Watch Me (2006)

Directed by: Melanie Ansley

Written by: Melanie Ansley & Sam Voutas


Frances Marrington .... Tess Hooper
Sam Voutas .... Taku
Tanya McHenry .... Redhead
Glen Hancox .... Sanders

Release Dates: Atlanta Horror Fest: October, 2006; Freak Show Horror Film Festival: October 14, 2006; Phoenix Fear Film Festival: December 29, 2006; Melbourne Underground Film Festival: September, 2007; Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival: October, 2007; It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival: October 28, 2007; International Women's Film Festival: April, 2008 (South Korea)





A cinema studies student named Tess Hooper (Frances Morgan) experiences terrifiying incidents as her friends are killed with their eyes sewn shut after watching a snuff email disk titled "Watch Me" that is sent through electronic address books to seek its next victim.
The murders are created by a mystrerious ghost of a redheaded woman (Tanya McHenry) whenever the email is activated she suddenly appears and kills the one who starts watching what's on the "Watch Me" email.
Tess fearing for her life she confronts an illegal film dealer named Taku about this situation as he is at risk as well.
As the clock ticks and the body count mounts, the two must untangle the puzzle to stop "Watch Me" from its poisonous rampage.
They arrive at someone's house named Sanders (Glen Hancox) to fix this situation as he has just opened up the email but will they be able to save him


There's a cheesy moment when someone tries to look for someone else after spotting what was on the internet as this was supposed to make things look creepy but fails to do so here and then spots his friend dead on the ground after looking over a balcony from his apartment as this tried so hard to look suspenseful but fails to do so.
There's also another resident searching for his pet in the corridors of his home hallways in which this was supposed to make things seem still and errie and almost did the trick when we watch but however seemed a bit too stale. There's a moment when he spots hair in his bathtub and tries to look more carefully into what he spots in which this was supposed to leave you the chills expecting to make you jump afterwards on what happens here but is rather a disappointment as this moment was terribly slow.
There's a moment with opening credits happening while we spot a news broadcaster discussing the deaths in which this seemed to look well shot and performed while watching this even if the film was made on a very low budget.
There's a situation with the character Taku at his computer store offering the disks to someone in which this was supposed to look dark and mysterious on this person but yet looked too low budget and cheesy to really been taken seriously here. Also some interesting discussions afterwards with Tess Hooper talking to her friend about what she bought along with her friend staring at her computer on the disk that she's playing which looked rather well focused since we wonder on what she's spotting as this leaves you an impression that it's nothing pretty.
Also a good moment with Tess being distracted and then the mysterious redhead ghost walking backwards going past her as this leaves a nice horror impression here due to it's low budget. We do have a perfect scene when Tess walks in the hallway of her home spotting a bloody trail and then discovers the terror of her friend which I had to admit looked quite well done.
We spot a good mellow moment while Tess is having a discussion with her boyfriend Sanders in their vehicle as things seemed to flow in well by what they were saying and nicely shot too.
Another well focused moment is when Tess has a serious discussion with the police on the disk watch me which draws you in a bit on what they're talking about and seems to draw into the horror plot in an okay fashion here along with Tess stepping out for a second and the police looking at what's playing on the disk and then Tess stepping back spotting that the two officers have disappeared which was supposed to make things mysterious and it almost does but yet this production was so low it doesn't leave an efffect like it was supposed to have been.
Also theres a bathtub scene involving Tess having a cloth over her head and suddenly the Redhead is in there with her too. Then the scene is very silent when this occurs which looked well at being quiet walking out of the tub without being noticed.
There are perfect shots of the Redhead appearing when anyone opens the Watch me email making it look mildly scary.
A good strong moment between Tess getting into a rage with Taku about the disc as the moments looked fairly strong along with a nice turn away on him and then he strikes her as this I had to admit caught me by surprise and well shot here.
Nice shots on Taku tying Tess up and taping her eyes open in a chair which was a nice add on to the story offering a good horror touch too as well as the situation with the watch me disk playing and the Redhead appearing and having her arms crawling out which looked nicely done as well. Was supposed to keep you in terror and suspense by what we expect to see but this is a total miss as well. Yet there's a moment when we do carefully spiot the redhead with her back turned humming Mary had a little lamb while sewing someone's eyes as this looked amusing.
Yet there's good action moments with Tess and Taku working together to try and save Sanders from the clutches of the Redhead as well as discovering the history on this evil spirit as this was nicely put in. Great moments on the two of them going to his door as well as him opening it and then spotting the Redhead behind him and the door slamming as this I must admit looked suspenseful along with the two of them breaking into his house to rescue him and drag him through the hallways of his home which also looked nicely adventureous and suspenseful to watch. Also a good moment with him suddenly getting slaughtered and dragged by this Redhead by disappearing and reappearing which boggles you out and another nice trick while watching the film.
Bottom line is that at first I really enjoyed this film and reviewed it well when I had my podcast show but seeing it again refreshing my memory is that it doesn't do much and the story is very slow as I didn't know as to what I was thinking here. It's neat though by having a some sort of female grim reaper coming out after a disk carrying a virus is playing to get you and a tribute the the movie The Ring. Some good spots in the movie but otherwise a total bore.

Although none of the actors are known here we still have good talent with the cast in here and have lots of experience on stage.
Frances Marrington (Tess Hooper) pulls her lead role well trying to survive this mess in which she seems to draw in her role pretty carefully here. Shows some nice frights but keeping herself together which she seems to do naturally. Also shows off a great aggression when she gets demanding in a scene as she shows off some good energy within this too. Also does well with her panicking attitude when trying to rescue someone as she shows some good adrenaline here.
Sam Voutas (Taku) who is convincing as a scumbag illegal film dealer and has the right looks for it too. He speaks very coldly and slickly while selling his prodcuts and seems to make this moment fairly believeable to the point that he's not to be trusted at all. Also has some nice blocking especially when he strikes someone just packing a great punch indeed. He was also fairly energetic here.
Tanya McHenry (Redhead) is perfect as the grim reaper type character and tried to be frightening with what she does. Seems to know her stuffing with her ghostly presence and silent walking. Plus shows a nice presence while doing something deadly by acting expressionless throughout her performance.
Glen Hancox (Sanders) was the best out of the cast in his supporting role as he shows a nice charm to his attitude and convincingly likeable too. Plus he was great by freaking out or acting intense when the terror strikes him and was believeable acting choked up and scared for his life. He really charges at full speed with this role and made himself a worthy character actor by all of this and a total piece of dynamite too.

People's eyes are sewn shut
Gobs of blood is dumped from a kettle
A hand is chopped off

There are all sorts of touches of eerie sound effects suiting each scene along with some electric guitar playing as this sounded a bit twangy and off composed by Steven Huf, Daniel Jericho and Christopher Preuss. We hear low pressuring wind sounds as well as the odd bell ringing as well as some metal hiitng effects too as this seems to sound in an average fashion but what really works is the heavy breathing sounds which can make the picture sound mildly spooky. There's also the odd piano playing which doesn't sound anything that we haven't heard of before.