Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994)

Executive Produced, Written & Directed by: Wes Craven


Heather Langenkamp .... Herself / Nancy Thompson
Robert Englund .... Himself / Freddy Krueger
Miko Hughes .... Dylan Porter
John Saxon .... Himself / Lt. Donald Thompson
David Newsom .... Chase Porter
Tracy Middendorf .... Julie
Fran Bennett .... Dr. Christine Heffner

Special Appearances:

Matt Winston .... Charles Chuck Wilson
Rob LaBelle .... Terrance Terry Feinstein

Marianne Maddalena .... Herself
Bodhi Elfman .... TV Studio PA
Lin Shaye .... Nurse with Pills
Nick Corri .... Himself
Tuesday Knight .... Herself

Release Dates:
Fantasy Filmfest: August, 1994; Toronto International Film Festival: September 9, 1994; Theatrical: October 14, 1994; Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1995

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Heather (Heather Langenkamp) is still getting publicity along with Robert (Robert Englund) for their roles as Nancy Thompson and Freddy Krueger on A Nightmare On Elm Street as fans want Freddy back but she insists that he is dead and no more sequels are going to be made but however a demonic force seems to take the possession on Freddy (Robert Englund) as she is haunted by him with brutal earthquakes as well as her son Dylan Porter (Miko Hughes) seemingly possessed by all of this especially while he's sleepwalking as he has a stuffed dinosaur to protect this maniac from getting him everytime he is sleeping in bed.
She talks to Wes Craven about allof this as he asks her if she can do Nancy one more time to try and put an end to Freddy herself in which her presence slowly changes into her character once again and has no choice in order to do so to save her son from the grips of this nasty demon since her husband Chase Porter (David Newsom) has already been slashed by him as well as some filmmakers trying to make another Krueger type flick.


