The Whispering (1995)

Produced & Directed by: Gregory Gieras

Produced & Written by: Leslie Danon


Leif Garrett .... Peter Ransket
Leslie Danon .... Lisa Smyths
Tom Patton .... Dr. Jake Meyers
Brandon Meyer .... Kramer
Christopher Russell .... Pruitt
Carroll Oden .... Mike Greene
Jan Patric Schwreterman .... Sean
Mette Holt ... The Woman

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: July 3, 1995 (Germany); March 26, 1996 (USA); December, 1996 (Canada)



An insurance investigator named Peter Ransket (Leif Garrett) who is an athiest goes out to examine a suicidal case when a man blows his head off with a shotgun.

Then Peter and his partner Mike Greene (Carroll Oden) does some investigating as they go to a place where they sell Christmas Tree's and spot a criminal there. Then, the criminal shoots Mike.
While Mike is suffering on the ground from the bullet shot, Peter encounters a strange pale looking woman (Mette Holt) whispering in Mike's ear which almost causes his death. The woman then disappears as Peter knows who this woman could possibly be no other than the grim reaper.

Peter is suddenly tormented in a nightmare of his sister who committed suicide and this woman reaper was suddenly involved in his dream as he thinks that she is connected to his sisters death.
He goes to an aid of a college instructor named Dr. Jake Myers (Tom Patton) as he deals about life and death as he hypnotises Peter to fall in a deep sleep and to find out what caused his sisters suicide.
He suddenly gets posessed by the man who shot himself in the head but Myers stops the hypnotism before things get out of hand.

Later on, Peter encounters more suicidal events which is caused by this woman that only he can see and so him and his girlfriend Lisa (Leslie Danon) who almost killed herself drunk driving cause by the woman goes to Myers' house with the aid of him to put a stop to this evil by playing at her own game.


There's great camera shots in the beginning of the film with a junkie hiding underneath a caboose in a railway yard with nice camera shots looking up on him as well as a nice dark shot on the reaper known as the Woman standing near a cliffway. Plus there's good close up shots on him injecting a needle.
A nice computerised opening showing the movie title as you can tell while watching this that this was one of those direct-to-video release but it looked rather amusing if you've seen those types of openings before like in Werewolf for example.

An impressive moment with university students surrounding outside and discussing a tory topic along with a nice moment on one of the character's Lisa Smyth getting into her tale which looked well done and perfect for a horror flick such as this one.
Nice close up shots on the lead character Peter Ransket with a woman acting lusftful in bed together.
Many good scene's between Peter and Pruitt at a work office with Russell really taunting him which looked very good on two people working together and not getting along. These moments were supposed to look humoress but yet this looked quite dry and lacking.
We spot some good uplifting discussions between Peter and his sidekick Mike Greene in which this was well shot and their discussions looked believeable and really into what is happening thier with the wit and other situations involved. Definetely well written and not one of those typical lame low budgeters when we spot this making up for the cheesiness that was mentioned here beforehand. Also it looked effective when they were about to go in and spot a deadly incident that happened in a home which was also well done too.
Nice moment with the character Dr. Jake Meyers instructing his class and Peter with the students arguing on beliefs only to show the two of them joking around as this seemed to work in well revealing the two of them as old friends since all of this seemed to look good and natural.
We spot many great situations between Peter talking towards Lisa in which she acts flirtatious as this seemed to be a nice drawing card to the story and what will unravel between the two of them. Many of the scene's between these two character's look well focused and strongly done.
Also we spot nice close up shots on Lisa upset and lighting a cigarette with an angle shot of a mirror reflection on the Woman sitting on her bed along with Lisa turning to see who was there and then sees nothing as this for sure looked perfectly spooky.
Many great camera shots and discussions between Peter and Mike looking around a yard at Xmas tree's to find some clues which added some nice taste and good wit with what they were talking about making the scene look fairly entertaining too.
There's a nice shot on Mike lying on the ground after being shot with the Woman leaning over to him and whispering in his ear which looked quite chilling as well as Peter panicking and telling him not to listen in which certainly gave this scene a perfect feel to it wondering if he will survive. For sure it makes you keep watching this moment as to what will happen next that it was strongly drawn in.
There's a good scene between Peter and Lisa talking to one another softly about to kiss and nearly losing the feeling and then getting into it which keeps you peeled to the set wondering if they will get it on. There's a great sex scene between the two of them with many good camera takes. Also during this moment many perfect camera takes on Peter's soon ex-wife standing next to a cliff by the oceanside looking depressed in which this gives you a good feeling that a suicidal moment will occur here. This moment looked pretty clever to make you think this big time.
We spot some neat twisted dream sequences either involving Peter or Lisa in which there's moments on their darkest secrets and hidden guilt which was brought out nicely here along with a moment involving a running child and a demon appearing out of nowhere which is a good jumping moment.
Plus there's more good settings with the family grieving on the hillside as well as a good shot on the Woman whispering in someone's ear with Peter trying to tell her not to listen in which this moment looked incredibly effective to watch.
A nice focus on Lisa seeming depressed and drinking with the Woman whispering to her as well as a good close up shot on her holding her glass and breaking it with her hands as this makes you jump a bit breaking the stillness and silence that was happening in this scene.
The excitement begins greatly when we spot a house exposing strange power energy as well as Jake going to the cellar to see what's up. There's a near jumping moment when we first spot a hallucination on a cobra attacking but you can tell that this is fake rubber. Due to the low budget of this film there's not good enough effects for a moment like this one. Also perfect situations when Peter, Jake and Lisa struggles against the force in the home along with a nice camera shot on the Woman spying on them and Peter telling them what to do in order to be safe from her which was cleverly written in. These scene's seem similar to something out of an Amityville sequel like It's About Time.
There's even a perfect happy ending in this film which you don't often see in a horror flick since many try to open a door for a sequel. Yes this was even done in good taste and a heartwarming moment too involving Peter and Lisa.
Bottom line is that I found this made for video flick highly entertaining and it was Z-grade but not as bad as most of those types in which the filmmaking looked very descent with a good mysterious plotline having a female reaper. You just wonder what will happen next.
I loved every bit of the work in this film showing great shots of the deadly events involving around the reaper and he leaves an impression by far as she just looks somewhat normal but very pale yet she is deadly. Some of the scene's are a bit cheesy but still nicely done at the same time due to the low budget of this film of course.
There are some nice touches throughout this film involving the female reaper and the deaths committed too. There's many good silent and still moments with the haunting of the reaper which makes you peeled to the set wondering if the vicitms that she whispers to will actually kill themselves or die from an attempted homicide.
The film is a bit slow at first and almost bland at times but it really picks up when you least expect it to. This was close to be a one of a kind type of grim reaping tale too as well as a nice ending to it.
There is a great message to of not giving in to your weaknesses. I advise any fan of spiritual horror films to check this movie out.

