The Zero Boys (1986)


Produced & Directed by: Nico Mastorakis

Written by: Robert Gilliam, Nico Mastorakis & Fred C. Perry


Daniel Hirsch .... Steve
Kelli Maroney .... Jamie
Jared Moses .... Rip
Nicole Rio .... Sue
Tom Shell .... Larry
Crystal Carson .... Trish
Joe Estevez .... Killer

Release Dates: Limited Theatrical: November 22, 1986; December 3, 1986 (France)






A group of friends called the Zero Boys play a survival game at a ghost town.
Later on they have a picnic near a forestry area and spots an old house so they trespass and party there.
However, they discover that there are skeletal bones and dead bodies stored around the property and in the house too along with torture devices in the barn next to the house with a TV and VCR showing the last victims that trespassed there as the place belongs to two killers that were watching them all along.
They try to escape but the killers won't seem to let them as they have deadly traps for all of them and plans to kill them slowly.


We spot situations with people having combat at a ghost town in which we spot others shooting one another including in the crotch which looked shocking and certain moments in the story the action sequences looked rather cheesy and set out which didn't look natural at all but still looked campy fun regardless for an 80's flick only later to be fooled that they were war games.
Plus we spot good disputes between the lead character's Steve and Jamie which looked powerful watching their spats and arguments that goes on here which draws your attention big time while watching all of this.
We spot a moment when the gang drives along and we spot a mysterious figure running through some trees as well as them trying to figure out who it is and spotting blood on one of the tree's in which we're all supposed to feel the suspense within all of this but alot of these moments looked fairly dry.
Things look good when everyone goes to the deserted looking cabin and finds a note which gives you a creepy feeling that something bad will happen later on yet the setting and everyone's reactions on enjoying themselves there and drinking. Also some perfect uplifting situations with a birthday cake to one of the character's adding a nice touch to everything.
Then of course we have a moment when two horny teens are about to go up into the bedroom to have a romp which always is needed for a beginning on a slasher flick and knowing that these two might get killed later on. Plus some nice shots on a wall with a crack and someone spying on them which adds a nice eerie feeling especially with the girl spotting this. Also more good touches with thunder and lightning occuring when this is happening too.
There is a nice discuassion between Steve and Jamie making up as this flows quite nicely with them out in the porch area drawing this moment in quite dramatically and nicely written in too.
A perfect touch with everyone trying to start their vehicle but it stalls which is another traditional pointer for a slasher flick and the killer trapping them and not letting them escape as well as a perfect dark scenery with the rain falling and the storm happening too which is in those old school slasher films we often see taking place in the great outdoors. Also a nice dark shot on the killer pointing a knife and glaring at them with Jamie spotting this which adds a nice spooky touch to all this.
A good moment when Jamie tries to call and there's no dial tone and then Steve finds there is one which also seemed to work in mysteriously clever by having the killer play games on her with using technology here to trick her.
A cheesy moment when someone hears a scream coming from outside which is supposed to make you cringe but this fails in order to do so but yet a perfect moment when they enter a barn and spot some props there that are torturing devices as well as a TV with a vcr playing on a snuff film adding nice horror taste to all of this. As well good shots on them discovering a back yard with skeletal corpses and then spotting the killer watching them and running away adding more creepiness to the story even if it isn't overly scary to spot all that we see here due to some of the cheesiness that goes on the odd time.
Also we have a moment when one of the girls named Trish is about to go open a case in the cabin with the others getting sarcastic adding some fun cheesy touches to this and good camera shots on her about to go to the object and see what's inside of it as this was supposed to draw you in that it won't be something pleasant once it is opened.
We spot a scene whne someone is cleaning themselves up in a bathroom and the killer comes behind the shower curtain in the dark to grab her which was supposed to make you jump but this situation looked a little too obvious while we watch all of this happening.
There's a memorable moment when the phone rings and it's the killer on the other end as this was supposed to make you cringe too but this seemed too cheesy like in other areas that was discussed to really take this moment too seriously.
A perfect shot on a roof door opening and a body in bad is dropped as well as the boyfriend Larry grieving while getting close to her plus a near jumping moment which takes you by surprise to find out what happens afterwards which looked perfectly done here.
A perfect dark shot on the two killers with a light on them without revealing on what they look like which looked truly scary to spot this.
There's also a great moment when everyone tries to flee in their vehicle and one of them stands out calling out excitedly and then this moment breaks by what we see on what happens to him which is a perfect key moment for a killing with on how this was all shot and done.
Some perfect suspenseful moments when Jamie is hiding in some weeds from the killer and we spot him hacking away at the weeds to try and find her. Plus good shots under a pier with the killer trying to find these people and a great dark close up shot on his face showing an evil smile which looked awesome.
Plus some great moments on others struggling against the other killer and dodging away from a trap while trying to climb out of a hole as there's perfect shots on this and keeping you in suspense wondering if they will survive this.
Some neat and perfect effects when Jamie uses a stun gun in the water to shock one of the killer's to death which looked exciting to watch all of this and done in perfect taste too.
Bottom line here: Ahh yes a nicely retro horror film from the 80's showing the typical 80's environment surrounding the story.
We have a combination of action and horror all wrapped in one which makes the film fun and exciting to watch with lots of dark and creepy moments too. It kinda pays a tribute to the Friday the 13th flicks as well as some elements of Hell Night and a bit of Madman too.
The door opened up for a sequel but sadly it never happened. Oh well.

