The Vulture's Eye (2004)

Produced, Written, Edited & Directed by: Frank Sciurba


Brooke Paller .... Lucy
Anne Flosnik .... Mina
Jason King .... Arthur
Fred Iacovo .... Quincy
.... Van Helsing
James Nalitz .... Count Klaus Vogel
Joseph Reo .... Jack
Joel Pollard .... Dan Renfield
Eve Young .... Phyllis Renfield

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: March 9, 2004






Lucy (Brooke Paller) and her friends are enjoying the country side of Virginia horseback riding as she falls off and is rescued by her neighbor Count Klaus Vogel (James Nalitz) in which he becomes obsessed with her and her friends and everyone realises that this person isn't human at all and falls into his deadly spell.
A southern doctor named Van Helsin (Paul Zacheis) is called to check up on Lucy as she behaves very ill and strange as he must find a solution to prevent anyone from falling prey on Klaus' evil spell.


The film seems to show some nice scenery along with both Lucy and Mina having discussions as well as horseback riding as the scenery looked nicely shot with all of this happening as well as spots as someone bloodily running in a river and the forestry area and near sights of a zombie like figure eating someone which adds some nice mysterious twists to this moment too. Also nice moments when Lucy passes out on her horse drawing more mysterious moments in a good way here.
We also spot the mysterious Count Klaus Vogel appearing towards some of these characters as these many moments seem pretty mysterious as well as creepy too by what he does.
A nice setting at the dinner table as well as a good close up shot on a roast being cut as well as flashback sequences on the cannibalism happening with the character Quincy spotting this looking disturbed and then throwing up which makes you wonder if this meat is your regular meal or not. It for sure fits into the story making you feel uncomfortable by watching all of this happening.
We have a nice moment with Count Klaus rising up like a zombie and then in a distance and the camera zooming in at night with him looking like he's biting Lucy's neck as this was a real creepy shot and looked very well done by what we spot here along with her family spotting this and trying to bring her in. For a low grade horror like this one you will really find this situation well written in and wondering as to why this moment is happening for sure.
Many great strong situations with Van Helsing counselling and hypnotising Lucy in which we spot many reactions on her as to what is happening here with good close up shots on each of them talking adding more great taste to what we wondering on what is becoming towards her along with spotting possible possessions of her too.
We also spot a good situation at a dinner table with people interacting towards one another and good camera shots throughout all of this. Plus we there's strange and creepy discussions with one another as well as Count Klaus coming in ghostly in the situation like some people start acting possessed and dysfunctional adding a perfect change to this scene. It was genuinely twisted and strange and in a great mysterious taste too.
There's a great shot with thunder and lightning happening at night and then a good approach by Count Klaus speaking towards Van Helsing and what was said which appeared ghostly like from there as this was another frightening moment and set in a perfect way too.
A nice setting in the morning with Van Helsing making breakfast as well as greeting both Mina and Quincy at the table which looked pleasant and natural by what they were talking about as well as having a sudden change of nervousness and mysterious by what is going on by the three of them having this chat.
There's also a perfect emotional situation with Mina comforting Lucy when she is sobbing and acting sick which really draws your attention big time for a depressing moment as well as Lucy suddenly acting silent later on as you carefully watch this wondering if she suddenly died in Mina's arms. This for sure well well done.
Nice shots and settings on Lucy's funeral scene taking place outside which looked perfectly set out with others grieving as well as a nice close up shot on the open coffin too.
What seems more creepy and mysterious is that we spot Lucy back once again like nothing happened at all as well as everyone acting surprised. Then things seem greatly twisted when they force her in a coffin and hold the lid shut on her as this looked disturbing to watch as well as the others surrounding this and hear Lucy's creepy voice telling them she is losing air as this was perfectly written in for a horror story. Then we see her appearing behind others which makes you wonder as to how she did that along with a moment on Quincy about to stab her to death as this also looked disturbing to watch.
There's also a nice setting an an old abandoned creepy looking house with Van Helsing and the others trying to search for Count Klaus and nice shots throughout all of this as it reminds you of what you'd spot in Blair Witch Project or even Texas Chainsaw Massacre plus some shocking situations too which looked cool to watch in a horror flick.
Then the excitement packs up with people like Arthur chargingin with an axe and about to chop someone to death and going on a killing spree.
There's also great hallucination sequences involving both Mina and Quincy making out and then looking bloodied as well as Mina freaking out that leads to an insane sitation here. This makes you want to watch more going on's as well as leaving a great ending too begging for more.
Bottom line is that this movie was way too good to be in the Tomb of Terrors DVD package the best one I've ever seen in fact. Made on a Z-grade budget but the story was incredibly well done and proves that indie filmmakers can make a real good movie with what they've got as long as they have a good script and this was it. The story was confusing as to why this is happening but full of mysterious suspense as when you think that things are nromal it teases you right away. Worth checking out.

