Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon (2008)


Written & Directed by: Worth Keefer


Earl Owensby .... Colin Glasgow
Kristina Reynolds .... Lynn Harris Randolph
Sid Rancer .... Dr. George Tate
Ed Grady .... Reverend Leonard
Richard Dedmon .... Clement Glasgow
Maggie Lauterer .... Elizabeth Glasgow
Brownlee Davis .... Sheriff

Release Dates: Theatrical: September 21, 1979

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A group of students are on a plane ride for their footaball game in another country but suddenly a storm ocours and their pkane crashes as very few survived they are stranded on an icy mountain top. They need to make disturbing choices in order to survive including on what to eat but the worst is yet to come as they encounter an abonibale snowmonster that is also hungry as well.


We spot a beginning with two foreign archeologists looking in a snowy cave and then approaching the Yeti snowbeast in which this was supposed to look terrifying but it's too low budget to bring this moment across. However there's nice close up camera shots on this creature which looked impressive.
Then in the story we do spot some cheesy dialogues between students while they're in a plane along with good close up shots on all of this. Plus we spot phony computerised effects on the plane flying in a storm which was supposed to look suspenseful but yet leaves a nice impression that something bad is going to happen. While inside when the plane shakes it for sure gives you a suspenseful feeling also a moment when the back of it smashes open and a passenger starts to get sucked outside for sure looked pretty scary to watch as well as what we spot later on when they end up crashing as this looked well done too.
Also things looked perfectly set with the survivors crying in pain and groaning as this was brought to life a fair deal. Plus disturbing spotting the dead bodies in the plane too.
We have a nice setting with the Yeti staring at the plane and snarling but yet the monstrous face looked a bit cheesy when we spot this. However the surroundings still looked entertaining while spotting all of this.
There's a good suspenseful situation when we spot two of the teens Garcia and Chubbs going through a cave with the Yeti after them and they try to squeeze through another passageway which keeps you in suspense if one of them will make it without getting slayed by this beast as this works every time in a struggle of a horror flick.
There's a good touching situation with the lead character Peyton Elway talking to his football coach in the wrecked plane before he ends up dying as this looked serious and very dramatic. It for sure draws in your attention in a sad scene here.
We spot some terrific suspenseful shots on Gacia trying to climb up a high steep as this makes you carefully watch each moment wondering if he will make it to the top or not. Plus we spot him falling and getting injured as this doesn't leave a good feeling at all making out if you were in this position and all alone but having no choice but to try and find a way on escaping.
There's a nice moment when both teenage couples Peyton and Sarah try to find a way on trapping and hunting a rabbit for food in which their interactions looked natural and makes the moments here uplifting but at the same time hard to watch them try and kill a cute rabbit.
There's also a perfect intense argumentive situation between Peyton and Ravin as the setting looked serious and making you wonder if one of them will swing a punch at the other one. This moment was perfectly written and performed too.
Good creepy one liners when we have one of the students sleeping in the crashed plane and discovering that one of the dead bodies outside was taken as this for sure leaves a nice impression the the Yeti is near the area and doing this.
Plus there's a perfect gross out situation when there's a decision in order to survive to eat the dead bodies using them as meat which is a common thing while stranded in an isolated land in the snow tops. This is not for anyone to watch as it can make you feel sick. Okay it's understandable when we spot demented cannibals eating people but these are sane people being pressured to make a choice while doing this. It can make you sick to your stomach as this is very psychological at it's extreme here.
Also some good effective moments when the teens are about to attack with a flare gun before opening the wrecked plane door in which they think it's the Yeti but we get a sinking feeling that they're going to kill someone else accidentally since this often happens in a horror film too. It for sure works since you watch in terror wondering if this will for sure be an accident.
There's perfect suspenseful situations when the Yeti pushes the broken plane and pursuing it over a cliff with two people too scared to move inside it which looked well done making you wonder if they'll get out in time when they come to their senses.
Also a great shot on the Yeti approaching these two teens with great shots closing in on them while he's about to attack which looked well done and making you think on what's going to becomes of them when we spot this.
Neat cheesy effects when we spot the Yeti bouncing towards the teens which seems to suit the low budget of this film without a doubt.
There's a perfect situation when Sarah is kidnapped and we spot this beast sleeping with him holding her and she tries to get away from his arms without waking him up as this makes you cringe for sure and was carefully shot too.
Perfect deadly shots on the Yeti attacking others near a snowy hill as well as a great courageous moment with Peyton about to tackle this beast which looked exciting to watch and expect a happy ending to this horror story. The very end seems to tease you a bit thinking that the terror is not over yet.
Bottom line is that this looked cheesy due to it's low budget production values but the story is strongly put together proving that low budgeters can still be effective and not for everyone's tastes when is comes to survival and choices to be made. Very well done and quite enetertaining for the most part here. I do advise you to take a break for a second for the sickening moments while watching this and go back to it when you recover.

