Wes Craven's Wishmaster (1997)


Directed by:

Written by: Peter Atkins


Tammy Lauren .... Alexandra Amberson
Andrew Divoff .... The Djinn / Nathaniel Demerest
Robert Englund .... Raymond Beaumont
Chris Lemmon .... Nick Merritt
Wendy Benson-Landes .... Shannon Amberson
Tony Crane .... Josh Aickman
Jenny O'Hara .... Wendy Derleth

Special Appearances:

Kane Hodder .... Merritt's Guard
Tony Todd .... Johnny Valentine
Ricco Ross .... Lt. Nathanson
John Byner .... Doug Clegg
George 'Buck' Flower .... Homeless Man
Gretchen Palmer .... Ariella
Ted Raimi .... Ed Finney
Angus Scrimm .... Narrator (Voice)
Reggie Bannister .... Pharmacist
Joseph Pilato .... Mickey Torelli
Brian Klugman .... Medical Student

Release Dates: Theatrical: September 19, 1997;
Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1998

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A demonic Djinn (Andrew Divoff) is resurrected after a terrible and deadly accident in a workplace hidden in a jewel that was around centuries ago and has found his owner whom happens to be at the area named Alexandra Amberson (Tammy Lauren) which causes her to find a way to put an end to his deadly deeds to summon his brethren to earth.


A nice intense prologue taking place centuries beforehand when we expose people with crazy gruesome things happening to them as well as someone commanding the wishmaster the Djinn to stop these in which the moments looked good and dark with the conversations happening here as well as things looking good and intense.
A nice moment with a crane lifting an object in the air at a harbour as well as some aggressive commanding by the character Raymond Beaumont as the scene looked powerfully done here along with another businessman Ed Finney getting demanding on things. We spot some good disturbing moments with the crane operator drinking on the job and his beer spilling on the objects causing some sparks which makes you cringe that something bad is gonna happen along with a good shot on the object falling and heading down on Ed which doesn't look pretty at all. This moment for sure looked incredibly suspenseful. Also good special effects with a jewel inside and showing animated racing bringing the form Djinn back to life indie this piece as this also looked entertaining to watch.
Also some good moments between Alexandra Amberson and Nick Merritt while doing rearch on this jewel which there's some creepy and silent situations while doing so as well as Alexandra by herself in the room carefully looking at it and Raymond sneaking up and catching her by surprise on what she's discovering as this for sure can make you jump a bit.
There's some great effects when Djinn comes to life as well as spotting Nick injured by the effects happening which looked pretty suspenseful as well as good close up cmaera shots on Djinn looking evilly and speaking coldly towards him adding a perfect darkness to this scene as well as making everything look effective for a horror story such as this one.
We also see some light black humor in the story like spotting a homeless man hanging around outside of a drugstore panhandling and the pharmacist giving him a rough time which really grabs your attention a great deal showing some nice timing here. Also a nice moment with Djinn talking to this homeless man in an alleyway on his wish. Plus some perfect intensity on this pharmacist and how he dies in front of some scared customers by what they spot which looked effective seeing their reactions to all of this and good close up camera shots too.
We also have some good shots zooming away from Alexandra after waking up form a nightmare with echoey voices from Djinn whispering to her leaving this moment prefectly haunting and effective too.
Nice calm discussions between Alexandra and Raymond walking together talking about the situations that are happening which looked believeably pleasant and showed some nice chemistry between the two of them.
A perfect situation with Djinn disguising himself as a normal person named Nathaniel Demerest towards a guard demanding him to let him go through as the guard getting sarcastic along with perfect special effects on him using magic making him turn to glass and breaking when he walks through him as this psych's you out and looked perfectly well done too for the CGI effects used in this scene. Some dark humor was added in this which also worked in well and can offer some chuckles.
We spot a good moment with Alexandra talking to a character named Darleth with her acting strange and having some suggested lesbian moments too which the camera and scenery looked perfectly well focused on the two of them giving you a feeling that this lady isn't who you think she is.
We also spot Nathaniel being entering a party and close up shots on people making light sarcastic wishes which also gives you the chills as to what's going to happen offering more shocking horror violence and deaths being involved which looked intense and adding strong suspenseful moments with the surviving partygoers. This looked highly energised while we spot all of this happening. Also a good shocking moment when we spot Raymond spitting out some sort of a creature from his mouth which makes you wonder what is going on here.
Perfect effects with Alexandra entering the Wishmaster's domain with great lighting moments as well as people torutured which totally looked like a cross between A Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser. Also some pwerful and creepy moments with this monster trying to stalk and attack her too. Also good peer pressuring moments with Alexandra deciding on what to wish for the prevent her or anyone else to be killed as this looked psychological.
Bottom line is that this film worked in cleverly well and making us all think on to be careful on what to wish for even if we feel angry and not meaning on what we say cause it can really happen. A horror film that for sure stands on it's own adding alot of dark dramatic horror as well as adding some humor to make up for the tragic moments. It's also a movie you can learn to love or hate but I enjoyed it while watching it the second time. The first time I wasn't wild over it but everything was well paced and everything looked strong too with budgeting, effects, storyline and performances too.

