions with some of the cast after shopping at a grocery store and spot two potheads that hit on them which looked way too set out an unnatural. This moment really drags.
There's a nice discussion between Mary and Alex leaving a nice suggested romantic scene here which was nicely written in here.
There's a scene that seems to be fair in shape when both Lisa and Jennifer get into a cat fight as the moments here almost look a bit intense but slightly cheesy so the intensity isn't strong enough just yet.
Also there's a good situation with one of the potheads arguing against one of the producers while getting kicked out of a party and this leaves a good impression that a fight is about to break out which looked strongly done here.
Also a nice moment with Lisa slowly trying to come on strong towards Heidi in a room with her acting reluctant in which you get a good feeling here that she will be scared away by all of this. It for sure looked natural when we spot this along with good camera shots too on what happens next. Plus there's a good moment with the killer spying on them and then and then lunging in for the kill.
Things get heated up when the killer is revealed and acting vicious but there's a moment with a camera shot on the killer slowly storming up and ready to attack which showed about 5 takes here. This kind of lost it's touch while seeing this over and over again.
Bottom line is that this flick is garbage and extremely boring. Very much like a ripoff to Scream and not the least bit scary with a very weak plot.

Most of the actors are god awful and it looks like their experiences were from working in daytime TV soaps. Lead actress Jena Romano (Mary) however seemed to pull her weight pretty well within what she does here acting calm and seemingly mature and wise. Does a nice job with her upsetting emotions too. Certainly had a perfect innocence to what she did here. Also shows a perfect versatality with her vicious behavior screaming and acting wild. I'd say that she was the best out of the whole cast here.
Adam Weiner (Alex) pulls off his nice guy boy next door type of attitude coming across as convincingly sympathetic with what he does and acting charming in his role too. He also has a nice calm and mellow type of attitude making this also come off as believeable. Shows off a good anxious attitude as well when the terror strikes him acting totally energetic. His clean cut nice looking looks were another bonus to his role. The best actor I'd say out of the whole crowd.
Tawnya Richardson (Ricci) seemed to add nice spunk into what she did here acting convincingly outgoing as well as showing a convincingly good sense of humor. Seemed to come across well as one of those happy go lucky types. Showed that she worked hard on her role here and just going with it a great deal here. She was a worthy character actress showing some nice charisma.
Travis Shakespeare
(Alex) seemed to pull off his role as someone whom is arrogant and aggressive without overly doing it. Shows off alot of negative type of attitude whenever he talks to someone in which he reminds you big time as one of the drama queens in the industry. He let's it all out a great deal and was perfectly argumentive too. Brings up the pace a good deal.
Vanessa Nachtman (Heidi) seemed to have the almost ditzy pretty blonde haired looks and can seem to do okay within her characteristics but yet seemed to be more of those models trying to learn how to act. She does well by acting uncomfortable in one scene when someone tries to come on strong towards her as she really knew on how to get into this a great deal and also reacted well by getting aroused too.
Shannon Hutchinson (Lisa) seemed to pull off her role well with her bubbly type of behavior as well as coming across as convincingly funny. Plus does a nice job with her hyperactive behavior and her stuck up and bitchy attitude too. Does a great job by acting aggressive and getting forceful when she gets into a fight which also looked impressive. Also shows off a nice calm and seductive attitude too with her smooth speaking in which she really studied this scene perfectly too.
Kevin Pass (Newt) was by far the worst out of the cast playing a caretaker as he wasn't even knowing how to act like a suspect with his silent and perverted attitude and not at all acting creepy like he was supposed to be. He was a line reader as well and not getting into character. He was a born amateur so badly that it's not even funny.

Lots of models showing it off breasts fully exposed,
A woman is taking a shower with lots of body shots including her breasts, butt and briefly her vagina.
Another one pulls down the top of her lingerie.
A woman makes out with two big dudes and one of them lifts up her top.
Another nude shower scene of a woman killer washing off blood.

A photographer has his throat slit and is is bloodied. He spits out lots of blood.
Plenty of bloody stabbings that look extremely phony.
A guys throat is openly slit with blood pouring out.

The music is a bit muffled at times but we do hear some decent orchestral music with trombopne and violin playing as well as an echoey scraping sound for when the killer is about to creepy up towards someone which seems to work in okay. Also there's some fantasy synthesizer sounds as well as the odd hissing moments too which works in okay. Plus we hear some nice mellow light chiming and plunking sounds too. Also there's some perfect screeching sounds especially when the killer kills someone as well as hwearing some light piano tapping for the mellow moments too. Also we hear some banging sounds which seems to fit in okay.