Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992)

Written & Directed by: Anthony Hickox


Zach Galligan .... Mark Loftmore
Monika Schnarre .... Sarah Brightman
Martin Kemp .... Baron Von Frankenstein
Bruce Campbell .... John Loftmore
Michael Des Barres .... George
Jim Metzler .... Roger
Sophie Ward .... Elenore
Marina Sirtis .... Gloria
Billy Kane .... Nigel
John Ireland .... King John
Alexander Godunov .... Scarabis
Maxwell Caulfield .... Mickey

Special Appearances:

Joe Baker .... The Peasant
Juliet Mills .... The Defense Lawyer
Patrick MacNee .... Sir Wilfred
David Carradine .... The Beggar
George 'Buck' Flower .... Sarah's Stepfather
Drew Barrymore .... Vampire Victim #1

Release Date: Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films: March, 1992

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The couple Mark Loftmore (Zach Galligan) and Sarah Brightman (Monika Schnarre) survived the wax museum in Waxwork after killing the one in charge of the evil madness that has happened however, a dismembered hand followed Sarah home and killed her drunken Stepfather (George 'Buck' Flower) as she resides in court but no one believes her story.
They both look for clues and realise that they must go back in time as they find a time machine created by Sir Wilfred (Patrick MacNee) whom is now dead and go back in time to try to look for evidence that the girl is telling the truth, and get embroiled in different conflicts along the way including battling Frankenstein's creation, possessions and space monsters.


The beginning leaves off where part 2 ended in which we have an amusing moment with a cut off hand following the character Sarah Brightman to her home in which there's cheesy liners between her and her drunken stepfather but yet it looked fairly entertaining during this moment. Also we spot good camera shots rolling in with the hand causing trouble as well as charging a hammer towards the stepfather's head etc. This seemed to really rip off Evil Dead 2 big time while we spot these comedic moments as well as good close up shots on Sarah trying to flush out this hand by placing it in a garbage disposer and blood spraying out which shows neat effects for this moment.
We have alot of trashy and kooky discussions taking place in a courtroom about the incidents that are happening which was hard to be taken seriously at all while we continue to watch this lame scene.
There's some good special effects when both Sarah and Mark Loftmore go in time which we spot neat dark effects on them falling in dark air as well as spotting a gargoyle in which this almost seemed to pay a tribute to Army of Darkness when we spot this scene as this was done in fine taste.
Then there's alot of pointless situations where we spot Baron Frankenstein's mansion as well as Mark being pitted against the monster and finding a way to feed this thing. Alot of this looked incredibly lame to watch along with discussions on other moments surrounding this moment. Yet there's some okay tongue in cheek when the monster manages to escape and slaughtering it's creator with good camera shots on the pieces of his head splattering out and hitting others. It looked silly at the same time too.
Then we have two different scene's with the character's in different areas as we spot Sarah in a space ship which is totally desgined in an Alien type fashion on a discussion on blowing up the ship with the monsters on board in which I was thinking to myself this seemed a bit lame but mildly amusing at times as we spot the creatures about to attack which looked not too badly made with the costuming as well a lame moment when one of the monster's using it's tail to tap one of the victim's onto the shoulder. It's confusing to know as to whether or not the moments were serious or not.
Also we have an interesting black and white scene with Mark about to enter a haunted mansion with a crew of people in which the house looked like the Bates home from Psycho as well as twisted moments about to happen in the story. Also there's a shocking moment when a character John Loftmore is tied and half slaughtered talking to Mark along with one of the women there turning into somewhat a deadite and throwing books and other stuff at Mark with him dodging and hitting John in the head and he shows dizzy expressions with this happening which looked like one of those goofy cartoons that we used to watch when this scene unravels as well as stealing more elements from Evil Dead 2. This to me looked plain stupid and stale too instead of it being funny and scary.
While watching these 2 scene's you really start to wonder as to what happened in the beginning of the story in the first place making out these are different stories now alltogether.
Yet there's a scene that saves the film from bombing when they appear in a dimension that they're Romeo and Juliet as well as being taken into a castle mainly as prisoners in which we spot great settings on some dances and a Jester performing during a banquet ceremony. Plus a dark moment with some warlock's doing a cult ceremony and spotting a teenage girl turning into a vampiress as there's neat special effects when we spot this moment.
There's also powerful discussions with everyone that we spot here and adds more seriousness finally and worked in well. Plus a neat entertaining moment when Mark does a sword fight against his enemy and they go through time warps that involves a silent horror film as well as a Gozilla type spotting them having english overdubbed with what they're saying to make it look like a Japanese movie as this can offer some good chuckles. Then we see them walking into a city which lookes like a cross between Saturday Night Fever and Dawn of the Dead while they're also battling against zombie's and Mark is wearing a Tony Manero disco outfit. This confuses you big time when we spot this situation.
There's also a funny moment when Sarah tries to challenge one fo the character's George to a fight as this time it adds some good humor here. Plus good close up shots on him pinning her down and forcing her to kiss him as this moment looked fairly strong.
A great powerful moment when Mark and Sarah try to return to the passage they entered and it starts to shrink as their discussions looked good and strong within this as well as more good special effects that we spot here.
Bottom line is that this is a disappointing sequel and taken in a totally different direction almost having nothing in common with the first one and ripping off those cult classic horror flicks that we all remembered watching too. It was almost like watching a horror anthology when these two travel through a dimensional time warp. If you haven't watched this one you're not missing out on much trust me.

