Zombi 3 (1988)

Directed by:

Written by: Rossella Drudi & Claudio Fragasso


Deran Sarafian .... Ken
Beatrice Ring .... Patricia
Ottaviano Dell'Acqua .... Roger
Massimo Vanni aka Alex McBride .... Bo
Ulli Reinthaler .... Nancy
Marina Loi .... Carole
Deborah Bergamini .... Lia
Mike Monty .... General Morton
Robert Marius .... Doctor Holder

Release Date: Paris Festival of Fantastic Films: June, 1988

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A terrorists body who is infected by a stolen chemical get cremated as his chemicals release some bacteria causing a virus for the dead to walk the Earth as well as some people lready infected to slowly change as well become flesh hungry zombie's as an army of soldiers must team up with a group of tourists and board themselves up in an abandoned hotel as they try to fend off the agile and aggressive living dead..

There's a good silent and mysterious beginning on what we may think is someone lying down and possibly dead which involves Doctor Holder doing an experiment as the shots looked good and dark as well as spotting this person waking up and then freaking out with his face changing and looking gruesome as there's good close up shots on this making it look genuinely shocking and creepy too.
We also spot someone running away with a case carrying the chemicals along with a helicopter chasing after him as there's nice shots on this and set out pretty good here as well as some anxious moments when he spills this while running in the jungle as this doesn't leave a nice impression at all when he realises that his skin is changing as this strongly grabs your attention here.
There's some cheesy moments with this victim forcing to stay at a hotel as well as perfect shocking moments when we spot him slowly changing while in a washroom as well as to what he does with his hand which doesn't look pleasant at all with good graphic close up shots on this as it will please fans of horror violence for sure.
There's a scene that seemed to rip off a segment from Return of the Living Dead by burning a zombie in a cremation oven but this wasn't done in a good style at all especially since it took place in the daytime when we spot the chemicals flying in the smoke not having a dark feel about it all.
There's a moment when a couple named Glenn and Patricia checks on the road and spots what looks like dead birds on the road which has a good focus on Glenn carefully checking on one which is supposed to keep you in suspense and a bird leaps up to bite him which was supposed to make you jump but this moment looked way too cheesy by how it was put together.
Also in the story there's lots of pointless and corny moments with a group of young adults driving on their holidays and showing off in front of a jeep full of army troops along with their interactions towards one another which I was thinking to myself that this is really lame and if it gets as bad as this throughout the rest of the story then I'm in big trouble. Yet we spot birds attacking them later on which packs some suspense and terror while we watch this happening as the timing was right for this to happen.
A terrific moment with Patricia trying to find someone in an abandened gas station giving you the chills by how this was all shot with things so still as well as a zombie trying to attack her and swinging a machette at her coming perfectly close to her while she doedges this living corpse in which this keeps you watching and wondering if she will be able to get away from this or not that it looked so perfectly intense and can be well remembered for anyone who saw this flick and a treat for horror fans too showing perfect timing within all of this.
We do spot a perfect moment with someone named Lia looking around a dark type of area inside which there's perfect creepy camera shots on this as well as spotting a zombie trying to attack her and pushing her in some water which was perfectly set and can please the horror fans out there.
We also spot the soldier Bo trying to rescue her by getting her out of the water as well as some perfect shocking horror gruesomeness that we spot on what happened to this woman as well as a great intense moment on her attacking him which really grabs your attention great time along with some great settings on some zombie's approaching out of the water towards him which had a perfect setting as well focusing some good misty shots. A definete for any zombie fans to not miss this scene.
Another scene that borrows a bit from Return of the Living Dead but done in a better taste this time is when we have Bo driving along with Patricia and then Glenn turns on her saying what he wants from her which looked like a good energetic scene including some great misty shots in the dark as well as him struggling against this guy and other zombie's as this scene looked perfectly intense here.
The action and suspense happens a great deal when Patricia as well as a troop of soldiers try to board themselves up in a home from the zombies as well as spotting the walls being torn down and them firing their weapons and other neat stuff like that having alot of good dark feels to all of this.
There's also a perfect moment with Nancy sleeping and a female zombie slowly approaching her and hissing out her name which looked genuinely dark and creepy to spot this as well as Nancy waking up and struggling to get away from her which adds alot of good action here.
Also another memorable moment is when we spot someone opening a fridge door and a zombie's head comes popping out and attacking which looked rather different to see in a zombie flick and slighly hokey too as well as good shocking shots on zombie's tearing these people up.
We also spot a pregnant woman going into labour whom is sowly changing into a zombie as well as perfect intense shots on other zombie's attacking Nancy trying to help this woman give birth which looked unpleasant to watch as well as spotting a hand coming out of the prgnant woman's stomach to grab at her as this looked rather strange and a bit stupid too. Not as original as the makers tried to do with this one.
We spot some great terrors and suspense when the survivors get into a helicopter and one of them tries to hang on whom is the last to get on as well as zombie's grabbing at his feet and bringing him down in which this makes you watch wondering if he will survive this being pinned against a gang of them.
Bottom line is that although there were exciting moment like I mentioned here at the same time the film was a real disappointing sequel to Zombie as things are happening too fast and the story isn't well focused. The plots were very drepressing to watch and alot of the times made on low production values. Still I admired some moments like I often do in italian horror flicks. Still makes you want to watch on what happens next since a sequel followed once again.