The acting was in good shape as lead actress Brooke Paller (Lucy) stole the film with her performance showing a perfect versatality within all that she did and making you think that these were different people portraying these roles. She does well acting calm within her discussions as well as coming across as perfectly stuck up and bitchy in other situations. Also does well acting disturbed and tensed up for when she gets ill and knowing on how to go into a trance too which she focused well on this. She also was believeable at crying when she gets scared or is about to die just showing off a ton of energy here. She also does well acting ghostly too when pleading in a disturbing situation as well as perfect in her tense blocking while trying to struggle from others.
Anne Flosnik (Mina) also showed alot of good characteristics in her performance as someone who is convincingly level headed and caring. She seemed to show off a good focus while speaking her lines. Also does a perfect job by comforting someone and acting sympathetic. Does well with her upsetting emotions too. Plus knew on how to snap later on in her performance acting like she's having a nervous breakdown by freaking out which was another nice pointer for her. Also was good getting into a lustful mode too.
Jason King
(Arthur) seemed to have a smooth talking type of personality by what we see in him. Also does well stressing situations which he shows a great amount of energy while doing this. At times though he overdoes it but still makes up for it later on when we see him in action. Does well with his spooked attitude. There's some scene's when he is crying as this doesn't look too believeable though. However he shows a great intense and insane energy when he is charging with an axe near the end of his performance which made him look perfectly dynamic.
Fred Iacovo (Quincy) also drew attention well onto the camera as he perfectly focused on his role as someone whom is serious on things as well as seeming to be perfectly bothered in other areas. He also does a great job by acting sick on a situation as well as really getting into something too. He made his part pretty worthy within all of this.
(Van Helsing) had the perfect looks for his role as a shrink in the film and can he act? Well so-so. He seems to do well with his speaking as well as showing good serious expressions within his performance but is at time a bit over the top when he performs but at times it seems necessary for what he had to do here. Does a nice job later on when he discusses a serious situation with someone else which he knew on how to get into this. Also shows off some nice energy when he tries to hunt for someone just rolling with the punches here. Plus was good by acting mysterious in other spots of the story too. So he's not too bad when you watch him.
James Nalitz (Count Klaus Vogel) lived to portray this ghostly type of figure in which he comes across as a nice fellow who seemed to be warm only to show a perfect wicked charm later on. Also does well coming acorss as a ghostly type of zombie within his movements as well as having a good still seriousness in his speaking too. Also was good with his cold like behavior whenever he does something too in the film. Had the perfect looks for this too which was another good plus.

Lots of close up breast shots in various scene's of the film including bloodied looking one's with at times a woman lifting up her shirt.
A fully nude body exposed with a breast and butt shot.

Insides are being torn out and eaten.
Lots of violent bloodsheds.
Someone is brutally and bloodily stabbed.

A face is half slaughtered and bloodied.
A person's neck is bloodily cut.
Someone is slit open and butchered with lots of blood.
Someone else spits blood on another person.

The music was done terrifically as the composer Christopher Sciurba really focused on this making alot of it sounds versatile. At first there's some brief techno sounds which seemed rather annoying but then he had some deep piano playing in other areas. Also there's some good rumbling sounds too along with some good heavy thumps here and there. Also adds some nice deep sounds with the synthesizer playing making things seem gloomy and ghostly like. Plus some nice high sounds and the odd screeching noises with some windy type of effects too. We also hear some outer space type light mellow sounds for the calm situations too. Yes he was marvellous with all of this.