Zombie 4: After Dark (1989)

Directed by:

Written by: Rossella Drudi


Jeff Stryker .... Chuck
Candice Daly .... Jenny
aka Alex McBride .... David
Jim Gaines .... Dan
Don Wilson .... Tommy
Adrianne Joseph .... Louise
Jim Moss .... Mad
Nick Nicholson .... Rod

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: June 21, 1989 (Japan)

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A woman named Jenny (Candice Daly) returns to an island where her parents were devoured by flesh eating zombie's where they were working on a cure for cancer and accidentally raised the dead by angering a voodoo priest.
She brings along some mercenaries and meet up with some other researchers who found a book on the dead and reads it which awakens the zombie's as all hell breaks loose on the island and fight for their lives.

The beginning looked really lame as we spot a woman doing some sort of weird dance as well as a voodoo priest about to cast a spell which really looked incredibly hokey but an interesting moment when she is dragged into a firey pit. However there's raging discussions against an army of people against the priest in which this seemed too tongue in cheek but this was also due to overdubs of englist over italian language. Still while watching we do spot a great entertaining moment when the woman jumps up from the firey pit attacking those people with great dark shots on her doing this as this moment certainly reminds me of the movie Demons by how this was done but this was only one of the good moments used in the story.

There's a moment with a family trying to escape from the woods with a little girl and then when they depart an area we spot the zombie's running towards and spying on them which showed some okay timing here.
We spot a situation with the father being attacked by the zombie's in which this was supposed to look disturbing while the mother and little girl watch but this looked way too cheesy in order to be that way. Plus the scene was supposed to look sad and powerful when the mother tells the little girl to run since she was protecting her from zombie's but even this moment was too hard to be taken seriously at all.
We spot pointless discussions with a crew of people on a speed boat to the island as well as talking about them smelling the living dead and stuff like that which seemed like quite a bore to watch but yet some nice camera takes on all of this so it wasn't all that bad.
There's another great scene though involving three people discovering the book of the dead and about to read it as I wonder if these makers were paying a tribute to Evil Dead when they are about to read the book and getting reluctant at times. Also the setting reminded me of another setting in the film Demons with the film playing and people discover the mask. The setting here looked still and dark which was perfect as I felt entertained and then we spot the zombie's attacking which was supposed to make you jump but that scene is a miss. Yet things looked good and intense when everyone is struggling against the living dead with good close up shots on the zombie's hands charging and acting reckless and the victims trying to fight for their lives.
Some interesting action moments with everyone trying to fire away against the zombies as there's good action packed moments for all of this but the story really goes around in circles a little too much from what we haven't already seen in the previous films.
There's a nice slow uprising with a supporting character now a zombie and his girlfriend slowly turning to spot him and then he lunges in which looked fairly intense enough to watch as well as good shots on him walking like a zombie towards others with peer pressure as to wonder to kill him or not since he was a friend and now not human. Some cheesy discussions with this but it seemed to work in okay but not terrific by any means.
There are many good shots in different parts of the story with the dead rising from their gravestones as well as standing to watch on their prey while the victims keep themselves safe and discussing that they are watching like hawk on their prey which is pretty spooky whenever we spot this as well as good dark misty shots on this to leave it a nice effect. Plus we spot some of their friends now zombie's and creepily talking to them while trying to attack them which worked in cleverly but no0ne of this makes up from saving the story and this being a total bomb.
Bottom line is this italian series of the Zombie flicks keeps getting worst and worst every time and are running out of ideas as to keep the story flowing although they never seemed to relate to one another too much at all. Best to avoid this one unless you're incredibly curious as to what is happening after spotting the last film but yet you're not missing anything at all I can guarantee you.

The acting is once again overly dubbed and not too memorable but I will dig up some of them that stuck out in my mind and o my best here. Lead actor Jeff Stryker (Chuck) seemed to stand out the most of the whole cast showing some good dynamic energy that you could tell throughout his performance here as well as having that clean cut guy next door type of looks to him which seems to suit his role that he plays but yet knew on how to act tough within what he does here. Also knew on how to pull his anxiety while struggling against onscreen zombies. Seemed to show off great spunk and attitude so I find him acceptable here.
Candice Daly
(Jenny) had the right pretty girl next door looks and seemed to get into her role but it was hard to truly ttell her taltents here. She seemed to react to things pretty well especially waking up from a nightmare in a scene as well as doing well getting anxious while trying to get away from onscreen zombie's and stuff like that. I can't explain anything else about her than that.
Jim Moss (Dan) shows off a perfect seriousness as well as a good gruffness to his part in the film just springing into action whenever he needed to. He seemed to know his stuff as a war solider indeed by firing his weapon and acting courageous which shines off nicely here. Also shows a good hearted and caring behacvior too which also shows off well with whatever he had to do to prove that onto the camera.

Jim Gaines
(Dan) had the perfect masculine looks for the part in the flick and seemed to have a good solid performance too while getting into action as he was convincing by having a light headed but seriousness into his work here. Plus does well while freaking out when he is shot or attacked which he made his performance memorable while doing this.
Don Wilson (Tommy) shows off a nice spooked behavior into his role in which he shows off some perfect energy throughout all this. Plus he knew his stuff when he became a born again zombie showing nice slow movement and then lunging in for the attack. Also shows a perfect expressionless behavior too.
Nick Nicholson
(Rod) had the most effective supporting role in the film as he portrays a total redneck type of sarcastic attitude who doesn't seem to take things seriously as well as having that type of freaky type of look which really comes off well here. Does well with his womanising and flirtatious attitude. Also does well with his creepy speaking and terrorising behavior when he is a born again zombie.

Numerous bloody neck bites.
Faces torn off and eyes gouged out.
Zombie's hand tears into a person's chest.

We have many type of jungle rhythm congo type of composing and one of them that's overly played with woodwinds going to a high range which really got on my nerves big time and didn't suit the story at all. I seriously thought I was gonna lose it hearing it so much in the film. But there's some other types of synthesizer music too which seemed to fit in okay for the zombie adventureous moments that we spot in the film some of it had low sounds which seemed to do well. All of this was put together by Al Festa. He also perfomed a song titled "Living After Death" for the opening and closing credits which sounded great with the volcalising as well as the beats and keyboard playing too sounding total 80's American pop like which is one of the only good things used in the film.