Zombi Holocaust (1980)


Directed by: Marino Girolami

Written by: Romano Scandariato

Story by: Fabrizio De Angelis


Ian McCulloch .... Dr. Peter Chandler
Alexandra Delli Colli .... Lori Ridgeway
Sherry Buchanan .... Susan Kelly
Peter O'Neal .... George Happer
Donald O'Brien .... Dr. Obrero / Dr. Butcher
Dakar .... Molotto

Release Dates: Theatrical: March 28, 1980 (Italy); April 18, 1980 (Germany); July 31, 1980 (Netherlands); January 15, 1981 (Barcelona, Spain); April 22, 1981 (France); June 15, 1981 (Madrid, Spain); March 5, 1982 (Denmark); April 22, 1982 (Portugal); May 7, 1982 (USA); Night Visions Film Festival: October 29, 2006 (Finland); Iik!! Horror Film Festival: November 4. 2006 (Finland)

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In New York body pieces are missing in a hospital that are supposed to be learning tools for students at their university as they catch one of them who tried to eat a heart out of a corpse and then takes his life.
Dr. Dreylock's assistant and anthropologist Lori Ridgeway (Alexandra Delli Colli) recognizes the signal of a tribe in the Moluccas Island that worships the god Kito.
Dr. Peter Chandler (Ian McCulloch) organizes an expedition to go to an island with a group of other people to travel with him to find out some missing clues as they are hunted one by one by native cannibals as well as zombie's. Plus they find out a deep dark secret on the island too.


The film has a nice mysterious feel to it all as we spot a mysterious figure with his feet walking into a mortuary and spotting some shocking moments on what this maniac does with the corpses hand as this doesn't look pleasant at all. There's also good shocked reactions when the employees come in and spot what had happened later on with good close up shots on this.
The humor falls flat and dry when the students make sarcastic moments on a missing body part of this corpse the next day which I didn't find funny at all and seemed rather cheesy to watch this scene.
Another good shocking moment with this mysterious maniac about to eat a heart of another corpse and getting caught along with him crashing out of a building window as this psychs you out wondering as to why he took his life adding a nice mysterious moment to all of this.
An interesting and creepy moment with one of the character's Lori Ridgeway getting changed and we spot some sort of a zombie type staring at her through a window with a good shot closing in on him as this adds a nice touch to the story.
There's pointless discussions with everyone making plans out in the jungle as I was getting a bit bored by watching all of this.
Then there's a perfect creepy moment when this same zombie peeks through Lori's tent with great reaction on her and what she does to snuff this thing out which looked good and graphic.
A nice distant shot on a bunch of canniballistic natives running and watching the main characters but yet when we spot what they do it looked a bit goofy to watch instead of suspenseful. However a nice shocking moment when a foreign members gets caught in their trap and nice close up shots on the cannibals grabbing at his insides which looked truly shocking to watch and can please the fans of this type but it for sure wasn't for me at all.
There's also a moment when one of the cannibals run past someone while kidnapping the character Susan Kelly which was badly put in as we all know that the others could catch this maniac in time. There's some suspenseful situations however when they are pinned by the cannibals trying to grab and eat these people with good close up shots on this as you kinda wonder if they will succeed which isn't a pleasant feeling at all. Also perfect gruesome close up shots on them gorging out on one of them as this looked perfectly disturbing and graphic which should please fans who like sick horror films. We also spot a zombie with cheesy hissing sounds towards these natives as the costume for this zombie looked totally amateurishly done.
Some nice flowing discussions between Dr. Peter Chandler and Lori when they walk along a shore to a blown up raft which looked nicely set as well as a good mysterious shot on some zombie's feet approaching them as well as spotting the creepy face which looked nicely done. Plus a good shocking moment on Peter using the motor of the raft to attack against this zombie showing nice shocking horror violence here.
Also a perfect setting when the two of them thinks that they discover their friend with her head turned only to reveal that it isn't her as well as more shocking evidence on this too.
Plus some shocking moments with a mad scientist named Dr. Butcher having someone strapped to a table and draining blood out of her as well as him about to cut open her head which can make you cringe big time for anoyne who doesn't like sick and graphic horror violence. Plus this scene was supposed to make you wonder if both Peter and Lori will save their friend in time.
Some well focused shots on Peter strapped to a table as well as him trying to find some ways on escaping which was supposed to keep you in suspense but it seemed a little too cheesy and obvious. Alot of time lagging within this too. Yet some nice surprising shots on some zombies grabbing him when he tries to escape.
A good setting with Lori walking towards a cult ceremony with the cannibals which looked nicely planned out but then it was starting to slump and looked quite irritating later on while we keep watching this scene.
Bottom line is that this film was bland and pointless as well as a weak plot too with low production values unless where mentioned. A total piece of crap and almost as lame as Bloody Pit of Horror. Offers plenty of sick moments trying to make this look interesting for the horror fans but that is a flop in itself.

