Wolfman (1979)


Written & Directed by: Worth Keefer


Earl Owensby .... Colin Glasgow
Kristina Reynolds .... Lynn Harris Randolph
Sid Rancer .... Dr. George Tate
Ed Grady .... Reverend Leonard
Richard Dedmon .... Clement Glasgow
Maggie Lauterer .... Elizabeth Glasgow
Brownlee Davis .... Sheriff

Release Dates: Theatrical: September 21, 1979

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Colin Glasgow (Earl Owensby) finds out that his father has passed away but is tormented in his nightmares about it all as his family members have killed him due to a werewolf curse and is warned about himself becoming one and is attacked by a wolf while visiting his father's tombstone in which he found out that a Satanic Reverend Leonard (Ed Grady) has put this curse on both him and his father.


We spot a beginning with a group of people surrounding an old man on his bed trapped and they're about to sacrifice his life in which this was supposed to look intense but this moment was done in an amateurish way and totally lacked inspiration big time.
We do spot a cheesy but interesting moment with the mysterious character Reverend Leonard gatherin people at his table about to do a ceremony with lightning striking which seems to look fun to watch but not as spooky or mysterious as it was intended to as well as a little too over the top by how it was all set up.
There's a good setting with the Reverend doing a funeral ceremony and good shots and reactions with everyone there in which the settings looked good and dark while we watch on what goes on here.
We also spot a nightmare sequence involving the main character Colin Glasgow having nightmares as well as perfect shots on him wandering in the graveyard with a thunderstorm happening and then a hand from the ground reaching for his ankle in which this was supposed to have made you jump but misses. However this looked enjoyable to watch if you're in the mood for a cheesy low budget horror moment.
There's many moments that has no relationship compared to the first one that seemed to drag alot but then we have Colin meeting the woman of his dreams at the antique store in which relates a bit to the original however the discussions looked terribly trashy and unbelieveable as well as pointless too.
There's a moment when Colin goes up to the attic where his Grandmother is locked as there's good shots on this situation making the moment look mysterious as well as good close up shots on her warning him of what's going to happen to him. I wouldn't say that this was strongly done but yet effective.
Also another neat nightmare sequence which we spot the ceremony or Colin's Grandmother in the attic sequences with close up shots on the people laughing wickedly which works in well for the story as I was thinking to myself the movie is making a bit of an improvement especially with the blurry shots on this too.
Then a nice misty setting with Colin digging up the grave along with the annoying thunder and lightning effects happening as just when he is about to open the coffin to discover something the suspense piling up starts to slope big time due to the lack of the budget this film was carrying. We also spot a god coming up to attack him which looked hilariously bad and doesn't look intense or painful at all to watch. I mean why didn't they use a wolf which this scene seemed to spoof a wolf attacking in order to become a werewolf. I was for sure thinking "Is this someone's idea of a joke???"
Then when we continue to watch other scene's we have Colin talking to his shrink Dr. George Tate on him going to be a werewolf which their interactions didn't click at all as if they were forced to have this discussion as none of this made the scene look mysterious or effective at all. A real downer here.
There's a setting when Colin is looking out at the window and spots a full moon and there's the old fashioned effects like in the original on him changing but yet doesn't seem to work well like it did in the original and coming across as awfully cheesy plus it seemed obvious while watching the movie on him expecting to change and no surprises here.
We spot a cheesy attack by Colin as a werewolf to a couple but yet this seemed to look campy fun when we watch all of this so it's not all that bad as well as spotting the old fashioned werewolf effects like it tried so hard to be in the original which seemed fairly okay.
We spot a situation with Colin insisting both George and Lynn the chain him up while he changes again and when he does it looked too obvious that he broke out of the chains and so fourth.
Some effective moments when a supporting character Clement Glasgow is struggling against Colin as the werewolf and to be seen as to what happens to him as it adds some flovour to the horror story.
However there's a good strong scene with the Reverend going nuts towards Lynn and trying to do something evil towards her as well as his battle against Colin as the werewolf but nothing too extremely intense at the same time.
Bottom line is that this the makers tried their best not to mess with the original and tried to be more creative with a different story but this film was quite a joke as it looked more silly and not scary at all. It was terribly amateurish and very low budget too which I can see why this remake was very obscure in the first place. There's certain scene's that are campy ful but alot of them really drags big time.

The acting is terrible for the most part as lead actor Earl Owensby (Colin Glasgow) really couldn't act his way out of a paper bag as he was just a line reader plain and simple. He shows very little emotions with his speaking and was very low on energy too which is not a good thing for the mian one in this pic. Yet he seemed to do quite well when he seriously talks to someone and giving them a warning on what he will turn into but that's about it. He doesn't reacts well to being attacked or screaming too well. Some people just weren't cut into being in the business and he's a perfect example.
Kristina Reynolds (Lynn Harris Randolph) however seemed to pull her characteristics off pretty well adding a nice charm to her personality as well as expressing her concerns which shows off well. She also does a nice job while talking to her other actors as this showed some fair timing too. Also shows good energy with her screaming or freaked out attitude. She was the best in the cast which isn't saying a heck of alot.
Sid Rancer (Dr. George Tate) was god awful in his role as a shrink in the film in which he acted way too over the top when he stresses a situation as well as not making his role believeable as a shrink who means business with his conversation. His performance is very laughable but not ina good way at all. Also was low on energy when he acts shocked by what he spots. Another no talent here folks.
Ed Grady (Reverend Leonard
) was the second best out of the cast which again isn't saying too much. There's a scene when he does a ceramony and although he shows some energy within this he is a little too much and seems quite mellodramatic while acting somewhat strange and mysterious. Yet he shows a good intense energy later on when he acts likea raving maniac as well as him freaking out showing it off nicely as well. He was mediocre at it's best.
Richard Dedmon (Clement Glasgow) shows a fair tense seriousness to his part in the film but yet he sometimes is off on his characteristics. At times he shows some okay energy especially during his struggling sequences and has the right looks for his part but yet doesn't seem passable as a character actor at the same time.
Brownlee Davis (Sheriff) however does the trick a bit as the lawman adding a perfect gruffness and seriousness to his speaking especially when he commands others as what to do in order to try and snuff out the werewolf having a fair strong speaking within this. Plus does a good job with him demanding behavior while questioning someone. He also had the right masuline type of rugged looks which adds a nice touch here.

A man is stabbed in his bed.
A mild bloodied neck bite is revealed.
Someone is impaled by a knife.

The composer David Floyd and Arthur Smith tried to make the music sound old fashioned like in the original but yet seemed very trashy alot of the times when we hear some echoey piano playing which sounded way too toned out. There's the odd good organ playing and organ chiming sounds this especially worked in powerfully during a certain dream sequence. Plus during some night scene's for a nightmare sequence we do hear some good metal clanging type sounds too fitting the low budget that this one carried. However there's many high and low pitched Z-grade synthesizer spooky sounds for when the cheesy suspense starts to happen which really wrecked the scene's and got on my nerves big time. Combined with it there were some heavy drum booming which sounded a bit better.