We spot some perfect camera shots on someone creating a deadlier glover with razors almost like the beginning of the first Elm Street flick but this one doesn't have the dark feeling on it like the original however it looked fun to watch this as well as spotting something torturous as to what this maniac does to himself in order to wear this object which will make you squirm and cringe big time. Plus good moments when the director calls cut and we spot the going on's from behind the scene's on the making of this film which looked fun with Heather Langenkamp watching everything. Plus some pretty shocking suspenseful moments when we spot this hand with razors coming to life and jotting around killing a couple of the producer's which was a memorable moment to anyone who watched this flick. For sure this moment was perfectly written in and making you think what the hell is going on???
Some perfect intense and exciting moments when Heather wakes up and realises that an earthquake is happening and trying to struggle in her home to try and rescue her son Dylan Porter as well as perfect shots on a wall cracking exposing Freddy type cuts which looked impressive as well as Dylan in a trance watching the first Elm Street on their TV screen adding a perfect touch to this moment.
There's a moment with the supposed prank phone calls of Freddy's voice harrassing her which was supposed to seem creepy but it seemed a little too conry and cheesy. More comedic like than horror of course.
We have a campy moment with the limo driver realising Heather and talking about the movies which adds more fun flavor to the story which would appeal to the fans of the movies too. Plus some good anxious moments with some of the crew members whisking her onto the set before the shooting for the interview starts which looked nicely paced on a stressful day. Also some cheesy but fun moments with the interviewer talking to her about Freddy and asking if he'll come back as well as having the actor staying alone with her child which seemed pretty amusing to watch as well. Also a great presence with Robert Englund dressed as Freddy coming onto the stage and entertaining the audience which also added nice timing for the moments to seem pretty funny and uplifting too.
A nice brief discussion between Heather and Robert while walking off set which seemed impressive to watch as two actors from the film opposite one another acting decent towards one another as this was another perfect moment to watch in the movie for the die hard fans too. These moments looked perfectly natural too.
A perfect intense moment when Heather rushes to her son while acting crazy from a nightmare which leaves a nice effective moment into the story.
Another real attention grabber was when the family man Chase is about to fall asleep on the wheel while driving which keeps you in suspense while watching along with a good shot on a razors glove about to tear out of his driving seat. Plus good shocking results after what happens here adding perfect formula to a slasher flick to any Krueger fans for sure. Also a nice shot on Freddy's razors forming up on Heather's bed and tearing near her which looked greatly done too.
A real effective moment is when the police come to her door and tell her the devastating news which was perfectly written in during their conversations imagining some terrible news that has happeneed to anyone in your personal life which was cleverly put into the story here.
A nice effective moment when she insists to see the marks on his body which looked cool that they were from Freddy's razors which can please you fans big time.
There's a perfect discussion with Heather and Dylan on his bed talking about heaven and why god let's bad things happen which looked impressive to watch and to make us think about life in general as this seemed realistic to watch. Also what was impressive was him telling his Mom on putting his cute stuffed dinosaur at the end of his bed under the covers to protect him from the evil man getting him along with her showing him the end of the covers there's nothing but the floor which was a nice reassurance with a Mother to her child. Perfectly put in for sure.
A perfect setting at a funeral as well as suspenseful moments on an earthquake happening and Heather trying to pull her son free from Freddy in the coffin as well as her dead husband being a zombie talking to her which psych's you out big time while spotting all of this and wondering as to why this is all happening here.
Great timing with Heahter talking to John Saxon in a park with her son climbing to the highest top of an object there which looked creepy to watch wondering as to what is going to happen next to him and making you cringe to anyone who's scared of heights.
A perfect moment with Robert talking to Heather on the phone about another Freddy haunting her as well as a perfect shot on him being disturbed by what he did a painting on which looked impressive too.
A perfect setting with Dylan sitting on a floor with some letters on different sheets of paper saying answer the phone which looked perfectly chilling as well as a real suspenseful moment on what happens when she does answer the phone as well as spotting Dylan having some sort of a seizure which fits into the storyline so far.
The most memorable moment is when Heather is about to reach into her closet and then a perfect camera shot on Freddy springing out as well as a good struggling situation between the two of them as this is a total classic moment here.
We spot a perfect moment when someone notices that one side of Heather's hair is grey like she's changing into Nancy as this adds a nice touch to what's going on here.
Also a terrifying moment is when we spot Dylan spitting out stuff and going crazy with Heather freaking out and then steps in an intimidating Dr. Christine Heffner telling everyone on what needs to be done which looked creepy as well as a good shot looking up on her and she has razor blade hands on. Right away you're thinking to yourself that Heather must be having another bad nightmare and will she wake up from this.
A great confrontation with Christine towards Nanacy about her talk on Freddy as she explains that every child knows who Freddy is which is a classic one liner here and perfectly written in.
There's also a good moment with Dylan's babysitter Julie getting tough with a nurse in the hospital along with her trying to keep Dylan awake from being drugged and preventing him to fall asleep which makes you watch carefully on if he will actually fall asleep or not. A nice special effects with Freddy rising up from behind Julie which looked spectacular to watch.
Alot of great suspenseful moments with Dylan sleepwalking in a freeway with vehicles charging near him along with a perfect special effects on stormy clouds and Freddy rising out of them and using his claw hand to pick him up and bobbing him near the vehicle's as well as perfect shots on Heather running into the freeway and trying to dodge the vehicles in order to try and save him. Alot of this looked perfectly terrorising to watch.
A perfect moment when suddenly John becomes his character in the first film talking to Heather like his daughter as well as her turning around by spotting her home now as the one in the film too and walking back to the house which looked perfectly effective. Also a perfect moment when she finds a trail of pills and swallows them leading to her son's bed underneath the sheets with great effects leading to a passageway as well as her sliding down and going into a temple of Freddy's domain which looked like a perfect setting.
A neat special effects moment when Freddy opens his mouth and tried to eat up Dylan as well as some perfect moments with Heather getting tough and punching Freddy a few times which looked fun and enjoyable to watch. Plus some great special effects when the place is about to explode and spotting Freddy changing into a some sort of demon.
Bottom line is the film is a bit silly yes but very clever and imaginative at the same time who should please the Freddy Krueger fans who wants to keep his legacy alive which shows alot of awesome moments and one of my favourites of the sort of sequel to the A Nightmare On Elm Street collection. Freddy here looks more deadly and creepier which is a nice change to everything as well.

