Xtro 3: Watch the Skies (1995)


Produced & Directed by: Harry Bromley Davenport

Co- Produced & Written by: Daryl Haney


Sal Landi .... Lt. Martin Kirn
Karen Moncrieff .... J.G. Watkins
David M. Parker .... Pvt. Dermott Reilly
Andrew Divoff .... Captain Fetterman
Andrea Lauren Herz .... Corporal Banta
Jim Hanks .... Pvt. Friedman
Virgil Frye .... Survivor
Daryl Haney .... Pvt. Hendricks

Special Appearances:

Robert Culp .... Major Guardino
Nigel Gibbs .... Smythe
Al Ruscio .... The General

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November 14, 1995




A disturbed Lt. Martin Kim (Sal Landi) talks about his deadly experience on a deserted island where they are ordered to disfuse bombs but an alien that resides there terrorises them as well as disfiguring their bodies due to what happened to his colony of people that the government did to them back in the 1950's.


The beginning looked very hokey and confusing as it showed black and white clips taking place in the 1950's with discuassions on alien encounters and slapstick situations with all of this happening as I was wondering what kind of movie was I watching at the time.
There's a moment with a woman coming in to a hotel to discuss the alien incident with Lt. Martin Kim as he appears from a dark room which was supposed to look mysterious but yet this situation was too cheesy to be taken seriously here especially when he's disturbed by what he is about to get into here.
Plus we get a trashy discussion between Martin and the Major Guardino as this looked all way too set out and unnatural while we spot their interactions but good camera shots on the two of them.
We spot people mainly involving the supporting character Corporal Banta getting obnoxious towards some of the soldiers acting rody at a bar but even this looked too low budget and cheesy to be taken seriously as I had a feeling most of the stuff that we spot here was going to look bad but it does improve.
A nice brief discussion with Banta trying to reason with Pvt. Hendricks about his attitude and smoking dope on the job as this drew in good and serious in which this scene was well concentrated with what happens here.
However we have some corny moments with these two trying to go on a search in the jungle but it looked fun to watch on what they were doing and adding a nice sense of humor within this moment.
There's a good moment when the soldiers go an look for someone in a cave which the settings looked good and dark as well as them spotting some sort of a slaughtered corpse which looked well designed and can please some horror fans while this haoppens with good lighting shot on all of this in which this was a great improvement compared to the cheesy low budget story that we spotted the first bit into the movie here.
A perfect setting with the crew of soldiers surrounding a survivor in a deserted village as well as perfect close up shots on this person and the others which looked truly suspenseful by what goes on here.
A nice shot on the character L.G. Watkins spotting an alien figure staring at her with neat lighting and other special effects that's happening here as well as her spotting her scarred hand but with her running to her vehicle and panicking looked a little too cheesy instead of this moment looking terrorising and intense.
A nice setting with Banta being caught in some sort of a web caused by the alien but the struggling moments here looked quite sloppy to watch in which this was supposed to draw you in thinking that this trap was supposed to add great terror and it looked a bit cheesy and needed more improvement as it seemed to be a bit trite and not getting to the point either.
Very well focused situation with L.G. explaining towards Martin on why the alien does this stuff which looked good and serious to watch and strongly put in as well which was another nice pointer for the plot here making you want to watch for more as to what could happen here while they try to find some way on snuffing this extra terrestrial.
An interesting twisted moment when the people find and old black and white film footage on the government doing experiments on an alien which doesn't look pretty to watch at all as this looked well done.
Alot of great special erffects with the survivors trying to get away from the alien and this being using his long tongue to try and grab someone along with good lighting effects used from this creature to try and come after them as this for sure looked entertaining and a good horror/sci-fi style too.
We spot a good nasty confrontation with Martin towards his enemy Captain Fetterman which looked energised while watching their aggressions towards one another but yet there's some fighting scene's between the two of them which didn't look brutal or intense enough with all of this happening but yet there's a moment with one of them falling into the ocean and other deadly moments happening here which seemed to be a mild attention grabber here. Also interesting cheesy effects with this alien zomming away in his spaceship. The special effects looked a bit phony but fin to watch regardless.
Bottom line is that this is a different storyline too and a much more improved flick too even if there were some leaky holes into the plot. It can be a fun one to watch if you're in the mood for it and interesting effects with the alien appearing invisible till it comes up on it's prey as this almost borrows a bit from Predator. Interesting action sequences but alot of it looked pretty cheesy yet the odd fun touches too.

