Werewolf (1995)

Produced & Directed by: Tony Zarindast

Written by:
Brad Hornbacher & Tony Zarindast


George Rivero .... Yuri
Adrianna Miles .... Natalie Burke
Fred Cavalli .... Paul Niles
Richard Lynch .... Noel
R.C. Bates .... Sam the Keeper
Joe Estevez .... Joel
Jules Dejarlais .... Tommy
Randall Oliver .... Bill

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1995 (Russia)









A group of Native American archeologists dig up a skeletal corpse of what looks like the remains of a werewolf. Suddenly a brawl happens and one of the Native's named Tommy (Jules Desjarlais) falls on the skeletal remains and becomes injured and then ends up in a hospital while being in a coma.
One of the team members named Natalie (Adrianna Miles) finds the skeletal corpse fascinating and they do some research with it in a labaroatory and another team member named Yuri (George Rivero) has plans for it.
Meanwhile, Tommy turns into a werewolf and escpaes from the hopspital while two of the archeologists named Joel (Joe Estevez) and Bill (Randall Oliver) awaits for Tommy to shoot him down and they succeed.
Yuri plans to infect people to see if his experiment will work by having them turn into werewolves and eventually a writer named Paul Niles (Fred Cavalli) who comes into town to analyze the remains Yuri infects him too as he slowly behaves strangely and slolwy becomes one but Natalie tries to save him before he does any damage.


The opening credits looked a bit cheesy but amusing with a picture of a full moon and a werewolf behind it and then good shots on researchers digging up a skeletal corpse as well as alot of great scenes like when the researchers find the skeletal corpse and then there's a fight sequence making you wonder if the brawl is ever going to be broken up at all. Yet the fighting sequences lacked a bit of inspiration.
A perfect focus on the character's like Noel and Natalie Burke analyzing the skeletal corpse at a laboratory as well as their discussions which looked pretty convincing by what they were talking about which seemed to look good on a low budgeter such as this one.
Perfect moments on the character Tommy acting sick as well as Joel telling someone to take him to a hospital which is a nice pointer that Tommy is about to change into a werewolf.
Great close up shots on Tommy lying in bed panting and breathing as well as exposing his face turning furry although we don't spot any CGI as the hair just exposes due to the lack of a low budget on this one. However, this looked mildly entertaining. Then we spot him as a werewolf breaking out of his room and into the hallways which the setting here looked a bit cheesy at first in which this was supposed to look terrorising but it isn't at all. There's a good shot however on Tommy lifting a police officer by the neck which looked well done here.
A perfect scene iof Joel and Bill waiting for the werewolf to come and then be shot down as there's a nice bit of a brief cheesy action sequence there where we spot Tommy as the werewolf about to attack and them shooting at him.
In the story we have one of the main character's named Paul Niles entering a house to rent a room and there's an introduction by Sam the Keeper holding a rifle and questioning him as the humor in this is very dry, stale and unlaughable. It improves a bit more as we have the owner named Carrie having a discussion with him which seemed to do not too badlty here when we watch both of their interactions towards one another.
There's a situation at Carrie's party when she gets upset with him and tells him to walk home as this looked very believeable as the makers took their time on this scene a great deal.
Plus there's a nice romantic discussion between Paul and Natalie getting to know one another as well as good shots on them making a move towards one another which gives you the impression that they are about to make love which was well put in.
A good moment woth the nasty Yuri getting into a fight with Paul and then he uses the skull of a werewolf to whack him with along with a bloody mark on Paul which gives you the impression that he will soon become a werewolf himself and a good moment in the story to put in here to give you a creepy feeling on this.
Also a nice moment on someone changing into a werewolf while stumbling along an overpass as well as a good shot on the clouds clearing from the moon and him getting into his vehicle and changing even more into the monstrous beast which looked amusing and hilarious spotting a werewolf driving a vehicle for the first time in a film that was a non comedy.
Also great camera shots zooming out and closing in while Paul feels the change on turning into a werewolf with his face looking different as this grabs your attention a great deal and good dark shots on this too.
A perfect scene put in with a horny teenage couple making out in their vehicle in the woods as well as the girl getting out later on and then a werewolf crawling after her as well as her falling into a muddy puddle and this werewolf attacking her which didn't look too bad in the night shots due to the lack of the budget this was carrying once again and nice shots on the werewolf's face.
Great shots and situations with Paul and Natalie shooting pool at a bar as this was well focused on what they were doing as well as their sense of humor towards one another drew in nicely here. Also a good nasty approach by Yuri challenging her for a game of pool as this leaves a feeling that a fight is about to break out along with nice timing on Paul watching them play the game and then he starts to feel a change in him as this makes you cringe a good deal that he's gonna be a full fledged werewolf.
Perfect shots and action sequences when he breaks out of the washroom and runs out of the bar after someone in the town area with cheesy thunder and lightning occuring as well as him dodging a car near him which adds alot of great action sequences which spotting all of this as this looked exciting to watch on what was happening here.
Also we have a scene with him crashing into his own home staring at Sam as there's good shots on the two of them but it slips a bit when it's supposed to look suspenseful. However there's good shots on Paul sneering and running up the stairs acting vicious as well as a good shot on Carrie going into Tommy's room and a nice shot on his claws coming out of a room approaching her viciously and a perfect close up shot on the two of them which looked cheesily terrifying.
Some bad writing when Natalie tries to talk to Paul as the werewolf in which he doesn't react intensely but yet she acts scared by this on what she says as this was very off as well this was supposed to look touching but misses by a longshot.
We also spot a chase with Yuri towards Paul in a cave of some sort as well as cheesy shots on his full werewolf head lunging out as this was supposed to look scary but it seems a wee bit cheesy when we watch this.
A nice happy ending between Paul and Natalie but it's not what we all may think here.
Bottom line is that it might seem like a typical Z-grade made for video horror film but this was well done for what it was made on with a decent plot too. The film is cheesy but in a fun way and anyone who enjoys werewolf movies may get a kick with the story on this one. However it could easily be categorised as a ripoff to The Howling flicks. The werewolf effects are pretty okay too and better than expected for a Z-grader too.

