The Wolfman (2010)

Directed by: Joe Johnston

Written by: Andrew Kevin Walker & David Self


Benicio Del Toro .... Lawrence Talbot
Emily Blunt .... Gwen Conliffe
Anthony Hopkins .... Sir John Talbot
Hugo Weaving .... Abberline
David Sterne .... Kirk

Release Dates: Theatrical: February 4, 2010 (Madrid) (Premiere); February 12, 2010 (USA)

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A man named Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) returns to his own family home after he brother was slayed in the woods by an unknown creature with mighty power.
He is plagued by nightmares about his childhood past as well as the death of his mother since he never knew what prevented her death as local townfolk people .
At a gypsy carnival he goes to the aid of a fortune teller named Maleva (Geraldine Chaplin) about his family and siddenly a vicious werewolf attacks the carnival killing people and wrecking havoc in which Lawrence is bitten by this beast and doesn't feel the same but suddenly he transforms into a monstrous werewolf and goes on a killing spree when a full moon occurs.
The next day his estranged father Sir John Talbot (Anthony Hopkins) tells him that he's done bad deeds and is evil about it. Plus, is taken away to a psych ward as he finds out about his father's deadly secret.
He then kills the people at the ward when the moon is full again going to village after village and the woman of his dreams named Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt) wants to help him out but yet is forced to make a decision to kill him before she becomes his next target.


The work on this film was magnificent really bringing everything to life with lots of terror and fast paced action and suspense too. There's a nice beginning with the camera shot up in the sky showing the full moon and then lowering down into the deep dark woods with a man in the woods and then a good surprise attack with claws slashing at him along with nice blocking on him falling back as well as a good camera shot on him trying to run away with a shot on the actor playing the werewolf with his claws exposed leaving the film to a good start.
There's a good moment with the lead character Lawrence Talbot entering a mansion and a dog barking and growling at him which almost makes you jump as everything is quiet and then a good approach by Sir John Talbot near a staircase staring at him which looked quite dark and spooky as well as talking to him.
There's a good close up shot on a supporting character named Kirk in a bar telling the tale of what actually happened to the murder which looked nicely done as well as a shot on Lawrence drinking a pint and acting disturbed by what he's saying.
There's a good brief discussion between Lawrence and a fortune teller with a good close up shot on a golden looking necklace she's holding as well as good fearful expressions on her when she tells him what's going to happen to him.
There's many great fast scene's of the werewolf attacking at a carnival as well as a good shot closing in on a gypsy woman looking for her daughter and Lawrence trying to save her with great leaping actions shots on him. Plus there's great shots on him being attacked by the werewolf.
There's a nice romantic situation between Lawrence and Gwen when he tries to show her how to skip a stone on the lake with good blocking on his behalf trying to show her how to move her arm doing this. There's also a good close up shot on her mouth moving while she's trying to wipe some blood off his lip as well as him holding her arm which looked quite forceful and well done.
There's great shots on outside with Lawrence as well as good effects shots on him changing into a werewolf and great close up shot on his eyes changing. Then a good camera shot on the back of him with his feet growing and then running away.
There's many great attack shots on the wolfman slaying the locals out to hunt him in the woods which looked fast and horrifying.
There's a good moment with Lawrence waking up and Sir John standing there speaking coldly to him that he did some bad deeds as well as him trying to run away from the locals on horses trying to catch him.
There's a good wicked moment with a supporting character named Dr. Lloyd acting evil and instructing his fellow people to dunk Lawrence in a tank of cold icy water as well as nice close up shots on needles being inpaled in his neck which makes you cringe a bit.
There's a nice wicked moment with Sir John visiting Lawrence chained up in a room telling him his secret with great leashing actions by Lawrence himself trying to get after him while he's chained up.
There's a good camera angle shot looking up on Sir John while he's leaves the asylum in a hallway with mental patients around him acting whacked out which looked gloomy and crazylike the film itself.
There's a good moment with Dr. Lloyd by making an announcement to the audience with Lawrence tied up in a chair and gagged with good shots on him struggling and acting anxious while he tries to test him out when the full moon is about to occur and then there's great shot on his feet changing when the moon happens as well as his face starting to look beastlike with great reactions on the rest getting scared and trying to get away.
There's many good shots with Lawrence battling against Sir John with a fire being caught in the room where they do their struggling battles as well as good shots on the two of them changing into werewolves with nice quick shots on all of this making every moment energetic and watchable.
There's a good shot on Lawrence as the wolf man pinning Gwen to the ground near an edge of the forest with her trying to talk to him and telling him who she is with nice tears coming out of her eyes which looked a bit touching when he stops what he plans to do as well as two good shots on their faces looking at one another and then a shot on her grabbing a gun and about to shoot him.
This was one of the best remakes ever and in my mind if you're going to do a remake wait longer than 30 years or so since the original one was done in 1941 and the story on this one has a very tiny bit of the same elements on the original flick since it was very dated. So when there were remakes like The Omen, Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street which happened way over 20 or 30 years ago everyone still rememberes the original one's and there's not alot of different moments with them so it seems like watching a re-run. This remake would be a perfect example of what one should turn out after all the decades that it was originally written as.
The makers on this one still showed the nice old fashioned werewolf look but updated it a little more so it looks monstrous and scary to this day and age as well as the werewolf still wearing clothes after being transformed into one and not having the clothes torn off of him. This also takes place in the 19th century and not present day. Tons of fast action attacking which makes you jump big time.
There's also a nice unsolved mystery between the father and son legend that the townspeople despise both of them which isn't used in the orgiinal plot except for the townspeople blaming the one who's now a werewolf but his family was not involved with the case.
There's perfect set locations in the dark woods with mist floating around just like in the original version but updated to make it look spooky for 2010 as well. Plus there's alot of graphic horror gore and violence which made it necessary for today's horror standards with each scene in this movie extremely dark and gloomy.
There's the good old fashioned werewolf howling which gives the film a perfect touch for an updated werewolf flick. The film looks like it was taking place in the autumn seasons as it will totally give you the Halloween spirit to watch this film.
Universal Studios did a great job making this film which was widely advertised as the film was delayed often but it was definetely worth the wait and left a door open for a sequel. There was nice romantic moments too with the two lead actors to top it off.

