Warlock: The Armageddon (1993)

Directed by: Anthony Hickox

Written by:


Julian Sands .... Warlock
Chris Young .... Kenny Travis
Paula Marshall .... Samantha Ellison
Steve Kahan .... Will Travis
R.G. Armstrong .... Franks
Bruce Glover .... Ted Ellison

Special Appearances:

Charles Hallahan .... Ethan Larson
Craig Hurley .... Andy
Rebecca Street .... Kate
Zach Galligan .... Douglas
George 'Buck' Flower .... Man in the Crowd

Release Date: Theatrical: September 24, 1993




Warlock (Julian Sands) is back with a vengeance after being born again in the 20th century as he plans to bring his father which is Satan to Earth while trying to find some stones in order to do so.
However a group of good witches called the Druids are there to stop him in which one of them named Will Travis (Steve Kahan) has plans for his misfit son Kenny (Chris Young) to bring him his powers to put a stop to his bullying at school as well as making it for good use and brings others together with this magic to stop hell from freezing over with Warlock's evil plans.


Like in the first flick we spot a prologue taking place in the past showing a perfect intense dark setting on a woman about to give birth to the anti-christ as this looked pretty powerful and disturbing to watch along with what happens to everyone else later on which doesn't look pretty at all. Then it goes right into present day showing someone rehearsing for a Shakespeare play as it almost suited what happened in the prologue. However the scene here looked slightly cheesy and a bit humorous on what we spot here.
A perfect setting with a bully named Andy about to cause trouble against a misfit kid who happens to be Kenny Travis which showed nice timing and good camera shots between the two of them as well as some sprinklers activating against Andy which shows a perfect distracting moment to prevent a fight about to happen. All of this was nicely put in and watchable too.
We have a nice cute scene with a woman talking to her pet dog on what she should wear or plan something which can offer some chuckles here and there especially with the dog barking back as well as good takes on all of this but then the moment really breaks big time when she crashes on her table looking like she's having a seisure only to spot her stomach growing which looked truly shocking and finding out that she's going into labour with what looks like she's giving birth to a brain as this for sure looked weird and mysterious while spotting all of this. Then a good shot on this thing with the dog sniffing it only to watch a good special effects moment on the Warlock rising up and doing something deadly to this poor animal which isn't a good moment to watch for any dog lovers. Many perfect disturbing and intense moments when this Warlock tries to come after this woman when she tries to get away with perfect windy effects and explosions along with a great moment when she locks herself in a bathroom door and he screams a child like wailing to shows his evil superpowers as this scene isn't hard to forget for anyone who watched this adding a totoal weirdness to everything and even more disturbing too when we spot on what happens here.
There's some good strong and emotional discussions between Kenny and Samantha Ellison which looked perfectly focused on what they were saying and their reactions towards one another as this draws your attention a great deal here.
Also we get a perfect mysterious and strange moment when Will Travis slowly approaches his son Kenny and tells him he loves him as well as great slow motion and close up shots on his rifle aiming at him and pulling the trigger as well as a perfect close up shot on Kenny falling back and heaving down to the ground. This psych's you out wonder as to what the hell he did that for. Nicely done here.
Then the next scene really explains as to why he shot him which was cleverly put in and perfect intense moments with Kenny waking up and freaking out as well as everyone trying to talk to him showing a perfect energised pace in this scene making the moments here perfectly enjoyable.
We have a perfect moment when Warlock uses his powers to prove a woman that he's a witch when she doesn't believe him and raising her high in the air with the two of them flotaing which looked scry to watch spotting the building below taking place in Manhattan when he asks her for her crystal stone which gives you a sinking feeling that he will use his magic again to make her fall. Definetely an eye catcher here.
There's a good situation when Will teaches his son on how to use his magic which looked effective and heartwarming with a father and son as this was well put in along with a situation on Will using some voodoo magic on a leaf as to how he tortures the Warlock to death as there's great intense moments on the Warlock going in pain from where he's at. Plus we have some dry humor with someone at a gas station telling him his cab driver is dead. The humor isn't too dry though as it fits into the moment here.
We also have a bizarre scene with the Warlock picking up a female hitchhiker in which she tries to come on sexually towards him but done in a zany fashion with her being annoying to him offering some slapstick to the story yet this moment was overly corny to watch here. However when we see on what he does to her this may look shocking and can please horror fans who likes horror violence for sure.
A nice peaceful setting when Kenny practises his magic in the forest with the tree's laughing which adds alot of nice uplifting moments along with him talking to a chipmunk too as all of this was nicely put together showing some decent timing here and cute too.
Some great moments with the bully Andy trying to act tough with Kenny again and then Samantha about to use her powers on him as he starts to choke which keeps you watching and wondering if she's going to kill him as well as Kenny trying to stop her which looked well done.
Some perfect struggling moments with Kenny and Samantha trying to fight against Warlock which showed perfect special effects like a big object about to fall on Samantha and she uses her mind powers to make it explode or an effects with some lighting shots on a demon trying to rise from the grave and perfect windy effects used here too which adds more horror to the story.
Some crazy moments on Warlock coming into a ghost town and slaughtering some of the main character's which boggles you as to wondering if this is a hallucination or flashback sequence as well as some intense moments happening to Travis as well when we spot the struggling situations as well as the magical powers too.
Bottom line is that this one is a major improvement compared to the original and I don't even like sequels better than the first flick normally but this one was as if the original never happened as we have better dialogues, action and more horror too with better production values too. The makers really made a nice effort on this one without a doubt and loved every minute of it except for the cheesy moments that I mentioned here. I advise anyone whom was disappointed in the original to give this one a chance as you may enjoy it more so and a nice heartwarming situation with a family of good witches and the odd shocking moments too.

