Zombeak (2006)

Written & Directed by: Sam Drog


Melissa Gilbert .... Melissa
Jason Von Stein .... Bobby Ray
Nathan Sandridge .... Fasmagger
Jimmy Lee Smith .... Max
Tracy Yarkoni .... Vascara
Daryl Wilcher .... Leviathan
Adam Morris .... Gideon
Barry Bishop .... Samual

Release Dates: Cannes Film Festival: June 6, 2006; Something Wicked Festival of Films: 2008





On the darkest night of the year, when Satan is allowed free reign to walk the earth, a motley crew of Satan worshippers lead by Leviathan (Daryl Wilcher) kidnap a sharp tongued southern waitress named Melissa (Melissa Gilbert) to be a given up as the Dark One’s bride and mortal host of the antichrist. But when her rowdy redneck friends named Bobby Ray (Jason Von Stein) and Max (Jimmy Lee Smith) with a tough as nails Sheriff named Fasmagger (Nathan Sandridge) botch up the ritual in a violent rescue attempt, all power of hell is inadvertently transferred into the most unlikely of hosts: a sacrificed chicken!
Suddenly the antichrist is unleashed vriefly into Leviathan but then goes into the body of the corse of the chicken and kills Leviathan as well as the others around and everyone tries to escape the house they're in but find themselves trapped as the people the chicken kills are resurrected.
Now, the Satan worshippers and Rednecks battle one another as an evil most fowl threatens to swallow their souls and transform them into a demonic army of the walking dead! Who will survive the terror of Zombeak!?


We spot a slapstick beginning with customers in a fast food restaurant stuffing their faces with fried chicken as this looked corny to watch. There's a good outdoor alley scene that involves a memeber of a satanic cult named Leviathan smoking a cigarette and talking to Melissa in a mobster type of fashion as well as her boyfriend Bobby Ray punching him out which seemed corny to watch and was fast paced and very tongue in cheek but it came together well.
Nice moments with the satanic gang dragging in Melissa with a house exposing candles and pentagrams
almost giving it that House of 1000 Corpses type of feel to it along with a good moment on Leviathan slapping the goon dragging her named Samual and then he cries as this looked a bit cheesy and goofy to watch but is a good horror to a psycho abusing a mentally challenged psycho (Think of Leatherface).
Alot of cornball moments with the head sheriff Fasmagger doing his work with crtiminals as well as smacking them and other situations offering good fast paced tongue in cheek situations like this. Also good comedic moments on him helping his brother Bobby Ray on their search doing well with their goofy one liners too along with good shots on them searching through a forest.
A well focused moment with Melissa pinned to the ground as well as interactions by Leviathan and Vascara towards her which seemed spooky for what they're telling her on their plans but it seems to get annoying with Melissa herself getting sarcastic losing that feel to all of this. There's perfect close up shots on all of them when they perform this ceremony.
Great shots on Leviathan lying on the ground and then waking up possessed by the antichrist with great special effects on demonic powers draining into him as well as spotting his firey eyes and red mist floating about. However the horror seems to lose it's place here when this demon starts to act sarcastic and talking sleazy. Shows good timing with the dark comedy though. It almost combined humorous situations from the Night of the Demons and A Nightmare On Elm Street scene's put together.
There's some nice timing with the character's like Fasmagger and Bobby Ray breaking into the home and disturbing the cult ceremony by kicking the cult members ass as well as turning the tables on them as this almost pays a tribute to other revenge flicks we have seen before like Devil's Rejects but done in a slapstick fashion and more cheese added to all of this. Some nice shots on this as well as Leviathan changing his ways and acting cowardly which was impressive to watch here showing that he's really a pussy.
Neat cheesy special effects with a dead chicken coming to life possessed by the antichrist and then starting to attack someone by plucking their eyes out as well as doing other gruesome moments which this time the horror was coming into it big time along with some chuckles on the comedy spotting the chicken doing all of this. This should please fans who enjoy horror violence.
A nice shot on a full moon turning into a pentagram with the satanic moments being unleashed which looked strange to watch as well as great moments on these victims that were killed by the chicken coming to life revealing their eyes plucked out and acting like the living dead with their expressionless actions and speaking which was another good tribute to Night of the Demons and done in a good horror fashion here. Plus great moments with both Melissa going in for the kill with an axe and Fasmagger coming in with his rifle to kick some zombie ass. There;s a perfect intense scene with Melissa trying to hack away at Leviathan which doesn't look pleasant but there;s other struggling situations which looked a bit sloppy and needed a bit of improvement.
A neat icky moment when we spot Vascara giving birth to the antichrist and Melissa coming in for the kill with all of this which I found was cut in too soon as I wanted to see the full baby and what can happen here but again this was a low budget indie flick.
Bottom lins is that this was a simple well done independent film shot in Georgia where acting work is very scarce. This film was a mix of slapstick comedy and horror in the same fashion as Shaun of the Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead Before Dawn. In other words the story doesn't take itself seriously but very entertainable to watch.
It seems to be a parody of other retro horror films and remakes too most notably Night of the Demons and like it a good one to watch on Halloween.
We have many good cheesy effects and some good laughs with the zombie chicken attacking people and the others trying to kick it away. Plus lots of fast action fighting and performances. Plenty of fun touches throughout this film.
Sam Drog
certainly had a creative idea writing this film and putting it all together which is worth checking out although sometimes the audio is a little distorted and scratchy at times but otherwise a film for all horror fans to enjoy that enjoys slapstick comedy blended into it as well.

