Witchouse II: Blood Coven (2000)


Directed & Edited by: J.R. Bookwalter

Written by:
Douglas Snauffer


Ariauna Albright .... Lilith
Elizabeth Hobgood .... Stephanie Zinone
Nicholas Lanier .... Norman Soderquist
Kaycee Shank .... Angela
Adriana Butoi .... Jodi
Andrew Prine .... Sheriff Jake Harmon/Angus Westmore

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: September 26, 2000

*Images courtesy at: http://www.sueursfroides.fr





The witchouse in Convington County is being plowed over to make way for a shopping mall. However, a young couple decide to video tape the going ons and interviews people about what happened there almost 3 centuries ago when Lilith (Ariauna Albright) was burned at the stake with the other witches finding out any information as possible. Also, a professor and her students are called into the witchouse from a nearby university tries to identify bodies that were dug up from the grave. Suddenly Lilith awakens and tries to resurrect her peiople to wreack havoc once again.


The beginning looked fairly impressive with someone filming a girl acting lustful and taking it off in the wooded area which grabs your attention a great deal when you start to watch all of this even if the settings and interactions as well as her running and freaking out as this all looked a bit cheesy and unnatural as well as the slaughterings that are about to occur which also worked in well.
We have some good shots on Lilith instructing her students to dig up a grave as there's neat cheesy shots on a skeltal corpse while we continue to spot all of this as well as nice footage shots on someone videotaping all of this which also looked pretty impressive here.
There;s a cheesy camera shot looking up on Sheriff Jake Harmon talking to everyone on what they're doing as this moment looked a bit too hokey and corny to watch as well.
We spot other situations like some of these students sleeping there with someone snoring which sounded unnatural and too hokey as well as the other person next to him complaining about it all as all of this seemed too set out like they didin't prepare to act natural within all that is happening here.
Some great camera shots on everyone at the laboratory doing experiments on the skulls which seemed to draw in nicely and very well foucsed on what's going on here. A scene that was nicely written in.
We spot some nice interactions between the character's Stephanie Zinone and Norman Soderquist as this time worked in naturally with their humoress situations as well as being happy with one another since it's nice to have a moment like this in a horror flick.
There's a corny moment with an employee at a funeral parlour being interviewed but there's good shots on the corpse that he's putting make up on as well as a good still and errie moment when he goes to check out what he hears in another room with a nice dark shot on a figure ready to swing his blade towards his neck which showed nice timing here.
We spot a situation with Lilith looking into a bathroom cabinet and then see a change in her which leaves amessage that she has become the demonic witch. Seemed rather cheesy but still in good taste too. Also good intense moments when she gets wicked with everyone in the laboratory room as well as nasty to a professor as well. This moment for sure draws your attention.
We spot a nice lustful situation with Lilith towards the professor while he's sleeping as the moment here looked good and solid with neat special effects on her tongue coming out to try and lick him plus neater moments when we spot her having a demonic presence as well as spotting him reincarnated into one of the damned with his eyes glowing which is one of the best scene's used in the film and well done too.
We have a good moment with one of the students named Jodi walking through some corridors in a basement showing creepy moments as the setting looked perfect for all of this as well as good horror moments about to occur here.
There's many boring moments with locals being interviewed by a camcorder about the legend of a witch as this didn't look natural at all by what they were talking about and very uninspired while watching alot of this as they seemed way too hokey by what they were all doing which is a ripoff to a found footage horror film a year before this one came out that we all know about and too familiar with.
There's a clever moment when both Stephanie and Norman use their camcorder to videotape inside the academy with Angela and spotting some mysterious moments going on walking up staircases and dark still moments which makes you cringe and showing a perfect transfer to a normal camera shooting in the storyline to what they're videotaping and expecting to spot something horrifying by what they may encounter on their search here.
There's many great powerful battling with the characters like Stephanie, Norman and Angus Westmore up against Lilith and her people whom are now a part of the damned as this was solidly paced by what we see here and alot of good action battling. Also good shots on a struggle between Lilith and Angus which also showed great horror timing on the two of them. Plus a real effective situation when a sacrifice happens with the boyfriend watching in pain within this as this looked really effective to watch as well.
Bottom line is that like the first one is a Night of the Demons ripoff, this sequel is a ripoff to the Blair Witch Project but I always found stuff like that mysterious and interesting. I found that there was better effects in this one. It does get interesting but lacks in other spots. Still I found this to be quite a good film regardless.

The acting seems not too shabby as Ariauna Albright (Lilith) does well in which she shows a nice calmness to her speaking as well as coming across as fairly pleasant too while instructing her students which showed off nicely here. She also shows some good expressions when she changes to evil as well as doing a perfect job with her wicked and demandingness towards other adding a nice powerful touch to her speaking. Showed a perfect versatality within all of this. Also does a nice job with her wicked charm while nearly acting lustful along with showing alot of great blocking while acting forceful to what she does here. She was perfect lunging out violently and becoming a convincing horror character within all that she does here and more so than in the original.
Elizabeth Hobgood (Stephanie Zinone) really added some nice pizzaz into her role by acting perfectly sharp within her speaking as well as showing a good uplifting type of attitude and being serious about her work which all shows off quite powerfully into her role as I found that she was naother perfect one who stood out in the film. Also does a nice job whenever she had to show off an anxious attitude or getting into whatever else she does in the story. She was a true character actress indeed.
Nicholas Lanier (Norman Soderquist) does well with his clean cut good looks as a hearthrob next door type along with offering a perfect charming appeal to his role and really came across sharp with his flirtatious and humoress type of behavior too. He also drew in well whenever he had to act serious when the terror starts to strike here. Shows off a perfect powerful and emotional attitude when he spots a sacrifice as well as showing some great energetic blocking like swinging a punch or situations like that in the story. He was a ball of energy here.
Kaycee Shank (Angela) showed off a nice outgoing type of attitude and acting perfectly high strung with what she does especially when she tries to figure out a mysterious situation in the academy as well as showing a perfect frightening type of behavior within what is going on taking it at a high pace big time. Yes she seemed to have fun playing around her character here.
Andrew Prine (Sheriff Jake Harmon/Angus Westmore) was a bit hokey in the beginning of what he disguised himself as a man of the law which he was trying to act humoress but yet this fell flat big time showing that he has little timing by being comedic but yet revealing his true identity he for sure drew in a perfect seriousness especially when he gets stern while discussing a horrific history on a witch as well as getting into everything a great deal while getting ready for battle as well as having a pwerful motive while doing all of this too. He draws in aterrific motions and energy within this too adding a perfect mysterious presence by what he does here.

A student gets slaghtered very fast in the beginning of the film while trying to do a documentary.

The music is composed by again by Jared DePasquale so we expect pretty much the same with his music composing. There's some good piano music as well as some clarinet playing with some nice violin music too and airy synthesizer sounds along with the odd chanting music too which also works in well for the real effective moments. Plus we hear the odd screeching and hissing sounds and drumbeats too that sounds pretty cool too.

We have songtracks by a hardcore group called SFB which is used mainly in the battle between the students and Litlith as well as during the closing credits. This group is actually pretty good.

Stephanie Zinone: Talk about goth.

Norman Soderquist: I just like to play with dead things.

Sheriff Jake Harmon: Sometimes the innocent must suffer for the good of all.

Lilith: Before this night is over, you will be begging me to end your pitiful little existence.