Warlock (1989)

Produced & Directed by: Steve Miner

Written by:


Julian Sands .... Warlock
Lori Singer .... Kassandra
Richard E. Grant .... Giles Redferne

Special Appearance:

Ian Abercrombie .... Magistrate #1

Release Date: Theatrical: June 1, 1989 (Australia); June 2, 1989 (UK); August 25, 1989 (Denmark); September 21, 1989 (West Germany); October 6, 1989 (Ireland); November 24, 1989 (Portugal); March 23, 1990 (Turkey); June 1, 1990 (Spain); Limited Theatrical: January 11, 1991 (USA)




In the year 1691 a Warlock (Julian Sands) is sentenced to death but he flees into the future which is our present day as the witch hunter Giles Redferne (Richard E. Grant) is on the chase with him as this Warlock is on the lookout of the three chapters on the Devil's Bible as he crashes into a home owned by Kassandra (Lori Singer) and her homosexual roomate that he killed.
Both her and Giles try to find a way to stop this evil witch as the book contains the true name of God, which he can use to un-create the world.


We spot a prologue taking place centuries ago which looked mildly interesting with a good set on everything that is happening as well as the Warlock and his men about to do their deeds in a castle as well as neat effects on storm clouds circling with a storm happening along with some cheesy suspenseful moments happening between the Warlock and Giles Redferne along with the scene then taking place present day spotting a windstorm and things happening in a strange way although the story here seemed a bit rushed and having a hard time understanding on what's going on instead of it explaining a bit better on the character's with the scene's building up. A neat special effects moment on a small tornado circling towards a neighborhood house as well as the Warlock crashing through the residents as it looked cheesily amusing when they make this person feel welcome.
There was a bit of a shocking situation when the Warlock spots a ring on one of the residents hand while preparing breakfast and what he does but the moments were supposed to look rather intense and this seemed quite cheesy to be taken seriously but at the same time a good powerful and ruthless presence on the Warlock.
We have a moment with the Warlock getting together with a Gypsy woman to conjur up a spirit as this looked corny and uninspired while we spot this moment happening but then it gets very interesting when we spot this woman getting possessed by a demonic spirit revealing a monstrous face and having a good demonic voice effect showing a good powerful presence here with effects and making the moment look quite windy too. This was starting to add to the horror as so far things seemed to look like a fantasy.
There's alot of hokey moments when Giles appears and gets aggressive towards one of the surviving residents named Kassandra which seemed a little too slapstick but some good moments when she tries to get tough back with him after he slaps her during a situation.
There;s many other corny discussions between the two of them which seemed to look rather annoying and thinking to yourself get to the good stuff and when is the horror gonna kick in again???
We do spot a nice lighthearted moment with the Warlock talking to a little kid on a swing about witches and warlocks as their interactions showed alot of good comeidc timing when he explains his situation and the child talks about witches being women with broomsticks. This moment was well written in for sure.
There's some nice special effects with the Warlock having his hands glowing and using his special powers against someone else as well as a moment with someone's eyes being bloodied and getting blind as now the horror kicks in more plus a good strong battling situation between the Warlock and Giles adding some nice action moments. Also good effects with Kassandra looking older having a curse on her as the make up effects looked convincing enough.
Perfect dark moments on Giles and Kassandra digging up a grave to get a book out of a coffin with a skeleton being exposed adding more flavor to the slot as well as alot more powerful battling with the Warlock and Giles himself as well as some evil about to be lured out with good storm clouds and lightning effects happening for this situation which adds more horror to the story too. Alot og nice effects with the magic happening here.
Bottom line is that the film isn't scary by any means and seemed frusterating to any horror fans in the beginning wondering if this just a fantasy and non horror but it does kick in. Alot of fun touches were used in it if you're in the mood for a cheesy retro b-flick with interesting special effects. It sometimes gets ridiculous with the dialogues and the writing too adding too much dry humor. An entertaining piece at times and boring in other spots. A film you'd take a risk on whether or not if you'd like it or hate it but not too badly done.

The acting is a bit over the top but will do my best to bring out their talents here whether it's good or bad. Lead actor Julian Sands (Warlock) was the best out of the whole cast here as he shows a perfect wicked and still attitude and studied this part terrifically as well as having the perfect looks for this. Also does a nice job with his menacing aggressions too when he spots a certain situation adding a perfect intense type of energy here. He shows some nice timing with his humor whikle talking to a child too bringing this out greatly making up for his evil behavior. Plus does a nice job with his battling attitude and his creepy presence while walking towards someone showing a perfect pace within all of this. A true character actor he is indeed.
Lori Singer (Kassandra) seemed a little too silly in her performance in which she seemed to act way too over the top with her hyperactive behavior and having a difficult time getting into her role here. She shows off energy yes but she's a little too much and a bit annoying too when you spot on what she does here. However she does a great job when she is starting to age and acting depressed and scared adding a good seriousness to all of this so I do give her credit later on in the film for acting like this which she deserves a good pat on the back during these moments totally acting older too. Sghe wasn't too bad just needed a bit of improvement in the beginning.
Richard E. Grant (Giles Redferne) was another one who seemed way too silly with his anxious behavior and acting obnoxious in which he seemed mellodramaitc big time and not convincing at all as I was thinking to myself he's doing a fantasy horror and not a comedy even if the writing itself almost seemed a bit comedic itself. However he does well when he speaks seriously towards someone else on a situation drawing in some nice characteritics. Also does a great job freaking out in a graveyard scene drawing out some nice reactions. Plus does a great job with his battling and struggling which he draws out some good energy here.

A finger is cut off.
Eyes are bloodied.
Faces are scarred.

There's many screeching metal type sounds which sounds a bit choey and clear. This moment seemed to work at times. Also there's many woodwinds sounds as this grabs your attention a great deal. However there's some cheesy sounds which doesn't really fit in for a horror. We hear some wood clanging and metal clanging as this sounds more unique and different in a film so a nice pointer here. Plus there's alot of powerful violin and trombone playing in the orcestra which sounded very loud and clear as this sounded marvellous. We also hear the odd chiming sounds too.

Little Boy: You tellin' me you're a witch? You ain't no witch! Witches are girls!
: Some are men.
Little Boy: Yeah? So where's your broomstick?

Flight Attendant: [pointing to Giles' weathervane] Can I take that for you?
Giles Redferne: Over my rotting corpse!