The cast is very good proving to have a solid performance. Cult icon Kelli Maroney (Jamie) was great portraying her role and being tough when she wanted to be. Especially by doing some nice blocking moments while slapping someone which looked quite energetic. Also does a nice job acting bitchy by all of this as well as her sarcastic attitude too. Shows alot of frightened energy too when the terror happens really doing this at full speed with her running or hiding which she brought to life as well. Plus showed perfect expressions while doing all of this. A truly classic performance.
Daniel Hirsch (Steve) who played her new boyfriend does well presenting himself and works well with in his action scenes rolling in with the energy and anxiety as well. Plus he shows some good aggressions whenever he needed to do so for all of this. Plus had a nice charm to his personality whenever he had to be like this as well. He had the perfect rough but nice guy looks too which was a bonus for his character and seemed to do what he could to make everything seem convincing here.
Jared Moses (Rip) came off perfectly goofy as one of those partygoers in which he brings a nice hyped up attitude as well as showing good energy with his bubbly behavior too. Came across as somewhat a clown of the crowd which added some nice spunk into his part of the film. Plus knew on how to change that around a great deal when the terror strikes him showing a perfect anxious and freaked out behavior which came across nicely too.
Nicole Rio (Sue) seemed to do fairly okay in her role coming across as someone who's fairly sensitive like and one of the quiet types too. She really drew some good intensity when she spots her onscreen boyfriend killed screaming and crying intensely which looked pretty convincing here while she loses control which can be fondly remembered to anyone who watched her performance here. Sometimes she was cheesy in her performance in other spots but not too terrible at the same time.
Tom Shell (Larry) had the right masculine looks and appeal but that did most of the talkinjg than his talents that he used here in which he was awfully mediocre within all that he does as his reactions weren't too convincing whenever we spot him in action here and seemed awfully phony when he starts to grieve on what we spot a possible death scene of his onscreen girlfriend.
Crystal Carson
(Trish) was at times stiff in her part of the film but sometimes did the job pretty well in most other spots regardless. She came across nicely as someone whom is fairly insecure and does well with her bluntness alosng with her tensed up attitude too. She also does a great job acting unconscious and almsot dead like and springing into action by screaming intensely as she shows a nice powerful force here. She seems passable as a character actress.
We have supporting actor Joe Estevez (Killer) whom his last name was credited as Phelan in this film. This was his first role in a horror film and probably his first notable role after a long absence from working with his brother Martin Sheen in shows from the 70's. He shows a great presence to his role as a demented killer. He shows great blocking with how he stumbles when he walks as well as having a great cold speaking and wicked expressions too. Plus really was forceful while swinging his machette too in a Jason style. He was indeed a ball of energy here and one of his memorable film roles. Later on he would get tons of work in other cult b-films and proved to be a name for himself than just as Sheen's younger brother.

A decapitated head is found in a freezer.
A guy is shot by an arrow in the back through his chest
A killer is impaled by a bed of spikes
The lead character is stabbed by a spear gun twice

We have alot of interesting synthesizer music by Stanley Myers and Hans Zimmer which at times sounds a little too Z-grade but at times really works in perfectly like the low gloomy moaning type sounds for the real dark horror moments in the story which fits into the creepiness while we watch. Also there's some good fast violin sounds and sometimes trombone playing especially for the closing credits almost sounding like a score we'd hear in a Friday the 13th type of flick. Also we hear some low music rumbling type sounds which also sounds catchy as well as the odd screeching sounds when someone gets killed showing perfect timing.
During the beginning we have good action sounds which sounded pretty strong as well as some nice guitar string playing and keyboard for when everyone is driving out to for some fun and getting out of the city which sounded perfectly upflifting and very 80's like as alot of this fit in perfectly well.

Jamie: What's the matter with you? Why are you so uncomfortable?
Steve: Because we're trespassing... How would you feel if you came home and somebody was in your bed?!