Watchers III (1994)

Directed by: Jeremy Stanford

Written by: Michael Palmer


Wings Hauser .... Ferguson
Gregory Scott Cummins .... Benetti
Daryl Keith Roach .... Nat
John Linton .... MacCreedy
Lolita Ronalds .... Gomez
William Butler .... Tom
Ider Cifuentes Martin .... Boy
Frank Novak .... Stratten

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: November 16, 1994




The golden retriever and the monster are accidentally set out on an island in South America while there's an air battle going on and Ferguson (WIngs Hauser) is asked to retrieve both of them with his army and is set free from prison.
There they meet a native Boy (Ider Cifuentes Martin) who spends time with the retriever but his family were slaughtered by this monster as the army gets slayed one by one as both Ferguson and the dog finds a way to outsmart this beast once again both they're next.


There's scene's with some airplane battles and wars going on near an island as the situations and scene's looked awfully cheesy with the effects that we spot here but yet good shots on both carts landing parachuted with the golden retriever as well as the monster in which there seems to be impressive shots this time on the beast looking scarier attacking the natives there but yet when it shows some horror violence the effects looked plain and obvious without it looking like someone was actually slaughtered in one scene.
There's many nice scene's with the Boy befriedning the dog as well as showing him feeding things as well as this dog bringing wood to light a bonfire as these situations looked pretty cute to spot here.
We also spot a good solid discussion with one of the lieutenants named Stratten talking to the lead character Ferguson on going on a mission to snuff out the monster that landed at the island in which looked solidly paced focusing on their arguments and aggressions too as this really brings your attention a great deal while watching this scene.
There's good situations with Stratten leading his army of people on the island as well as them spotting the corpses which seemed to add a nice touch to everything along with a good moment on one of the sleazy soldiers named Tom trying to get rough with the female Gomez but her acting tough with a knife towards him as this scene was nicely written in for one of those tough women knowing on how to defend herself nicely.
A perfect situation with Ferguson reuniting when he sees the retriever proving that this is a sequel to the previous flick as well as moments on Tom not believeaving that the dog can understand what they're talking about what added some nice humor to the story by what we spot on how he proves things. These moments looked cute and clever. Things seem suspenseful when he interacts with the dog about the monster being around and asking about their safety as well as the beasts whereabouts which was all drawn in perfectly. Also a good flashback situation with Ferguson explaining on what they're up against also drawing in nicely here.
A great scene with the monster attacking Gomez on a tree top in which this looked perfectly intense by what we spot here as well as her misfiring her rifle by being crushed against this beast as there's someone else on top of the tree making you wonder if she will accidently hit him in which this keeps your eyes peeled to find out on what happens next here.
A perfect shocking situation with the monster putting his hand through Nats chest as well as him still being alive from it in pain wanting Ferguson to take his life for not standing the intense pain which makes you cringe for sure imagining if you were in the position that it was psychologically well done here and wondering what will come out of this as well as good emotional situations between the two of them as this looked powerful to watch.
Nice shots and moments with the boy and Ferguson getting ready to plan a trap as well as sorting out weapons too which often looks good in a film like this one and carefully shot piece by piece on all of this.
Many good terrorising moments with them trying to catch and kill this monster in which there's a situation when we think that this thing is dead after being put into a hole and then a near jumping moment when it tries to grab and kill Ferguson adding alot of intense energy here.
We also see a situation when Ferguson had to cut a certain wire on a helicopter before it explodes while communicating with the dog as to which one to cut before time was running out as this was supposed to keep you in suspense but even this didn't do the trick at all.
Bottom line is that although it had many interesting and well done moments the story still doesn't do much here in which it goes around in circles at times and not carrying a very strong plot either. The monster looked better yes but that doesn't make up for a great story either. If you're in the mood for something very sinple then you may enjoy it if not then move on.

The acting still stood out well in which Wings Hauser (Ferguson) takes on the role this time replacing Singer from the previous and had the knack to play this role but yet he seems alot more mature with his personality here. Seems to do well with his aggressive attitude as well as being very strong while commanding others and not taking crap from anyone which drew in powerfully well too whenever he had to be like this. Also shows a perfect friendly and charming type of behavior along with doing well towards the dog in which he shows a perfect uplifting behavior here. Shows good emotions near his on screen friend when a tragedy happens and drawing this in perfectly. Also does well just springing in action for when the terrors start to occur which was another great pointer for him. All in all I always found him to be a great character actor even if he accepted many roles in cheesy b-films.
Gregory Scott Cummins
(Benetti) seemed to show off a slick attitude into his role offering a nice presence with whatever he did here. Does good coming across as someone who speaks smoothly as well as having a sort of bad boy type of attitude too. He really let it out losing his sanity when the terror surrounds him acting perfectly hyper and freaking out on stuff just letting everything that he got out of his system. He was a good ball of energy with whatever he did in his perfomance and deserves a nice pat on the back.
Daryl Keith Roach (Nat) did well with his strong minded type of personality and seemed to have a nice motive to his role in the film showing a good powerful energy with all that he had here. Does well acting anxious in certain situations as well as going to the extreme big time by howling in pain and going out of control towards the end of his performance when he is slaughtered and got the real feel out of this big time.
Lolita Ronalds
(Gomez) certainly had a great drive playing a tough no nonsense type of soldier in the flick having a great attitude into what she does as well as showing some great blocking when she goes into self defense and getting stern whenever she had to. She stood out incredibly well within everything that she had to do here showing nice characteristics. Also does well screaming out in pain and firing her rifle while being attacked and getting into this a great deal.
William Butler (Tom) was uncredited for his supporting role which I couldn't understand why as he was another one whom was really effective with what he did here. Seemed to live to portray a perverted type of scumbag showing out a good nasty and goofy type of aggression while pursuing to rape someone which he did this very energised. He often portrays these types of roles which he does well. Also does a nice job with his sarcastic attitude as well as coming across as a typical idiot too.
Ider Cifuentes Martin (Boy) does well with his quiet type of attitude as well as showing nice frightened behavior in certain spots plus had the right motive while being friendly with the dog and acting natural as a little kid spending time with a pet. Seemed to show some nice spunk into all that he had within all of this.
Frank Novak
(Stratten) showed alot of nice seriousness to his role as someone working at the prison and came across nicely whenever he acted stern on a situation and showing great energy within this as well as talking believeably business like. Also shows a perfect focus within everything else too and had the right middle aged looks for this role too.

flesh is torn off a native with his insides revealed.
A head is torn off a body.
A headless body is revealed.
Bodies are slashed and bloodied.
Monsters hand is torn though a man's chest.

Some great flute, woodwinds and planish guitar playing for alot of the scene's taking place in the jungle as well as being used for the opening credits too. Plus there's some good windy and airy type sounds having a nice still and mysterious feel to everything. Also great guitar riffs too which sounded cool to hear especially for when the survivors plan a trap for the monster. Also we hear the odd thumping and jungle drum beats too suitable for where this was shot at too. Certainly had a different feel in this one which the composer Nigel Holton really used alot into this one.