The acting is hard to tell on the talents for the most part since it was overly dubbed by american actors but lead actor Ian McCulloch (Dr. Peter Chandler) seemed to have his voice in the film and not touched at all as he seemed to deliver a nice charm to his personality as well as offering some okay energy within his performance. Seemed to do well when acting groggy while he was drugged but sometimes when he was struggling he was slightly off but not terribly. Also had thenice clean cut looks to his role which was another good plus to his performance here.
Alexandra Delli Colli (Lori Ridgeway) had her voice overly dubbed but seemed to show off some good energy judging by how she did things as she showed great shocked or frightened expressions. Plus seemed to know on how to get into a discussion too. Does well with her blocking too while trying to struggle against others which she added a nice force to. Plus she does a nice job while going into a trance in a certain scene and focusing on this well too.
Sherry Buchanan (Susan Kelly) had her voce overly dubbed too but seemed to offer some good spunk and sarcastic charm into her role as one of those people whom are light headed. Really draws into what she does as well she added a good bubbly type of attitude too. Also does well freaking out when she is getting tortured which seemed to fit well and studied her part nicely here.
Donald O'Brien
(Dr. Obrero / Dr. Butcher) shows a fair motive as a mad scientist really acting zany and crazy for what he does here but sometimes when he springs into action he needed a bit more energy while doing all of this. He had the right looks for this and seemed to do not too badly showing this stuff onto the camera here. Just needed some improvements here and there.
(Molotto) shows it off nicely with his masculine presence and seemed to be on the ball with what he was doing here. I believe he used his voice in the film as there was an accent that showed off here and did it well which was anice attention grabber. Also knew on how to spring into action too with whatever he did. Plus shows off a good presence when he betrays his onscreen character's coming across as a good smooth criminal here.

Alexandra Delli Colli takes off her top while about to take a shower as well as showing full frontal nudity as well as her butt when she goes in the shower.
She is also fully nude during a cult ceremony.

An arm is sawed off a corpse.
A corpses insides are taken out during a test for some students.
A corpses insides are revealed after they're eaten.
A heart is taken out of a corpse.
Slaughtered bodies are revealed in a jungle.
Machette is whacked in a zombie's head.
Cannibals tear out the insides of some people as well as plucking out some eyeballs and other shocking gross out moments.
A woman with her scalp torn off is revealed as well as her brain revealed after the top of her head is cut off.
Slit throat is revealed.

The music was quite annoying alot of the times here as we hear some of the same brief screechings over and over again like it's some sound of the wildlife as that got on my nerves here a great deal. There's some jungle sounds which seemed to fit in okay as well as the odd low synthesizer music too. Plus we hear some windy sounds and various jungle type sounds for the closing credits which sounded catchy all put together by Walter E. Sear

Med Student 1: I bet it was you who chopped that hand off!
Med Student 2: Why would you say that?
Med Student 1: Well, didn't you say you needed "a hand" to help you study?