The acting is seems to pull through quite well as these actors really try hard as you can tell. George Rivero (Yuri) seemed to be one of the most attention grabbers in his role as someone who is a bit evil and obnoxious with his experiments and came across perfect within everything that he did here. He also does well with his dominant attitude and demanding behavior too which he came across as someone you'd love to hate. Also does a nice job with his blocking while getting into a fight rolling with it a great deal here. Plus does well acting cocky at a bar and challenging too at a pool table as someone who comes off that you'd want to punch out too. He has the perfect nasty and masculine looks which was a nother perfect bonus for this character.
Adrianna Miles (Natalie Burke) seemed to be fairly sharp in her role as a scientist in which she really draws her attention perfectly while having a discussion on a skeletal corpse in from of her showing great believeable characteristics here. Also does well with her friendly type of behavior when she gets aquainted with someone as she comes across marvelluosly as one of the good people who will survive in the flick and she made sure that she came clear within all of this. She also does a good job getting shirt and blunt when she isn't happy with someone which looked solidly done. However there's a spot when she's supposed to act nervous and emotional while trying to reason with someone as she lacked energy and enthusiasm here. A little too melodramatic and over the top within all of this. In other scene's she does a good job so it confuses me as to why she slumped here.
Fred Cavalli (Paul Niles) was another fine actor who comes acorss as perfectly innocent in his part as the perfect guy next door type along with having a good masculine presence on him too but yet clean cut at the same time. He shows off a great charming personality and believeably likeable when he gets aquainted with his fellow actress showing perfect timing here. He was a bit average with his blocking while performaing a fight which needed a bit of improvement here. Yet picks it up a great deal whenever he's panting and not feeling well while about to change into a werewolf which looked convincing. He was believeable while acting flirtatious while shooting pool which he gets into this a great deal. Plus when he changes into a werewolf he springs into action a great deal when attacking or jumping around. Showing a ton of hyper adrenaline. He was a worthy character actor indeed.
Richard Lynch (Noel) does a nice job as he usually does in shows which he shows a perfect serious and business like attitude and having a no nonsense behavior too. He speaks strongly well when discovering a sketetal werewolf corpse and getting into a great deatail into what he's talking about. Plus he shows a good concerned type of behavior in other situations which seems different than what he normally does in his character's as this shines off nicely as well. Plus he does a good job getting straight forward by having a greedy type of perosnality here too. He does it all showing off a nice versatality.
We also get a comedic performance by R.C. Bates (Sam the Keeper) giving the film a nice touch even if there's some dry humor in the writing in which he does his best to be a natural ham. He shows off some nice spunk into it all too. Yet he slopes a great deal when he reacts shocked and scared while pitted against a werewolf as he was incredibly wooden trying to beg for mercy as he didn't seem to have it in him to be this way. He seemed to just read his lines and making very little effort with his personality within this. He needed to take acting lessons on acting serious in a scene for sure.
This is supporting actor Joe Estevez' (Joel) best performance I found with his solid energy and does well with his aggressions and nervousness throughout his role even if he is not seen all the way through this film. Plus does a good job when he panicks or is demanding when an emeergency happens not letting an ounce down and just putting what he had into his role even if it was only in the first small part of the film.

There is some blood clawing but this film is not really gory.

Keith Bilderbeck performs the typical Z-grade classical music on his synthesizer with the violin sounding etc. He shows some nice drum thumping sounds too and stick banging. Alot of indian type jungle beat music and the odd chanting too really makes the moments seem impressive. Also there's the odd rusty sounds and metal scraping with hissing noises as this adds a nice touch to the horror segments. Plus we have some quiverring violin music as this sounded nicely done too. We also hear some nice harp playing for a brief moment during a lustful sequence as the timing was just right. Alot of this music was overplayed for the terrors that unravel which can be a bit much. During the closing credits there's good indian chanting and singing with heavy drum booming sounds as this sounded greatly done.

Joel: Whatcha got there?
Bill: Silver Bullet!
Joel: Huh! Me Too!