Witchouse 3: Demon Fire (2001)


Produced, Directed & Edited by: J.R. Bookwalter

Written by: J.R. Bookwalter & Matthew Jason Walsh


Debbie Rochon .... Stevie
Tanya Dempsey .... Annie
Tina Krause .... Rose
Paul Darrigo .... Burke
Brinke Stevens .... Lilith

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: October 16, 2001





A troubled young lady named named Annie (Tanya Dempsey) leaves her abusive boyfriend Burke (Paul Darrigo) and stays with her friends Stevie (Debbie Rochon) and Rose (Tina Krause) while they are making a documentary on witchcraft. They film their events and one time they summon up Lilith (Brinke Stevens) which is a bad mistake although they do it for fun. Lilith terorises Rose by haunting her with threats but Stevie doesn't believe her at first but then Lilith harrasses Stevie as well. Burke tries to warn Stevie about Annie telling her that she is not well as Annie and Lilith seems to have an understanding with one another.


We do have a beginning here with a dysfunctional moment between both Annie and her boyfriend Burke with him hitting her but the situations and these moments looked a bit cheesy and not realistic enough to make these moments look truly disturbing.
Yet there's some convincing discussions with both Stevie and Rose talking to Annie about her boyfriend brutalising her and to encourage her to take legal action in which this was well put in and enjoyable to watch all their interactions while they are doing this too.
Also nice camera shots and interactions with them in a hot tub as this looked enjoyable to watch and wanting to join in the fun too.
Plus we have more great shots on the three of them doing a ceremony trying to summon up Lilith and using a pantagram with candles showing a good Z-grade horror feel towards all of this as well as spotting strobe lights and quick shots on all of them doing this plus spotting an image of Lilith as all of this would psych you out while watching all of this. For a low budget made for video quality it seemed to work in quite well.
We spot a strong argumentive moment between Stevie and Rose as it almost makes you wonder if they will get into a catfight over what they spot on the video of their ceremony that they have just done which also was nicely put in.
There's some cheesy moments when Stevie spots words scrawled on the wall as well as spotting Lilith hauntingly crossing her and spying on her as this looked a little too low budget to add the spookiness to the scene.
A perfect dark moment with Lilith stalking around Rose's bedroom watching her sleep as well as her being taunted and a good cakly laughter happening with some mist shots on this as the makers really worked hard to make this moment look truly haunting.
Yet there's a moment when Rose is browsing on the internet and it shuts off with a reflection on Lilith giving her a cold deadly threat with her being terrified by this and acting paralyzed and then the computer turning back on and things are back to normal which worked in a fairly chilling manner here.
We spot a great surprise attack by Burke against Stevie at a beach as this almost makes you jump but then the moments get cheesy when she defends herself by beating him up.
Yet there's a great dark scene with him in a vehicle on him gagging to death as well as a good shot on Lilith filming him with mist as this looked very affective by what's going on and strongly done in too.
Later in the story both Stevie and Annie are driving and then Stevie spots a dark figure running into an inside parking lot which seemed awfully too cheesy as it looks like someone dressed up in a costume and no CGI effects plus it was daylight which didn't work in well at all. However things looked impressive when Stevie goes into the parking lot as things are good and still and then there's neat effects with Lilith approaching her and talking wicked towards her. One of the best scene's that was done in a good fashion to the story.
We have a perfect narrow shot on Rose in a hallway going down some stiars as well as a red light effect on a door opening and grabbing her in looking farily powerful here.
We have a powerful moment with Lilith approaching both Stevie and Annie speaking coldly as well as revealing some unsoved mysteries as well as flasback sequences on who the real suspect is which was done in an average taste here. Sometimes it looked a bit complaicated while we keep watching.
There's a fight sequence between Stevie and Annie which looked very lacking but yet it makes you watch as to wonder what will become out of all this while Lilith is watching.
Bottom line is that the story is quite interesting and I wasn't sure if I should've rated this one above average or not but it turns out interesting at first and a little disappointing in the end. This story was different than the first two although it is based after them. This one was the lowest budgeter out of all of them.

The acting is good even if the story can make it seem awful like but all of them pull through well. Scream queen Debbie Rochon (Stevie) seemed to have a convincing gothic type of appeal to her role as well as showing a good sympathetic behavior in certain spots as well as a nice bubbly attitude in other areas. She also shows a good sarcastic behavior and very energetic when she shows off her aggressions when necessary as well as really getting into a situation while speaking her mind and telling someone off. However she seemed to lack big time whenever she started crying acting way too over the top. She was also a bit over the top when she gets into a fight while beating the crap out of someone.
Tanya Dempsey (Annie) seemed to portray a nice innocence to her part in the film as well as someone whom is convincingly level headed however she doesn't react too well when she's brutalised during the near beginning of the story. Does a nice job speaking clearly with her lines and doing a good job acting serious by what she is doing. Also shows a nice versatality later on while acting insanely aggressive and going off the deep end. Yet when she gets into a brawl she seemed to lack of energy.
Tina Krause
(Rose) showed off a good sharp behavior as she was strong within her speaking and seemed to show off some nice energy with what she is doing along with having convincing aggressions when she acts like that she is about to get into a fight. However she is a little too much when she freaks out after encountering some ghostly moments and not acting convincing at all when she does this as she seemed a bit too high strung within all of this. Sometimes she can do the trick but not all the time sadly.
Paul Darrigo
(Burke) yet seemed to lack characteristics as he seemed awfully wooden within his performance especially while acting vioelnt and showinfg a scumbag attitude as he doesn't get into characteristics while doing this. He also was lacking energy when he reacts while struggling against someone else or freaking out during his death scene. Not everyone was meant to be in the business and he's an example.
Scream queen Brinke Stevens (Lilith) steps in during Albright's absence for this part in which I must say that I found this to be her best performance ever as she really had a convincing attitude with her sneering speech and ghostly presence for what she had to do and seemed like a different persona alltogether compared to what other shows I've seen her in as well as having great evil expressions and a powerful approach towards other and having a cold attitude too. She was a good drive here.

Moan queen Tina Krause comes out of a shower and her breasts are revealed.

An odd bloody stabbing but nothing your stomachs can't handle.

Alot of the music sounded a bit too Z-grade with some piano rotating sounds but it does seem to sound effective too with some hissing and haunting windy sounds as well as the odd bonging and chimings too as this sounded good and strong. Plus we do hear some interesting screeches as well as cheesy suspenseful tomrbone and violin orchestral music but there's the odd energetic moments for this as well when we spot mysterious attackings as it gives off a nice effect. All of this was put together by John Greathouse and Matthew Jason Walsh.