The acting is fairly good here in which lead actor Marc Menard (Peyton Elway) delivered some great characterisitcs here as a strong level headed teen showing that he's quite outgoing and intelligent offering a perfect guy next door type of charm to him. Does a nice job with his conversations along with doing well concentrating on certain things like hunting for a meal with wildlife and showing good energy here. He also shows a perfect aggression too like showing his brief disputes towards someone else as well as doing a good job by acting violent with his temper letting everything out here. Plus was perfect with his growling and tackling attitude later on while trying to be heroic which shines off well here. Also does a splendid job while trying to struggle to the top while hanging from a cliff having a perfect scared attitude here. Yes sir he's a good character actor and one of the best here.
Carly Pope (Sarah) also broght on a perfect charm and wit to her role as she comes across as perfectly outgoing too as well as knowing on how to act romantic within what she does. Has the nice girl type of appeal too which came across onto the camera. Also does well when she freaks out while being captured by the monster along with doing well trying to act quiet and scared when trying to get away too. She studied her role pretty well here.
Adam O'Byrne (Ravin) stood out perfectly with his arrogant attitude as well as acting believeably selfish too within what he does here. Also shows off a good cocky behavior too. He comes across as someone you'd easily get into a fight with due to hos actions in which he stresses this very well. Also shows a perfect vicious reaction to others while pointing a weapon too and great expressions while doing so. A good pat on the back for this guy.
Elfina Luk (Kyra) brought out a perfect emotional type of behavior especially spotting her dead on screen brother and was believeable with her weeping attitude. She also was terrific while acting anxious and protective in other spots having to act tough and forceful. This looked energised as well as doing well acting upset in other spots. Plus she does well with her spunky attitude too in the happy moments.
Brandon Jay McLaren (Rice) seemed to make his role fairly recognised with his open minded type of behavior and showing off as believeably decent too. He also does a good job by being straight forward with stuff showing nice characteristics within this too. Just comes across as someone who is believeably wise with alot of great knowledge to his role.
Crystal Lowe (Ashley) brought on a ton of adrenalised and intense energy with her freaking out and whiney behavior. She seemaed to really jump into all of this with her paranoid personality and was perfectly annoying and noticeable within all that she does here. Plus had the nice pretty girl looks too. She for sure studied this role perfectly well here.
Christian Tessier (Dennis) stood out the most in the cast as someone who portrays a perfectly dorky teen in the film as well as coming across as believeably sarcastic not taking anything seriously. Made a nice impression that he's the partying type here. Shows off a great amount of energy and totally springing to life with his blocking and charisma too. Also does a great job near the end of his performance with his shocked attitude and expressions as well. He came a long way since his day in the children's sketch comedy series You Can't Do That On Television.
Peter De Luise (Sheppard) breezed through nicely here as a rescuer in the film as he came across strongly with his words and great motivation too while going on the hunt in which he shows it off terrifically with everything that he did. Made a perfect presence when he introduces himself to save the teens as this worked perfectly. Also does great with his gagging and painful reactions while being attacked by the end of his performance which looked impressive too.

Lots of body pieces here and there throughout alot of the story.
A heart is torn out.
An arm is ripped out and guts torn out.
An eye is shot by a flare gun.
Yeti eats people with bloody bites.
Inside meat from a person is being fried.
A head is bloody smashed by Yeti's foot.
A body is crushed and torn apart.
Lots of violent bloodsheds.

Great amount of orchestral composing is involved in this film with alot of heavy drum booming as well as fast and high violin sounds along with powerful deep trombone playing too. Plus many low sounds which sounded suitable for the dark and mysterious moments inovled here. Also there's some nice uplifting classical playing too with horns blowing etc. when there's the scene's with a teenage couple trying to hunt a rabbit for food as this sounded marvellously done. All of this was put together by Michael Richard Plowman.