The acting was very well done here and fun to watch the cast do what they had to do here. Heather Langenkamp (Herself/Nancy Thompson) was cool to watch seeing someonje who is portraying her own as an actress as well as showing alot of anxious moments while being terrorised by this Freddy force reacting natural to everything here. Also does a nice job getting into a conversation too which came off pretty natural and getting into this a great deal. She also does a nice job freaking out when the real terror starts to occur as well. Plus does a nice job with her motherly attitude and speaking nice and calmly too. In other spots does well by acting blunt and tough too with great energetic blocking as well. Yes she really had the knack for all of this.
Robert Englund
(Himself / Freddy Krueger) showed a nice versatality in this part of the film which he does well jumping into action on a talk show adding a humoress charm dressed as Freddy and being funny while doing this. Also does well acting calm and decent walking off set and having a normal conversation. Also does a nice mysterious job by acting sympathetic after a funeral scene which he really got into. Also does a nice job acting disturbed and choked up after what he realises that he painted too. His versatality does a great job when he portrays the demonic Freddy just coming across as perfectly menacing as he always did in the previous film and adding perfect dark humor too. Yes he's still the guy for the job.
Miko Hughes (Dylan Porter) brought his charm more so than he did in Pet Semetary but not as intimidating. He does a great job going in a trance as well as screaming out and going hysterical as he really knew what he was doing while doing all of this as if he was being possessed by Freddy himself. Whoever got him to do this did a great job as he took instructions well and is a natural talent with this. Plus does a great job with his mellow and imaginitive attitude too like any typical child. Also does a great job while acting menacing too in other spots. For a boy his age he for sure showed a perfect versatality.
John Saxon (Himself / Lt. Donald Thompson) really brought on a perfect seriousness to his part of the story as well as coming across as believeably sympathetic whenever he had to act like this for an upsetting situation. Also drew in well with his conversation and acting perfectly natural and having a perfect focus on all of this too. Also does well while showing some nice hyped energy when a suspenseful moment happens. Plus still knew his stuff while changing into his character from the first film which looked impressive too.
David Newsom (Chase Porter) seemed to add a nice charm in his role as the family man in the flick and shows some nice spunk too acting full of life within whatever he does here. Offers great energy and enthusiasm and showing some nice serious moments too. Also does well while acting drowsy while driving his vehicle in which he seemed to show natural reactions while trying to stay awake at the wheel.
Tracy Middendorf (Julie) shows a nice smart type of attitude as the babysitter in the film acting convincingly decent and caring on many situations and really rolling in well with her characteristics for whatever she does here. Also shows alot of nice efforts while talking to someone and getting into this showing some good energy as well as trying to concentrate while talking to someone to stay awake really showing this off perfectly. Plus she was great with her blocking when she had to act tough by punching someone too using some good might here.
Fran Bennett (Dr. Christine Heffner) stood out the most in her supporting role here in which she showed a perfect tall and intimidating like presence. Plus shows a nice creepy type of speaking in her tone of voice too which also looked good and strong especially whenever she had to get both firm or stern with her attitude towards someone else. Plus shows a nice moment in a nightmare sequence by acting wicked in her speaking on an emergency situation which looked perfectly shocking into what she did here. She studied this role inside out a great deal and will be well remembered for anyone who has seen this movie.

A person chops his hand off with a meatcleaver to put a razored glove on him.
Filmmakers throat and cut open by the razored glove.
Many razored cuts are revealed on corpses.
Other people are bloodily slaughtered by Freddy stabbing them.

