Xtro II: The Second Encounter (1991)


Directed by: Harry Bromley Davenport

Executive Produced & Written by: John A. Curtis, Stephen Lister, Robert Smith & Edward Kovach


Jan Michael-Vincent .... Dr. Ron Shepherd
Tara Buckman .... Dr. Julie Casserly
Paul Koslo .... Dr. Alex Summerfield
Jano Frandsen .... McShane
Nicholas Lea .... Baines
W.F. Wadden .... Jedburg

Release Date: Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films: March, 1991




Scientists at a secret underground complex have the technology to transport three scientists to another dimension but brought some virus back which caused the birth of a monster that is killing the people one by one and the rest try to find some way on snuffing this thing out before they are it's next prey.


The beginning of the film looked really adventureous revealing someone driving a helicopter over some snowy mountains as well as the government secret base and the workers planning something out which looked perfectly set out with alot going on here making things seem entertaining to watch here.
What really looked neat is when some people are about to get transported into another dimension and we spot a camera on them discovering something creepy which makes you watch for more as to what will happen later on.
There's some powerful quarrels involving some of the main character's in the film on what had happened but yet this starts to look a bit cheesy and not natural enough like it was set out to be here.
Also we spot a moment with one of the main people at the secret base Dr. Alex Summerfield checking up on one of the people who have returned from the dimension which happens to be a woman as she opens her eyes and attacks him as this was supposed to look intense and make you jump but yet it was a little off so misses both of these moments. It can look cheesily fun if you're in the mood for a moment like what you spot here.
Yet there's a good setting between Dr. Julie Casserly trying to get Dr. Ron Shepherd to help her out on a task which looked well focused by what is happening here. One of the better scene's that we spot but that's nothing to brag about either.
There is an effective moment with this woman whom was sent back from the dimension going into a some sort of a seisure as well as some interesting effects happening to her stomach as well as a creature exploding out as this was supposed to look shocking and intense but things seemed to happen a little too fast here and not enough inspiration either. However it looked fun to watch too. Does this scene sound familiar to a 1979 Ridley Scott classic we all know about???
We have a moment with Alex and some other people beating up on Ron accusing him of doing something wring and tying him up as this looked a little rough and not intense enough but yet the aggressions seemed to be reveale din an okay fashion when this moment happens.
More cheesy situations with the crew trying to search for this monster in certain spots of the base as well as one of them revealing a machine gun which also looks familiar to a 1986 sequel in fact cloning this. Some nice cheesy shots on the creature slowly looking on it's prey as well as revealing it's tail while speeding away.
We have a moment with Alex acting obsessive towards one of his employees discussing on planning to try and keep this creature alive which was supposed ot look twisted but this moment looked way too corny.
There's another moment with Alex looking at himself in the mirror realising that he is infected and a near suicidal moment with him as this seems to almost look good and serious but it fails yet a nice close up shot on the creature spying on him with it's creepy eyes.
We spot moments of everyone trying to find a way on escaping as well as this creature in the dark chasing after them with cheesy growly sounds and everything about this looked cheesy as well as it was supposed to look dark and effective but it doesn't as well as the monster at times trying to catch someone by surprise making you jump and this even fails a great deal.
There's a good set and shooting on people climbing down some ladders in an oxygen unit but this seems to be overly long to watch this and an excuse to fill in the time. However a nice moment with the creature coming out and attacking one of them with a good shot on someone in flames falling.
There's also a nice tense moment with another one struggling on an elevator shooting down with the creature on top trying to find some way on snuffing this thing out. There's good special effects on things exploding involving the creature as well.
Bottom line is that this sequel is not a sequel to the god awful 1983 UK flick but by the same makers which they should've changed the titles regardless. What do you have Alien and Aliens put together??? A complete ripoff that's what you've got as the makers pretty much cloned many of those scene's while we watch this and it looked way too corny while watching this. Mind you there's been many others that tried to do the same like Creature and Creepozoids. At first the film seems fun and exciting but then it gets really plotless and easily forgotten too but a bit better than Xtro itself which isn't too hard if you put more effort into it.

The acting is pretty bad for the most part as Jan Michael-Vincent (Dr. Ron Shepherd) seemed to pull off his part in an okay fashion in which he does well with his seriousness and sounds good whenever he speaks but yet he has been better in other shows than in this one. Does a nice job with his odd aggressions and stern attitude but that's about it. He needed more improvements on his characteristics and didn't look like he was wanting to just get this gig over with.
Tara Buckman
(Dr. Julie Casserly) seemed quite sharp in her role and seems to draw the line with her seriouness into everything as well as having a perfect no nonsense attitude. Plus had the pretty looks too which helps in a horror flick. However when she gets stern or aggressive the energy is there but she sometimes gets a little too carried away within everything. Does well with her struggling and blocking though so she wasn't overly terrible or anything.She's no Sigourney Weaver though.
Paul Koslo
(Dr. Alex Summerfield) portrayed someone who is a complete ass and that shows off yet with his crazy obsessions and aggressions he is overly melodramatic and laughable so much that he seriously needs to take some acting lessons big time. Is way too over the top when he's supposed to be serious and can't act his way out of a wet paper bag what so ever. Nuff said about him.
Nicholas Lea
(Baines) was the one who portrayed a tough as nails type of soldier and almost had the right looks and motive to play this role but when we spot him perform well that's another story as he was very stiff with his speaking especially when he gets anxious or letting out his aggressions. He seems to grab your attention while performing in front of the camera but needed a bit more acting experience as you could tell by what he does here. Maybe next time.

A creature explodes out of a woman's stomach.
The creature impales it's victims with hands and tail but alot of this is very quick.
Some violent bloodsheds are splattered at times but not too much.

The music is very Z-grade sounding trying to sound like violin playing which seems a little off since it suits the low budget on this film itself. We also hear some soldier drum sounds which isn't powerful enough either but there's the odd chanting sounds which seems to sound okay but that's about it. All of this was put together by Braun Farnon and Elliott Smart which they needed to make the music sound stronger for a monster flick like this one as it didn't cut the cake at all.