The acting was at a fair pace here in which lead actress Tammy Lauren (Alexandra Amberson) seemed to draw her part in pretty well and coming off powerfully while being on camera showing a perfect focus in whatever she did in the scene's like with her experiments concentrating strongly or coaching her gym students coming across very real here and showing good team spirit. She also does well acting shocked or scared. Plus shows off a great aggression when needed to acting perfectly tough by being this way. Also has a nice sharp attitude with her words which she says them perfectly clear here. es she shows off some nice characteristics.
Andrew Divoff (The Djinn / Nathaniel Demerest
) was the best out of the cast showing a perfect evillness and a perfect demonic attitude with his speaking adding a good low voice through his speaking. Also adds a nice versatility with when he changes into human form offering a good slick and wicked charm to his role and changing his voice even if his first voice had a bit of a sound effect. Yet he still shows it off making out that he's another person. Shows some nice serious expressions as well as showing off an aggressive demanding attitude too as he comes across believeable by this too.
Robert Englund (Raymond Beaumont) showed a really different character in this one as one of the kind hearted type of businessman. He brought a great seriousness while instruction someone at a workplace as well as showing the odd good aggressions which he was well energised while doing this. Plus he does a believeable job having a good mellow and sympathetic attitude too. Reacts well by acting choked up or in pain. He proved that he wore many hats by portraying other types in the horror industry.
Chris Lemmon (Nick Merritt
) showed off alot of great spunk into his part of the film adding a nice bubbly type of behavior and coming across as a happy go lucky type. He was a nice ball of energy here. Plus he also knew on how to react in intense pain during the near end of his performance just driving it at full speed along with showing a good frightened and intense attitude too.
Jenny O'Hara (Wendy Derleth) showed off a nice effective supproting role in which she seemed to be good and witty especially with her sarcastic behavior. Also does a good job with her focusing on what she says and acting perfectly strange later on since she studied this moment perfectly well. She added a nice key role to the story here and deserves good credit for all of this.

There's many cameo's by actors in the b-film industry which is a nice treat to see them in a big budgeter like this one and showed off their true talent's here so let's take a look on who's noteworthy.

Kane Hodder (Merritt's Guard) is not wearing a hockey mask in this and we see on what he really looks like. He does well having a tough attitude as well as adding a believeable sarcasm. Had the right buirly looks for this part as well which adds more to his role. Also does well with his shocked expressions. He for sure proves that he can add some character to an acting gig than just doing stunt work.
Tony Todd (Johnny Valentine) often played intimidating roles in other horror film's with his deep voice but this time seemed to come off by portraying a humoress type and seemed harmless with on how he spoke which he proves worthy on doing other parts too. Also does well by his bluntness as well as acting tough whenever he had to do this as well.
George 'Buck' Flower (Homeless Man) is a nautral ham in this part as he normally is in any film that I've seen him in often playing these types and does them well. He was great by acting persistent as well as showing off some good aggressions and having his gruff speaking which really made his part worthy for the film. He was the most effective cameo out of the whole cast here.
Ted Raimi (Ed Finney) really sprung to life a great deal with acting obnoxious and shows off some good adrenaline with his demanding behavior as he had a good drive for all of this while we watch him briefly in the flick.
Reggie Bannister (Pharmacist) seemed to know his stuff with this part as well as doing a believeable job by telling someone off coming across as realistic while doing this showing off some good energy. He also does well while reacting to his death scene going at a strong force while suffocating and having this well pat down. Plus had the right looks for this part which was another good plus to his role.

Objects pop out of people's chest.
A crate falls on someone with grizzly results.
A slimy creature is starting to form.
Someone is scarred from an explosion.
Many faces are torn off or flesh off of people's bodies as well.
Eye's are plucked out.
Wires from a piano is slicing through someone's skin as well as his head cut off.
Some slayings from living statues with their swords.
Djinn blows his brains out.

We have some good smooth sounds and effective harmony for the opening credits. Also we do hear alot of good intense violin music as well as perfect jumping type music too for the creepy moments which sounded strongly done. Also some good intense trombone playing and cold sounding synthesizer music along with great drum poundings too. This was composed by Harry Manfredini and used alot of this score like he did in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and works just as well in this film.

There's a cool songtrack by Motorhead with the track "Listen to the Heart" during the ending credits which suits it well hearing the perfect grungy vocalising as well there's fast accoustic guitar playing as this sounds different for the band. I prefer it to soun alot heavier but still the song can be well remembered for anyone who finished watching the film.

Homeless Man: You left customers in there. That's not a very good way to run a business.
Pharmacist: Don't you tell me how to run my business, you're a fucking bum!
Homeless Man: Well, you don't tell me how to run my life! You're a fucking prick! I'll talk to whoever I want to! You don't own this fucking sidewalk!
Pharmacist: You wanna know something? I do own this fuckin' sidewalk. You wanna know why? Cause I pay fuckin' taxes!
Homeless Man: Fuck you!
Pharmacist: No, fuck you!
Homeless Man: I hope you die, you sack of shit. I hope you die, and I hope you float down the gutter, so I can fuckin' piss on you! [the Pharmacist loses interest and leaves]
Homeless Man: You big, bald-headed baboon! Miscomplected afterbirth of a Chinese gang-banger! Educated idiot!

Alexandra Amberson: What happens if I wished you dead?
The Djinn: Why, how remarkably original of you, Alexandra. I'll tell you what. I'll give you one free wish. A sample. Just to get you in the spirit of the game.
Alexandra Amberson: All right. I want you to destroy yourself. Blow your brains out. Right now
The Djinn: Very well. [He picks up a gun, presses it under his chin, and pulls the trigger, blowing off the top of his head]
The Djinn: [wound heals instantly, surprising Alexandra] That which is eternal cannot die. But if it's any consolation sweet Alex, THAT HURT LIKE HELL!