The acting is done in a fairly decent fashion as lead actor Zach Galligan (Mark Loftmore) reprises his role in the film but at first he seems a little too over the top with what he does here acting too anxious when freaking out in a court scene as this looked way too acted out and unnatural. Yet he seemed to pick it up in different scene's as he was showing different personalities in each of them like a black and white scene of the film which he does an impressive job acting like he's losing his mind in which he shows great crazy expressions and emotions done in a tongue in cheek fashion. His best performance is a scene where he is Romeo in another dimension showing some good and strogn heroic moments with his energy as well as speaking good and serious towards others along with showing a good romantic behavior too. Shows off some great courageous energy when performing a sword fight just swinging into action a great deal here. Also does a perfect job near the end of his performance when insisting on a sticky situation as this also looked good and powerful.
Monika Schnarre (Sarah Brightman) seemed a bit off in the beginning herself but she shows a great versatality as well. In the sci-fi scene does great with her commanding orders and draws in a perfect seriousness within all of this which she seemed like a different actress doing this alltogether that she can fool the viewer big time here. She also was impressive when she performs her Juliet type of role acting very dramatic and showing some good emotions and anxious moments too. Springs into action whenever she needed to do this and was a total ball of energy while she acts like this. Seems to know her stuff acting comedic and serious whenever she had to bounce back and fourth by doing both of this.
Martin Kemp (Baron Von Frankenstein) seemed to know his stuff portraying this role as he has the wicked mad scientist looks along with the sly speaking too. Shows a nice stillness at times as well as lashing out which he really looked convincingly terrorising here. Brings alot to his part of the film and can pass as acharacter actor by doing all of this.
Bruce Campbell (John Loftmore) shows a good sharp type of behavior like he normally does in a show just doing business and showing a good seriousness in what he's talking about. At the same time offers a good goofy comedic side of him while acting like this too especially with his facial expressions when nearly losing conciousness or reacting to certain painful situations. Acted like a natural ham even if the story wasn't funnay at all. Seemed to pay a tribute to his character from the Evil Dead flicks here. He was too good to be in a near clunker like this one.
Michael Des Barres (George) was very impressive as a villain in the film showing a perfect cold speaking in his voice and knew on how to act smooth within whatever he did in the film as well as having a perfect evilness to hi slooks which was another bonus. Does well by getting in your face which he shows it off nicely onto the camera along with doing a perfect job by acting forceful and nearly having a good violent attitude as well packing a nice punch to all of this.
Sophie Ward (Elenore) draws in a nice mysterious presence into her part as she shows off a kindness to her part but yet comes across as somewhat deceiving while she does this. Shows a nice soft clearness into her speaking too. Also shows off a wickedness in her expressions too by having an old fashioned type of horror appeal in which was what she was supposed to have portrayed while acting it out on the scene and studied this role inside out in which she had a nice key role to the cast here and grabs you attention a great deal here.
John Ireland (King John) lived up to this role as he was perfect by having a gruff type of attitude as well as showing off a good demanding type of attitude in his role. Shows off a good commanding order within everything as well as getting into the moment with the banquet and acting perfectly drunk in a scene too. Seemed to do well acting silly in certain spots.
Alexander Godunov (Scarabis) was another effective one in the film as he does well with his villainous and masculine type of attitude in which he portrayed a perfect warrior in the film showing a great adrenaline with his battling behavior along with doing well by acting wicked in his personality too. Had the right clean and brauny looks too.
George 'Buck' Flower (Sarah's Stepfather) has a small role in this movie but was worth mentioning as he seemed liek a nautral ham by acting drunk and almost obnoxiously violent yet seemed to act like a softie later on as well as showing off a cheesy struggling performance when he is being attacked which added some fun touches within his performance here.

A near breast shot on a woman while trying to seduce a warrior in a castle as wel almost see her top being removed.

Blood splurts out of a garbage disposer.
A cut off hand is revealed.
A person's eyes pops out of his head as well as his brain.
A person's face explodes in his space suit.
A person is tied up and his front chest is torn open with his skeletal bones revealed.
Zombie's arms are chopped off.

The music seemed to fit in well with the plots that were involved as we have hokey comedic sounds for alot of the goofy comedy that was used in it as well as alot of clarinet playing too and many string plucking too. There's some old fashioned organ music as it brings some charm to the creepy moments while watching the film. We also hear the odd mild chanting sounds as well as sometimes dark type music too for when there's the odd cheesy suspenseful scene's that are used in it too. Alot of good harp playing and adventureous music that sounded fairly strong for a sword fighting sequence as well as some drum poundings too here and there which had an almost jungle beat to it all. This was all put together by Steve Schiff.

During the closing credits we have a music video with scene's of the movie performed by a cheesy rap group called Dwayne 'Muffla' Simon and Darryl Pierce in which the music wasn't my taste at all and the talents of these two seemed a bit lacking as well with their song "Lost in Time"

Mark Loftmore: [Realises he has poured vinegar, not water, over the hole the vulture has gored in Roger's chest] Ooh! Sorry! Roger: Don't worry, it's only a flesh wound...

Scarabis: [Sarah has reacted negatively to Scarabis's Master Plan] Does this mean you don't love me anymore?
Sarah Brightman: You bet it does, brother of mine.
Scarabis: Well, that does shed a bit of a different light on things. George. Kill the bitch.
George: Totally.

Mark Loftmore: [Releasing prisoners from Scarabis's Dungeon] Do you guys know how to fight? [Prisoners cheer]
Mark Loftmore: Then let's go kick some butt! [Prisoners look puzzled]