The acting is fairly good as Leif Garrett (Peter Ransket) does a marvellous performance which is better than what I could say during his teen idol years. He brings his character as a detective come to life playing an everyday average joe and is very energetic too. Does well getting into a fun type of situation acting sarcastic with his other actor as one of those detectives trying to search for clues as he focused nicely on this. Also does a nice job when acting anxious and panicky like when suggestive terrors are about to happen drawing out every energy that he can possibly do here. He also shows some nice mild aggressions during some argumentive scene's which seems realistic as well. However he seemed a bit cheesy when he acted in a trace while being hypnotised as that needed some improvement. However he does well acting romantic as well as fun loving in other areas of the film. Way to go Leif!!!! You prove more worthy than just a pretty face in the 70's.
Leslie Dannon
(Lisa Smyths) seemed to do well acting by acting flirtatious and caring as well as speaking softly really leaving a nice impression to her part. She had the nice healthy girl looks plus showed some good energy throughout certain scene's impressively and can be well remembered for what she did. Does well with her humoress type of personality just speaking her mind as well as showing a nice versatile attitude by acting depressed which shows off nicely too. Plus does a good job by acting drunk and giggly too as this came to life in a decent fashion.
We have another nice performance by Tom Patton
(Dr. Jake Meyers) as a university instructor and plays well showing a nice anxious attitude in a house looking for the reaper as well as a calmness with his other moments throughout the scene's of the film. Plus shows a nice uplifting attitude while teaching his class along with showing some good decent charm into his personality making him a very likeable character. His looks were another plus to the part as he was well cast here.
We have a dweeby performance by a supporting actor named
Brandon Meyer (Kramer) whom you'd love to hate having as an employee in the detective's office and does his character and expressions well too. He shows a good high pitched type of voice and certainly does well with his blocking especially while getting in your face.
Another good supporting role is Carroll Oden (Mike Greene) as a rough n tough detective showing a good charming and witty attitude. He focuses perfectly on everything that he does and has the perfect looks for all of this. He really makes you want to like him the best here. A worthy character actor he was even if his role wasn't too big. He presented himself the best.
Of course we can't forget about the female reaper played by Mette Holt (The Woman) who stands out superbly with her stature and coldness. Does well with her whispering voice as she comes acorss as perfectly mysterious here. Shows a great structure to her performance too. I give her a two thumbs up for sure.

Leif Garrett's first scene with a woman he has a sex scene with as he takes off her lingerae and her breasts are revealed.

Marco Beltrami composes some wonderful smooth jazz tunes for this film as it really gives the film a very nice touch with the horn playing and saxophone music too during the romantic scenes and has the creepy piano and synthesizer playing for the creepy parts. Plus good low sounds and high icy sounds as at times sounds good and strong and other times sounding a bit Z-grade like.
Of course he composed numerous successful other horror films too like Mimic, Scream 2 & 3, Dracula 2000 and the remake of The Omen.

Lisa: Do you want to fuck?
Peter: Excuse me???
I said, do you want a cup of coffee?