Zombie 90: Extreme Pestilence (1991)


Written, Make-Up Effects & Directed by: Andreas Schnaas


Matthias Kerl .... Dr. Bern
Ralf Hess .... Dr. Simon

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1991

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An airplane carrying untested lethal chemicals crashes into a forest, a dead patient comes back to life in the operation room and mutilated bodies are being found all over the country.
Suddenly a group of zombie's are invading the forest and feasting on residents that trespass there in which a couple of scientists named Dr. Bern (Matthias Kerl) and Dr. Simon (Ralph Hess) tries to save anyone by finding a way on snuffing them all out by destroying their brains.


In the film we have a cheesy shot on an army airplane which seems to try and describe the story a bit as to how these people have become zombie's. Alot of terrible camera shots taking place in a laboratory with an odd amusing moment on a corpse rising up and the main character Dr. Bern shooting this zombie but the camera didn't look well paced for this at the same time coming across as a bit amateurish in which we spot bad camera moves when him and his assistant Dr. Simon walks out of the lab having a corny discussion as of course this was dubbed in English for the American viewers since this is a German splatter zombie flick. It made me wonder if those were the true lines that were spoken in German and translated in English as I had doubts on that.
There's a cheesy moment with a camera approaching someone outside revealing a chainsaw which doesn't look creepy like it was intended to as if someone was making a home movie doing this. But yet a nice shot on a zombie holding it and sawing someone in half as this looked horror like and shocking too which can totally gross you out after finding out the results here.
There's a nice creepy dark shot on a zombie's hand spying on both Dr. Bern and Dr. Simon doing experiments as I will give good credit to that as well as them catching this thing in the act and going into action later on.
Some interesting moments on a boyfriend trying to go in the woods to do his thing with mist floating around to try and make the setting look gloomy but you can tell that there was so much of this a fog machine was set out to do all of this. THere's good surroundings with the zombie's circling him and about to attack him yet when he tries to struggle it looks incredibly lacking and non energetic. At the same time you wonder if these zombie's will succeed in slaughtering him or not. Still the moments here looked incredibly slow.
Then more shocking situations with zombies slaughtering a woman in a wheelchair but when they try to attack her this looked sloppy especially with the camera shots. Also what doesn't make sense is after she is decapitated they take her baby which is obviously a doll making no effort by making this obbject look real out and slaughter this thing as I was convinced that Schnaas was on some heavy LSD while writing this scene.
Another brief amusing moment when Bern and Simon go into battle trying to snuff these zombie's out while going in the forestry area although alot of it looked sloppy but the brief suspenseful moment when we wonder if they will get out alive when a pack of them swarm the two of them.
Lame moments spotting zombies walking along the roadway as this didn't look convincing at all and terribly amateurish as well as spotting close up shots on terrible zombie make up done on these featured extra's.
Of course for a Schnaas moment we spot a perverted moment with a dick being cut off of a zombie and Bern running it over with his vehicle as I found this moment incredibly distasteful.
Near the close end of the film there's Bern in his run down home trying to check up on things from what he hears as it has a grindhouse feel to this as well as him going in for the kill once again snuffing these zombie's adding lame action moments and more bad camera shots on this. I was just thinking to myself when does this movie come to an end??? Peer torture.
Bottom line is that this was a sick film made for no particular reason and on a no budget value showing that anyone can bring out their camcorder and make a flick as this is just on what it comes down to. It's silly but not in a fun way at all and although that this was 75 minutes long the story lags as you wonder as to what they will finally finish it.

The acting is overdubbed in English and very difficult to tell the talents of the actors and it was a very small cast. The American overdubs were hilariously bad and annoying too like they were acting out of a bad comedy flick. I will do my best to review these actors.
Matthias Kerl (Dr. Bern) tried his best to play the heroic part in the film and almost had the right looks for this but yet he seemed to not take his role too seriously as you can tell. Sometimes he shows good expressions but other times he loses it a great deal like he is about to laugh when going into battle. Also he was a bit off on his lbocking and showing a lack of energy at times too.
Ralf Hess (Dr. Simon) looked like that he had a near good motive to play the sidekick and almost had the right looks for this. He seemed a bit off on his energy as well while getting into situations but sometimes he seemed okay and showing good rough expressions when he goes into a struggle. However when he changes he isn't convincing at all.
The rest of the cast are too hard to review here so that's all folks I'm afraid!

A dead body with a sack over his head has his penis revealed while lying there

Some insides are torn out in many scene's
A breast is cut off and insides are eaten
Bodies are cut in half by a chainsaw
Heads are chopped off
Machette's are cut in the shoulder
Heads are blown off
Bodies are torn up with insides eaten
Hands are chopped off
A dick is cut off
Lots of blood straying out of bodies

The music was terribly annoying as we hear alot of warped type synthesizer screeching and fast paced sounds mainly for the zombie attacks as well as hearing some screaming sounds too as it was starting to get on my nerves. Also hearing the odd marching type trashy synthesizer playing in many spots too. Yet there's an amusing heartbeat sounds for the opening and closing credits with cheesy synthesizer violin music which sounded fairly okay though. All of this was put together by Gregg Parker who did nothing else in which I could see why.

Dr. Bern: Try not to bleed

Girlfriend: [the boyfriend is going to go look around outside] I don't know. I wouldn't go out there if I were you.
Boyfriend: Aw, baby, I got to go out and take a dump anyway!
Girlfriend: No, don't go. Please. You don't even know what's out there.
Boyfriend: [holding a gun] You'll be alright. I have to take this gun. It's the only thing that'll kill the odor from my shit.

Boyfriend: [Walking through the foggy woods] Pretty foggy out here. I wonder if she farted and didn't tell me.

Boyfriend: [Looking through the woods] If I can just find a nice big fat leaf to wipe my ass with!

Dr. Bern: [after seeing that Simon disappeared] Told him to go to the bathroom before we got in this thing!

Dr. Bern: [aiming at a zombie with his gun] Make my day!