Watchers II (1990)

Directed by: Thierry Notz

Written by:
John D. Brancato & Michael Ferris


Marc Singer .... Paul Ferguson
Tracy Scoggins .... Barbara White
Jonathan Farwell .... Steve Malceno
Irene Miracle .... Sarah Ferguson
Mary Woronov .... Dr. Glatman

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: August 16, 1990




A group of people let animals excape from a laboratory including a golden retriever and a monster which follows this dog and kills anyone that stands in it's way as this dog helps a criminal named Paul Ferguson (Marc Singer) manage to escape from his sentence and goes on an adventure to find it's owner which is Barbara White (Tracy Scoggins) to track down this beast before it causes any more deadly situations but yet this monster's owner Steve Macleno (Jonathan Farwell) has other plans for this thing.


The beginning of this film looked slightly cheesy spotting one of the main character's named Barbara White training the golden retriever on situations as well as doing reserch on her computer along with well focused camera shots on her doing all of this. Plus we have a moment with some ferederal's coming in to check up on the monster that's locked away as things looked awfully corny and cheesy by what we spot here on the beast attacking these people in which this was supposed to look terrifying but it really didn't do much of that at all.
There's also a good moment with Steve Malceno talking to this creature in his cage in which we spot briefly on what this beast looks like yet doesn't look too impressive but however on what was done here seemed to seem oddly interesting at the same time.
Good shots on people breaking in the labratory on freeing all the animals which looked carefully focused and good lighting within all of this too.
Some impressive situations with Paul Ferguson handcuffed to a steering wheel about to serve time while being driven away in a jeep as the discussions looked good and strong as well as his sarcasm too. Plus things looked clever by what he tries to do in order to get away which looked suspenseful by how he wipes the jeep out and one of them falls out. Plus a nice distant shot on the monster attacking one of them as this leaves a nice mysterious feel on what this creature may possibly look like. Imopressive and strong situations when the dog brings the keys to him and he tries to find the right one to unlock himself with the handcuffs as this keeps you in suspense wondering if he will get the right one in time before the monster slashes him.
When we spot all of this it looks like we're in for a great movie like the first one but then it starts to slope down after this.
We have impressive moments with Paul going to see his wife Sarah and trying to hide out so no investigators will track him down which inclused a sitation on him driving a vehicle not being seen but the dog in the drivers seat which looked downright hilarious when we watch this as well as the locals spotting this too.
Also some cute situations with him in a hotel and calling someone to turn himself in as well as this dog pushing the receiver down hanging up as well as him communicating with this retriever to see if he knows what he's saying which looked cute to watch including on him ordering a pizza to see if this animal is paying attention to what he's ordering and other moments like this. Alot of these moments were very similar to the situations in the first one but a bit funnier.
A nice dark shot on Sarah taking a bath with still moments which gives you the chills that this monster is about to come in and attack as the setting looked perfect but then this flops a bit when the beast pushes her down and tries to drown her along with seeing what this thing looks like as the costume looked awfully fake.
Corny situations on the monster attacking a corner store clerk but good shots on him flying to the ground. Yet after this beast kills him it eats something as I was thinking c'mon!!!
Then we have a moment with this monster having blankets over him warming himself near a can of fire with the other homeless people as I was thinking that this was too much and losing the creepiness of this mysterious thing and seeming a bit more comedic. I'm sorry but this doesn't work in at all. The bums do get attacked but doesn't make up for that scene at all I'm sorry.
There's a nice shot on the creature smashing through a hotel door with a nice dakrness and lighting focuzsed on this to make it look seemingly creepy. Also a good moment with Steve about to point his gun at the creature and then is reluctant as you wonder on what's going to happen next while he tries to communicate with it.
Nice moments with Paul holding his rifle while carefully looking in the storm sewers as the filmmakers did a good job making sure things looked right for this moment but yet the story started to lag a bit when we hope that the creature will come in to attack and when it does we all knew about it. The scene with him trying to find this thing seemed to drag a bit too.
There's the odd exciting and terrifying moment with the monster against Paul as well as Steve being attacked too which showed nice close up shots on this but yet seemed a bit too typical while viewing these situations. However there seems to be an interesting moment with the retriever giving this beast something it likes to keep which looked a bit odd.
Bottom line is that I don't think this one was a true sequel to the first one but somewhat a retelling with different situations. But this one lacked a bit on the terror and was pretty cheesy too. The front VHS box almost promises a good movie but don't let that fool you. Yet wasn't a terrible movie either. If you're in the mood for something low budget then I'd recommend it. If not best to move on.

The acting is fairly good but the cast is a bit smaller here and only a few worth mentioning. Lead actor Marc Singer (Paul Ferguson) seemed to know his stuff quite well by portraying a criminal as well as doing a good job with his sarcastic behavior driving it strongly here. Plus does well with his blocking showing perfect energy within what he does here too. Plus shows off a perfect charming type of attitude when it comes to his onscreen wife as this came off naturally too. He also showed a nice focus while speaking to the dog in which he had nice timing with his funny one liners while behaving like this. Also shows perfect shocked and devastating expressions especially in a scene that he's watching the news in which he gets into big time too. Does a great job with his demanding behavior as well as showing some nice adrenaline while using his rifle too. Had the perfect rugged nice looks which was another bonus to his part here. Yes he delivers.
Tracy Scoggins (Barbara White) had the perfect nerdy scientist looked for her part and pulled off her role by what she does here. She also showed a great focus while studying things on a computer and training the dog bringing this to a nice serious and orderly fashion as well. Plus she does well when she reacts happy and excited too in other scene's along with having a believeable friendliness in other spots as well. Yes she seemed to do well as a character actress.
Jonathan Farwell (Steve Malceno) was perfectly mysterious in his part which makes you wonder if he's a good guy or a bad guy. Has a nice deepness in his speaking as well as acting almost aggressive in certain spots showing a nice darkness to his personality. Plus does a great job while talking seriously towards the onscreen monster which he really pulled off well here. He also does well almost acting insane near the end of his perfomance just letting it out a great deal which reflected off well to his character.
Irene Miracle
(Sarah Ferguson) showed a good sharp attitude into her role as she portrayed perfectly with her decent behavior as well as doing a nice job with her bluntness and assertive behavior in certain spots of the film. Plus does a nice job while acting calm and relaxed while taking a bath just getting into ti. Does a good job freaking out and acting anxious when she is attacked as well showing off an average amount of energy into this too.

Irene Miracle exposes her breasts while taking a bath.
Keisha as a hooker at a hotel pulls down her top briefly exposing her breasts.

Faces are slashed off.
Many bloody claw marks on victims.
A decapitated head is found in a toilet.
Eyes are pulled out.

Rick Conrad uses some of the similar elements like in the previous film by having a cheesy synthesizer orchestral music playing. Also there's good deep sound with some strings plucking too as this adds a nice touch to the horror story but what really works is some hissing sounds as well as low moaning effects plus some low rusty screeching sounds too for when the silent moments happen before the monster attacks which sounds similar to the film Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and works well in this too. Plus we hear some drun sounds rolling when some of the character's prepare weapons etc which blends in nicely too.