Pretty amazing composing here as we have alot of chanting sounds in different tones during different situations. Also perfect chiming sounds too as well as hearing some strong violin orchestral composing along with the trombone playing along with some heavy drum rolls too all fitting in so splendidly. During the beginning of the movie we hear the old traditional theme composing from the original which works in well as usual along with some funky chanting during the closing credits which also seemed necessary too. All of this was nicely put together by J. Peter Robinson

[phone rings]

Heather Langenkamp: Hello?

Freddy Krueger: 1, 2... [Heather slams phone down, but answers ring again] Freddy Krueger: FREDDY'S COMIN' FOR YOU.

Heather Langenkamp: I'm hardly a star.

Limo Driver: What, are you kidding? I love your stuff. The first was the best. Where the girlfriend's cut open and dragged across the ceiling. It was awesome. And when all that blood comes ouf your boyfriend's bed? I thought I'd shit. But they never should've killed off Freddy.

Robert Englund: [while walking Heather out of an interview] I think they'd like to see us together again.

Heather Langenkamp: In what, a romantic comedy?

Robert Englund: Just because it's a love story doesn't mean it can't have a decapitation or two.

Robert Shaye: How would you like to join us in the definitive Nightmare?

Heather Langenkamp: I thought you killed Freddy off.

Robert Shaye: Well, we did, but the fans, you know, the fans, God bless them, they're clamoring for more. I guess evil never dies, right?

Heather Langenkamp: This is still a script, right, Wes?

Wes Craven: I think the only way to stop him is to make another movie. Now I swear to you I'll I'm gonna stay by this computer and keep writing until I finish the script, but... when the time comes, you're gonna have to make a choice.

Heather Langenkamp: Choice? What kind of choice?

Wes Craven: Whether or not you will be willing to play Nancy one last time.

Wes Craven: Are you ready to become Nancy once again?

Heather Langenkamp: That was Nancy, Wes. That's not me.

Wes Craven: Yeah, but it was you who gave Nancy her strength.

Freddy Krueger: Miss me?

Heather Langenkamp: Actually, it's been giving me Freddy nightmares.

Robert Englund: Wait a second. Now, let me get this straight. You're having nightmares about Freddy? As in me?

Heather Langenkamp: No. It isn't you. He's scarier. He's...

Robert Englund: Darker? More evil?

Dr. Christine Heffner: Get the full anesthetic, stat.

ICU Nurse: We don't have that here, doctor.

Dr. Christine Heffner: No anesthetic, you say? Screw it, then. I'm going in. Little booger's full of something I don't like. [wearing Freddy's claw] Dr. Christine Heffner: Let's get him open, good and proper. Cut this evil out of him.

Heather Langenkamp: Every kid knows who Freddy is. He's like Santa Claus... or King Kong or...

Junior Nurse with Needle: Ma'am this is a restricted area. Do you have a pass?

Heather Langenkamp: Screw your pass.

Heather Langenkamp: Dylan... until mommy gets back... whatever you do don't fall asleep.

Freddy Krueger: Hey, Dillon. Ever play skin the cat?

Heather Langenkamp: Krueger, you bastard! Take Me!

John Saxon: What the hell is going on, Nancy?

Heather Langenkamp: Why are you calling me Nancy, John?

John Saxon: Why are you calling me John? Nancy, pull yourself together before you make yourself and that kid nuts.

Heather Langenkamp: John! Would you call Robert?

John Saxon: Robert?

Heather Langenkamp: Robert Englund. You know, the guy who plays Freddy.

John Saxon: Freddy who?

Heather Langenkamp: Freddy Krueger?

John Saxon: Nancy, Freddy's dead. Don't start losing it like your mother did. I love you, sweetheart. Don't forget that.

Heather Langenkamp: I love you, too... Daddy.

Freddy Krueger: [Pushing Heather's face into a floor full of snakes] Pick a pet for the rug rat, bitch.

Heather Langenkamp: [jabs an eel into Freddy's eye] Fuck you! [Punches Freddy in the face]

Freddy Krueger: Meet your maker.

Freddy Krueger: Come here, my piggy. I've got some gingerbread for you.