The acting is splendidly terrific as lead actor Benicio Del Toro (Lawrence Talbot) has a good calmness to him and gentleman like manner as well delivering his lines nice and clearly along with him acting crazy and obnoxious after he realises that he's a werewolf bringing terrific energy and intensity too as well as acting nervous from time to time with what he does through alot of his scene's proving a terrific versatality to his character in the film in which he couldn't do it better than he already does for the story. Plus does well by acting romantic in a certain scene as well as showing some good forceful blocking too. Plus shows a nice struggling attitude being tied up in a scene and acting believeably intense while acting like this. Does a great job breaking down and acting sick when he's about to change. Two thumbs up for this guy.
Emily Blunt
(Gwen Conliffe) really made her part very strong with a great open minded attitude as well as bringing great emotions to when she tries to figure out what's going on as well as being pressured to kill her loved one in which she does well with her sobbing.
Anthony Hopkins
(Sor John Talbot) really brings alot to his role acting very strange and mysterious in his part as well as showing a real nasty and creepy streak in him which he brings across that he has a few skeletons in his closet along with his cold words. He brings out a great rage with his character too. He's a gifted character actor and can do anything. With this role he really proved himself worthy.
Hugo Weaving
(Abberline) shows a good stern attitude and has great gruff looks for his character and brings out alot of aggressive energy in his role in which he came across very wonderfully as one of the nasty one's out to kill this werewolf that he's been trying to do for years. Was good at
getting stern and serious like almost aggressive towards his fellow actor when he tries to talk to him about what is going to happen to him with a full moon which looked powerfully done.
David Sterne
(Kirk) shows a great eccentric attitude in his role making him a great key line to the story of the film with his cringing words and looks right for the part too. He reminds you of one of those crazy types in real life too.

Throats are slashed and in other parts of bodies from victims
Arms, legs and heads are torn off
Bodies split in half
A bloody slit throat on a woman during a flashback memory
Lots of blood here and there too. Yup alot of gore in this one

There's a perfect musical score with tons of strong classical music in the film nicely orchestrated by Danny Elfman with the quick violin and the pounding music too with the werewolf running or attacking which sounded extremely effective as well as listening to the spooky chanting sounds too. The music music I've heard in a long time.