The acting is alot better here. Lead actor Julian Sands (Warlock) reprises his role in the flick as he certainly comes out with his silent and wicked behavior along with having a superbly cold speaking in his vocals while talking to someone. Also does a great job suddenly taking you by surprise when he attacks someone showing a perfect intense type of energy here while doing all of this. Also does well with his walking and a perfect presence too along with having a perfect intense behavior when needed to do all of this as this looked perfectly chilling to watch.
Chris Young (Kenny Travis) seemed to know his stuff as a put upon teen in which he does well trying to act courageous in certain aspects of the film and really showed some nice emotions when talking to someone on a serious subject which he brought to life a great deal and studied this scene perfectly too. Also does a great job showing some shocked and freaked out expressions when he is about to get shocked and later on springs to life after waking up and showing a great anxious situation when he freaks out on stuff as he brought this to life a great deal as well. Also does a nice job with his charming attitude while practising his magic and talking in the forestry scene showing a nice mellow attitude here. He was one of the best actors in the flick.
Paula Marshall
(Samantha Ellison) seemed to do well as someone who felt troubled on stuff and was convincing while stressing stuff and having a good emotional attitude while doing this. She does a good job with her odd aggressions too without getting too intense while doing all of this. Seemed to show a powerful presence whenever she shows off her powers which also looked impressive too. A good pat on the back for her doing the best she could within all of this.
Steve Kahan (Will Travis) lived to play this role as someone who seems loving and caring and really took the time to portray this role nicely while trying to help out his onscreen son with his new powers as he made this moment seem perfectly convincing as well he drew in a perfect mysterious moment beforehand acting like he was losing his sanity while about to shoot his rifle in which he was brilliant acting like this and trying to trick us with this type of attitude too. Shows some aggressive energy whenever he needed to be this way and does it well too.
R.G. Armstrong (Franks) stood out the most as he shows a perfect gruffness to his role and knew on how to speak strongly within his presence as well as having the perfect elder aged looks too which was another good plus. Also shows a perfect courageous attitude while performing his stuff which also made him perfectly likeable as well as having fun with doing all of this as you can tell here.
Bruce Glover
(Ted Ellison) had the perfect looks for his role as a preacher as well as having a good troubled attitude too. Also showed nice scared emotions with what he is doing. He also showed a good sympathetic behavior later on in the story which shines off well along with having a nice strong presence quarter way through while trying to save everyone from the evil powers. He was for sure a good character actor as well.
Craig Hurley (Andy) had a small role in the film but was worth mentioning here as he seemed to do the trick well by portraying a bully making his motions convincing by acting aggressive and territorial in which he studied this part quite nicely as well as having the perfect long haired looks too which also looked perfectly well done as well.

An object of a brain is exposed on the floor.
A dog's neck is bloodily broken.
Some blood splattering here and there during some shootings.
Some black blood is pouring out of a person's head.
A woman's hair is torn off her scalp and then hung upside down on a crucifix with nails in the corpses arms looking bloodied.
Some people are slaughtered with certain body parts torn off.
A person is impaled on a sharp pipe object.

The composing this time by Mark McKenzie is a huge improvement adding way more music to this flick making every scene sound incredibly effective. Alot of perfect chanting sounds echoing out and sounding crystal clear too. Also alot of strong sounding violin and trombone music having a great courageous sound to everything and perfectly orchestral like. Plus great classical adventureous music for the suspenseful moments. We also hear some nice clarinet and flute playing the the odd chiming sounds too. Of course alot of strong windy sounds too. Yes this composer knew his craft marvellously.

Warlock: [first line of his resurrection] Won't you give your boy a kiss, Mother?

Warlock: I'm not a *man*, I am a witch.

Nathan Sinclair: [to the Warlock] How did you get past my secretary?