Wound (2010)


Written & Directed by: David Blyth


Kate O'Rourke .... Susan
Te Kaea Beri .... Tanya
Campbell Cooley .... Master John
Sandy Lowe .... Mistress Ruth

Release Dates: Fantasia International Film Festival: July 26, 2010 (Canada); Film4 FrightFest: August 27, 2010 (UK); Morbido Film Fest: October 27, 2011



Susan (Kate O'Rourke) is a woman whose horrific history of abuse refuses to release its tormenting grip on her.
Tanya (Te Kaea Beriis) a lost child searching for the mother she has never known.
As the two seek reconciliation with their pasts, their paths become intertwined resulting in a surreal nightmare they won't wake up from until some form of blood soaked absolution has been exacted.


There's a beginning sequence with a father visiting his daughter who happens to be Susan in which she strikes him in the head with a bat as this was supposed to have looked brutal and intense while spotting this but the blocking and everything else seemed a bit off. Yet the story does get disturbing and hard to watch for when we see on what she does to him and he pleads her telling her he is just visiting her which truly makes you feel sorry for the poor guy.
There's some more twisted hallucination sequences when we spot a character in a mask helping by digging a grave for this person which was carefully shot and it makes you cringe a fair deal too.
There's also another moment where Susan is sitting on the toilet talking on the phone and then we hear the phone going dead and she's still talking on it as you wonder if she's going insane pretending to talk to someone as we spot some good close up camera shots on her.
We also spot a perfectly twisted moment with the character Master John making her take off her shirt and he places some wires on her nipples like he's doing a some sort of experiement on her and that she's under his spell as this looked perfectly strange to watch as well as abusive too.
We spot a perfect and still discussion with the teenage girl Tanya speaking to a woman about her long lost mother with nice surroundings here as well as their conversations looking truly strong here plus a good breaking moment with Tanya almost going in a rage which looked nicely written in making the moments here seem truly mysterious and intense.
Nice perfect night time camera shots on Tanya and her boyfriend sitting near a railroad track wuth their heads lying next to the rail while we hear a train about to approach which really makes you wonder if they are committing suicide here. It for sure leaves you in wonder about all of this.
We also spot some moments when Susan is making out by being a receptionist as the camera teases you by showing an up close shot on her doing this next to a computer and then we spot her going unconcious with her nose bleeding as it's another moment that can psych you out a great deal here as to why this has happened.
A good camera shot on her lying on the ground with Mistress Ruth looking over her and acting nasty adding more good chemistry to this twisted tale.
Also we have a perfect dark setting on a gothic lounger and perverted happenings which looked well set here as well as spotting some sort of a weirdo in a pig mask doing perverted stuff with good shots on this adding more good horror touches here.
Also a good tense moment with Master John manipulating Susan to drinking coffee and answering his questions which looked perfect well done here and very still as well. It makes you wonder as to what he's trying to do with her nextas wshe tries to act calm and sane without getting emotional and unsteady. It keeps you watching on what's going to happen next.
Also a good intense situation with Tanya trying to get into Susan's face telling her about being the mother of her which looked energetically paced.
A nice dark moment with the perverted freak in the pigs mask taping both Susan and someone else in a mask while they start rambling some strange conversation as this looked perfectly hypnotic by what they were doing.
A great flashback sequence with Mistress Ruth telling Tanya that her baby is dead and locks the door on her and things look dysfunctional coming from Tanya which was a nice powerful scene.
There's also a perfect foggy setting when Susan goes on the back of a passenger car train and silent passengers watching her with Master John calling to her. Another great setting here.
Bottom line is that this is an artsy horror fantasy flick that doesn't much sense at all in fact very little sense but entering the mind of someone who isn't right in the head so it was well done and a flick to get into if you were on acid or some heavy drug. It's not too bad. Just very comlex and confusing. Well shot for an indie flick.

The acting is very well performed in which lead actress Kate O'Rourke (Susan) really stole the show with her performance in which she tries to show a perfect calm attitude and still expressions but knew on how to break out of that while getting emotional and acting believeably intense as well. Plus knew on how to cry and lose control too which was another great pointer as well as acting believeably sick whenever she had to act like this. Does great by freaking out or getting aggressive. She for sure shows off a perfect versatality here.
Te Kaea Beri (Tanya) does a nice job as the estranged daughter in the story as she shows a perfectly emotionless behavior at first as well as being expressionless too. Then does a great energetic behavior when going into a rage or acting perfectly stern breaking from one point to the next. Does well by getting into someone's face while talking to them as well as showing perfect persistent aggressions too. Also does a great job crying and begging in one scene that comes across believeable too. She seemed to study her part in a fair fashion here.
Campbell Cooley (Master John) seemed to know his stuff by acting perfectly manipulative and showing a perfect seriouenss to his role along with being expressionless while performing his actions making him truly mysterious and creepy as well. Draws a great fine line and a convincing horror type of character too along with the right looks which was another fine plus here.
Sandy Lowe
(Mistress Ruth) certainly showed a real effective part in the story and is hard to forget while watching her perform as a creepy one in the film showing a nice wickedness in her speaking as well as acting a bit nuts in other parts like at a gothic bar. She had the right evil looks too and lived to play this role a great deal. She was a fine choice for this one and the most effective out of the cast.

Kate O'Rourle takes off her top in many scene's.
One where she has her nipped pinched with an electronic device.
Also check out a rash on her breast.
Another moment in the bathroom as well as lying on the floor exposing her butt as well.

The music here sounds way more unique than any horror flick that I've ever seen all composed by Jed Town as we hear alot of train whistling sounds along with deep sounds making something sound very tragic while this music is playing. Also we hear alot of great hissing noises as well as deep foggy type music too with the odd chimings to top it all off. This music sounded very clear to listen to and the composer deserves an award for his playing in this flick as he knew his stuff big time here.