The acting is not too bad this time in which lead actor Sal Landi (Lt. Martin Kim) seemed to do his part not too shabbily but in the beginning he was a bit off when he acts disturbed about the situations that he's going to tell as well as having a hard time having a conversation. Yet he gets into it later on with his energy just really going into battle as well as having a perfect serious no nonsense type of attitude. Shows some nice aggressions too but there's scene's when he's doing a fight scene which needed a bit more improvements on. Otherwise he was a passable character actor.
Karen Moncrieff
(J.G. Watkins) seemed to have a great sharp attitude and a great appeal when we see her performing her stuff. Shows a good seriousness as well as a tough as nails motive to whatever she does. Plus seemed to show a nice intelligence to her attitude here. Really knew on how to get into a discussion on a certain subject which also looked good and strong. Does well with her shocked and screaming attitude but yet shen she panicks while driving her vehicle she seemed slightly off.
David M. Parker
(Pvt. Dermott Reilly) was a bit stiff in his performance but seemed to do a good job within his characeteristics having a nice aggression whenever he needed to be like this as well as showing a nice irritated attitude too. Also does well with his blocking while jumping into action. Has the perfect masculine looks for a soldier too which does alot of the attention grabbing while spotting his performance here.
Andrew Divoff (Captain Fetterman) does a nice bad ass type of villain in which he rolls with the pucnhes just shooting off his mouth in a nice fashion here. He also does well by getting in your face along with acting good in his physical blocking too. Shows off some nice intense energy into what he did and had the perfect aggressive looks for this role since he often portrays these types in other gigs.
Andrea Lauren Herz (Corporal Banta) was another perfect attention grabber with her tough girl attitude almost coming across as a tomboy by what she does here. She was good with her forceful actions and demanding behavior too. At times she gets carried away but improves later on. Also shows a nice versatality when she tries to act reasonable in a brief scene. Sometimes her blocking is a bit off as well her energy was a bit low when she is supposed to act intense in a deadly situation.
Virgil Frye
(Survivor) springs into action a great deal and knew on how to act larger than life as well as going wild and crazy which he acted perfectly dynamic. Someone whom is typically eccentric which grabs your attention here. At times his performance is a little annoying as he gets a little carried away within all of this by watching everything that he does here.
Daryl Haney (Pvt. Hendricks) was a natural ham in his part of the film as apart from writing it he took a part in acting in it as well. Not the greatest actor by any means but knew on how to act like a goof and not taking his job seriously Plus does well by acting ignorant as well as behaving silly while going on a mission too. Had the right burly type looks in which helped his character.
Robert Culp
(Major Guardino) has done better in shows in which I'm surprised that he was wooden within his performance here but then again it looked like he really wasn't into his performance at all and was doing this just to get a paying gig. DSIdn't seem natural at all with his conversations or anything along those lines.

Many parts of the body has flesh torn off corses like the brain revealed and their insides too by being revealed in a jungle.
In an old film aliens are being dissected which looked gross to watch.
A woman's arm is badly scarred.

We have some versatile music used in the film as at first there's cheesy z-grade synthesizer music trying to sound classical which sounded a bit lame but there were many good strong moments with real violin playing as well as trombone composing too for the real strong scene's that was used in the flick. Also we hear some metal rusty screeching sounds for the mysterious alien moments which worked in nicely too as well as high pitched screeching noises when the terror starts which also sounded nicely effective for the story too. There's also old fashioned haunted organ music which doesn't seem to fit into the story at all but yet was nicely played. All of this was put together by Van Rieben.