The acting is fairly good for most of these actors but lead actress Melissa Gilbert (Melissa) however was quite annoying with her whiny attitude but then again this character was meant to be that way. She just seemed to overdo it that's all. She shows off some good energy though when she goes in for the kill with her axe showing some good powerful blocking by what she does here.
Jason Von Stein
(Bobby Ray) wasn't too shabby as the tough boyfriend in the film and seems to be one of the drawing card to the story as well. He adds a good energetic type of behavior as well as really doing well by getting in your face along with showing nice timing on his blocking too.
Nathan Sandridge
(Fasmagger) really had great timing for the slapstick in the film as the brutal and tough as nails sheriff in the film really knowing how to pack a punch with his violent actions too. Does great by really doing a fast paced job with his speaking and getting to the point with stuff. Knew on how to portray a leader of the group coming in for battle. Also does well with his shotgun trying to blow away zombie's. There's the odd times his fighting scene's looked a bit off though. A true character actor regardless here and probably the best out of the cast.
Jimmy Lee Smith
(Max) knew his craft too as one of the good guys plus was good at acting a bit of a goof too. He had the perfect burly looks to top it off. Certainly does well with his sarcasm as well as becoming a born again zombie which he changes his mode a good deal here.
racy Yarkoni (Vascara) had everything, the evil looks and the perfect evil attitude with her icy voice bringing all of this to life as you couldn't find anyone better to do the job in the role she portrayed. I can see her getting other work in horror films playing these types of roles. Does well speaking clearly and mysteriously during the beginning of a satanic ceremony which was a true attention grabber here along with her acting crazy too. She was another favourite of mine in the cast here.
Daryl Wilcher
(Leviathan), now what a pro this fellow was as he knew his comedic timing along with his deep speaking as he reminds me of a satanic type of mobster and remembered him as a gangster named Riff in Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland but this time he's different in this film proving his versatality. Seemed to do well with his dominant voice as well as adding a good cackly laughter. Plus knew on how to change this when he is pleading for mercy which offers a nice versatality. Plus does fairly well while screaming in pain when he is attacked along with doing good with his ghostly speaking when he's a born again zombie. Well done Daryl and it's great to see you acting in shows again.
Adam Morris
(Gideon) however got on my nerves as one of the cult members with his whiny behavior as he seemed a little too corny in which he was way too over the top within all of this and was trying too hard as you could tell but does well when he becomes a possessed zombie.
Barry Bishop
(Samual) played a good part as a burly mentally challenged cult member in which his role was necessary for a horror character like the one he played but again he is a little too much at times and seemed rather silly when he says certain things and at times tried too hard whenever he was breifly sobbing. Yet he had the perfect looks and presence which made up for some of the faults in his performance.

We have a chicken plucking people's eyes out with lots of blood gushing along with some neck bites.
A persons stomach is gutted.
We spot a headless zombie.
Some heads are blown off with a shotgun.
Many people are whacked with an axe.

There's many good low synthesizer playing performed by Chris Rickwood along with perfect hissing sounds and at times the odd metal guitar playing for the action sequences and with the opening credits too and in certain parts of the scene's as it sounded slightly cheesy. Also there's at times high pitched noises which fits in the satanic moments.

Melissa: Come on out you kentucky fried piece of shit!!!

Melissa: Finger lickin' goodbye!