Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)


Written & Directed by: Jack Sholder


Andrew Divoff .... The Djinn / Nathaniel Demerest
Paul Johansson .... Gregory
Holly Fields .... Morgana
Bokeem Woodbine .... Farralon
Oleg Vidov .... Osip
Carlos Leon .... Webber
Robert LaSardo .... Gries
Tom Lister, Jr. .... Tillaver
.... Butz

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: March 12, 1999

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Two thieves named Morgana (Holly Fields) and her boyfriend Eric (Chris Weber) break into a museum by stealing a statue in which the jewel where the Djinn (Andrew Divoff) resides awakens and takes the soul of Eric before he dies of the bullet wounds while Morgana managed to escape and is sent to prison in which he uses his wishing spells there causing problems there so that he can offer twisted wishes to prisoners in return for their souls.
Morgana is the target as she gets her priest friend Gregory (Paul Johansson) to help her try to wish this demon back to his firey hell but she is in danger on what she wishes for as she can be responsible for this monster to take over the Earth by killing all humanity.


There's a cheesy beginning with two criminals named Morgana and Eric trying to go into a gallery as well as a shooting war between them and the police as some of this looked in an okay fashion but not as intense like it was supposed to have been. However there's a nice dramatic moment with Morgana getting emotional towards Eric when he is slowly dying which worked in well for the story here.
We also spot a cheesy moment with our demon disguised human Nathaniel glaring in a prison along with a cellmate getting aggressive with him as there's good shots on this situation along with his temptation on him granting a wish as well as this prisoner wishing he can walk through those bars in which we spot a shocking moment with his body being crushed through those bars which doesn't look pleasant and unbelieveable too making you think to be careful on what you wish for. This moment looked well done for a horror flick.
A nice discussion between Morgana and Gregory in his cathedral which looked strongly done and well focused too as well as good close up shots on the two of them.
We spot a moment with a prisoner talking to his attorney and then we spot the attorney suddenly acting in pain with his body twisting which seemed to look pretty cheesy to watch and not intense enough while within these situations as I was thinking that these moments were nowhere near as effective like in the first flick and had a feeling that I was in toruble while watching the movie so far. It gets a bit better while we move along here.
We spot a cheesy but entertaining moment with a goon threatening Nathaniel as he says he wishes to get wasted which means getting high with drugs as you get a cringing feeling that he will get wasted but not in the way that he wanted as we spot some good fast slapstick moments with his sidekicks losing control and doing karate attacks on him as this definetely looked fun to watch.
There;s a perfect and strong setting with Morgana visiting the prison and her talking to Nathaniel on the other end as the scene was really drawn in looking good and wicked with what we spot here and good focuses on the two of them. Plus we spot a special effects moment on him revealing his Djinn character as this was supposed to make you jump but fails in order to do so here.
A nice moment with both Morgana and Gregory having a good personal discussion as you know they're going to have a romance with one another which looked well set here.
There's a perfect strong moment with a prison guard named Tillaver grabbing Nathaniel and getting forceful with him as well as neat effects on them entering Nathaniel's domain and revealing his Djinn identity as this can please the fans of this type of flick for sure.
The story starts to slide once again when a prisoner named Osip sells his soul to Nathaniel to get out and we spot him dancing on top of a counter at a lounge and acting drunk and crazy as this looked insanely silly and corny too. Then there's a bland discussion with a mafia having a dispute with him yet things start to get a bit powerful later on when the head guy makes a wish on a subject.
There's a good close up shot on Morgana getting a kitchen knife and about to cut off her baby finger which carefully draws your attention as to why she is about to do that leaving a nice painful feel to this persuation.
One of the best situations is when we spot Djinn about to unleash his powers and taking everyone's souls that people sold to him which draws attention greatly and decent special effects that we spot here almost similar to A Nightmare on Elm Street sequel when Freddy's souls from his chest leashes out as there's almost a tribute to this.
The best scene is when Morgana tries to find a way to outsmart Djinn and then her and Gregory are taken to his domain with nice misty effects as well as Gregory displayed like Jesus on a crucifix with her acting emotional and being forced to do something. This looked powerfully done here.
Plus a good intense moment when people are being attacked by objects in a casino as well as spotting some shocking horror violence as this will please the gorehounds for sure as this was well focused on what was happening here. This seemed very similar to a moment in The Rage: Carrie 2 and this film was out during the same time period too.
Bottom line is that the story gets boring and exciting in different moments here and there but nowhere as well done like the original and made on a lower budget too. It may or may not disappoint the fans of the original. Kind of a chance you're taking on this one.