The acting is hard to follow sionce there's alot of them bouncing in and out for me to focus on their skills and most of it is overdubbed due to italian language. It looked rather poor while spotting most of it and will do my best to see who I can gather up here.
Deran Sarafian
) seemed to show off a nice rowerful approach to what he does here and had the right macho looks too. Seemed to come across nicely while struggling to get away from zombie's as well as helping others out which also drew in powerfully too.He seemed to come across onto the camera in a fair fashion here. Shows it off all pretty well and is a Hollywood actor too.
Beatrice Ring (Patricia) had the right looks and motive to her role but her voice was overdubbed so it was hard to tell her true talents but she seemed to show good fearful expressions as well as showing perfect intense energy while trying to get away from the zombie's so she seems to pass on what she does here. Seemed like a great drawing card to the story here which is what counts so I tip my hat off to her even if the actress who did her voice was pretty sloppy but most are while doing a foreign film.
Massimo Vanni aka Alex McBride
(Bo) came across in an okay fashion as someone who acts macho but convincingly charming at the same time even if he was speaking italian and his voice overdubbed into english but yet shows some good dynamic energy by what he had to do coming across as a heroic soldier which did alot of ther talking already here. He seemed to pull alot off and making him a likeable figure and was great in his blocking while trying to struggle from onscreen zombies. He brought the intense energy to a fair pace here.
Mike Monty (General Morton) was another Hollywood actor as he seemed to have used his voice in this film and seemed rather rough with his acting skills but yet came across as one of those closed minded type and shows an okay aggression while doing all of this here. He also had the perfect looks for this role so he suited it all. Just needed to get into character a bit better than when he did here. Otherwise came off nicely in front of the camera throughout his performance here.
Robert Marius (Doctor Holder) had an uncredited part in this film for some strange reason as he had the main supporting role in it and another Hollywood actor in which he seemed to show off some nice intense energy with his stressful attitude just letting it all out but yet he is over the top alot of the times while behaving like this. Yet grabs your attention a great deal while doing what he had to do hjere which was still convincing enough. Shows nice anxious expressions whenever he did this as well.

Lots of shocking gruesomeness like in the previous film.
A face gets mangled and gross looking.
Someone cuts off their arm with a machette in a sink and lots of blood splurting out.
A person's face is bloodily smashed against a mirror.
Person's face gets puffed up by some bites.
Bodies are burned to a crisp.
Legs are chomped off after being retrieved in a swampy water.
Many people are eaten alive and their necks bitten into as well as other body parts too.
Flesh is torn off a person's face.
Many zombie's are blown away.
Faces are being gouged into.
A hand tears out of a pregant woman's stomach.
Lots of bloodied gunshots.
A radio dj's face is mangled.

The music was played alot on a synthesizer as it was often toned out which was supposed to have a spooky feel to it but it was a little annoying and needed more inspiration as it overly played and I was thinking enough is enough as it was making the story look bad. However there's some average high pitched icy synthesizer playing almost sounding like a chanting sound so it worked in fairly clever in those spots as well as some beats for the action moments as this sounded mildly strong. All of this was put together by Stefano Mainetti plus he had a nice rocking soundtrack score to the picture especially for the closing credits as it was very 80's sounding.

Glenn: I'm feeling better, Patricia, but I'm thirsty... for your blood!