The acting is in an okay shape here as Andrew Divoff (The Djinn / Nathaniel Demerest) seemed to still pull off his role here but at times seemed a bit stiff with his presence here. Yet I think it was the intention as well as having a perfect demonic expressionless grin on his face when speaking. Does well when he reveals his demonic presence while showing a good forceful attitude while controlling the souls as this shows off some nice characteristics here.
Paul Johansson (Gregory) seemed to pull off his role as a priest in a good fashion by acting believeably open minded on things and situations as well as having a good seriousness to what he's doing along with coming across as believeably soft spoken too. He also does well with his nervousness in certain spots as well as showing some good energy when he tries to use a crucufix to try and protect himself. Plus does a nice job acting intense while being in pain too.
Holly Fields (Morgana) was not too shabby in her role in which she seems to do fairly okay with her emotional sobbing behavior as at time it works in well but at times seems just plain average. Shows a good hyperactive behavior in other spots but at times she seemed to be a bit annoying or a little wooden here and there too. Does well with her upsetting obscenities as she really shows off a good powerful tough as nails attitude while doing this. So she shows off some good spunk and enthusiasm in most of the spots in the film as she just needed a bit of a push here.
Oleg Vidov (Osip) really drew your attention a great deal here and was probably the best out of the whole cast here playing a pussy type in a prison in which he acted like a natural ham by portraying this a great deal. He does well acting silly and outrageous especially during a scene where he acts drunk in a lounge. Also shows a nice fearsome and pleading behavior too. Also does well with his persitence acting like a total ball of energy whenever he does this as well. Plus shows a nice mysterious type of seriouness later on showing a good versatality within this. Yes he was a worthy character actor.
Tom Lister, Jr. (Tillaver) lived to portray a prison guard as he shows a perfect brawling type of presence with his looks as well having a perfect in your face attitude coming across as perfectly irritating by doing all of this. He was great with his forceful blocking really rolling with the punches here. Plus had a great powerful speaking in his voice too which was another perfect plus to all of this. He had one of the most effective supporting roles here.
(Butz) seemed to come off strong with his thuggish attitude as well as showing a good powerful force by having his demanding attitude. Defientely was convincing by acting like a bully in a prison as well he looked perfectly brawny too which also added well to what he portrayed. Sometimes though he was a bit stiff with his speaking but nothing too major here.

A bloody body with skin torn off is revealed.
Someone's body is slaughtered while being crushed through bars of a jail cell.
Numerous people are stabbed by objects at a casino in the face and other parts of the body.
A person's insides pop out.
Lot's of bloodied bodies.

The music seemed to work in strongly like in the original but yet the music was very different this time as we have alot of good orchestral music with the trombone and violin playing as well as some piano playing and of course heavy strong beats and the odd chanting too. This all sounded good and smooth while watching the film and was put together by David C. Williams.

Gregory: You won't succeed.
Djinn: Who's going to stop me?
Gregory: God will stop you.
Djinn: God has nothing to do with this.
Gregory: God has everything to do with this. Be gone, Satan!
Djinn: I think you have your demons mixed up, Father.

Tillover: How does a week in the hole sound?
Djinn: A week, is that the best you got? I was once in a hole for 3000 years, this should be a breeze.

Gries: What do you want?
Djinn: Your soul.
Djinn: And a pack of cigarettes.

Djinn: Evil never dies.