The Zombie King (2013)


Directed by: Aidan Belizaire

Written by:
Rebecca-Clare Evans
, Jennifer Chippindale & George McCluskey


George McCluskey .... Ed Wallace
David McClelland .... Munch
Michael Gamarano .... Boris
Timothy Owen .... Neville
Rebecca-Clare Evans .... Danny
Jennifer Chippindale .... Tara
Seb Castang .... Simo
John Campling .... Father Lawrence
Edward Furlong .... Samuel Peters - The Zombie King

Special Appearance:

Corey Feldman .... Kalfu

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: April 26, 2013 (Germany)




Samuel Peters (Edward Furlong) once an ordinary man, dabbles within the laws of voodoo to bring his wife back from the grave, he soon encounters the God of malevolence 'Kalfu', where he makes a pact with him to destroy the underworld and bring chaos to earth; in return he will become 'The Zombie King' and walk the earth for eternity with his departed wife. Seven days before the rise of the Dark Moon, Samuel Peters (The Zombie King) calls upon Kalfu to raise seven of the recently departed, where their souls must be held on earth for seven days.
With the ever growing horde of zombies, they begin to completely wipe out a countryside town. Once the Government get wind of what is going on, they set a perimeter around the town area and employ a shoot on sight policy.
Trapped within the town, the locals and unlikely bunch of misfits fight for their lives, and the remaining humans soon realise that they have to unite in order to survive.
Seeking sanctuary in a local church, they discover a bizarre disturbed priest where he gives them the knowledge of 'The Zombie King'. Can our hero's unravel the clues in time and survive or will The Zombie King and his horde of zombies rise on the night of the dark moon?


The story looks really confusing from start to almost end here as we spot three guys named Ed Wallace, Munch and Boris trying to play a game of hide and seek in the forest from some zombie's chasing after them which almost looks like a take on those parody living dead flicks such as Shaun of the Dead and it looked a bit lame to watch all of this happening but yet things looked almost suspenseful when one of them has a hard time crossing over a fence and a zombie almost gets him as well as good shots on them running away in a field from these running corpses.
Then things seem to go around in circles with everyone wondering what to do as well as telling each other their stories as to what happened in their neighborhood revealing goofy flashback memories in which one of them sticks out in my mind is quite funny with the main character Ed discussing on his mail delivery on kids chucking some sort of round fruit at him as well as a little dog barking and making him scared to enter the yard as this can offer the odd chuckles. Plus spotting a neighbor bending down near another person lying on the ground as this definetely leaves an impression that the neighbor is now a zombie eating someone this looked nicely shot on making you think that big time.
Still it gets dull for a while with their discussions but yet the story turns serious horror which is an interesting change here as well as meeting some newcomers lead by a soldier named Simo as this almost pays a tribute to the Dawn of the Dead or even Day of the Dead flicks while we spot on what goes on here.
We also spot some moments with everyone getting together in an area locking themselves in talking about their tales including one moment with someone working in a store and spotting a zombie constantly hitting a glass door and then someone approaching behind this zombie and then being attacked which looked effective as well as someone whom is nearly attacked by her father as he's a born again zombie as this for sure makes you cringe while watching this.
We spot a good moment with a corse lying in a closet doorway as well as one of the people trying to poke at it to see if it will move which is a real eye grabber and making you scared wondering if this thing will leap out and attack and for sure will make you jump out of your seat a bit.
Also a good fast action camera shots with the gang running away from the zombie's in a cornfield as this packs a punch with the suspense watching alot of this happening.
An impressive situation with a drunken Father Lawrence at a cathedral telling everyone the history of what was happening as well as a perfect dark flashback situation with the supporting character Samuel Peters outside of a cemetary of the cathedral about to do some sort of witchcraft as well as smoke flying in their air and the people becoming zombie's which added a perfect dark horror touch to all of this. This will finally please zombie fans since the story has been slow with what was happening so far.
There's a situation when a zombie leaps out to attack Simo but yet this was supposed to have made you jump and this fails unfortunately but it looked mildly intense by what goes on here but not too intense at the same time.
A perfect flashback sequence involving Father Lawrence walking up some dark staris as the shots here seemed to make things look creepy as well as spotting Samuel Peters summoning up a demon who happens to be Kalfu with great creepy moments on what goes on here and nice shots on this too. Plus there's nice intense moments and good effects by all that happens with this situation as well which can please horror fans spotting some demonic moments in a zombie flick which is a bit different to watch. There's the odd dark humor too which worked in okay to top it off.
The fun seems to start up more so as we have everyone going in for the fight to snuff out zombie's including Father Lawrence in which he stabs some with his crucifix and others using other kinds of weapons adding some nice uplifiting humor here. Plus we spot some tragic moments too as this draws in nicely too.
Bottom line is that the film had good production values but the story was lagging big time and very confusing in ohter words it lacked a storyline as I tried to get into it with the well done moments but just couldn't. It tried to be original with the demonic moments used in a zombie flick but didn't go too far with that at all.

The acting seems to work in well but alot don't stand out yet I will do my best here as lead actor George McCluskey (Ed Wallace) came off nicely as the leader of the pack showing a nice brainy type of behavior and good knowledge. Plus showed some nice timing with his comedic moments too. He also showed off a good clear and deep voice coming across as perfectly serious and meaning business in certain parts of the film which looked nicely done here.
David McClelland
(Munch) also seemed like a natural ham in his presence as a milk delivery driver adding alot of enthusiasm and energy into his role and coming across as believeably likeable too. He also knew on how to charge into battle whenever he needed to and had a good uplifting attitude as well while he is saying his lines which was another nice plus to his role here. He also had the right looks for this part too which showed off nicely onto the screen.
Timothy Owen (Neville) seemed to stand out well in his supporting role here as he brings a good hype to what he is doing as well as acting perfectly anxious whenever he needed to especially during problematic situations and the terror that's happening in the story. He was for sure on the ball of things while spotting his performance.
Rebecca-Clare Evans (Danny) shows a good stern type of attitude especially when she talks to someone up front in a good serious fashion. She also does a nice job acting like the leader of her pack of women. Does well with her no nonsense attitude and has the dark type of looks too which really grabs your attention a great deal as if she's the one in most control of things.
Jennifer Chippindale
(Tara) shows off a nice sensitivity to her part in the film as one of the soft spoken one's along with doing a good job by having a concenred conversation in one part of the film which she knew on how to get into this a great deal here. Also does well with her vicious and aggressive attitude while killing someone showing a nice different twist into her part of the story.
Seb Castang
(Simo) was perfect in his role as a leader of an army of young men doing battle against the zombie's. He shows a perfect seriousness and getting to the point with people as this looked powerfully performed here. Plus does a nice job with his aggressions just letting it out a great deal within all that he did here. Plus does a great job reacting in pain when hje starts to get killed and reacting to this in a fari fashion although it sometimes lacked a bit.
John Campling
(Father Lawrence) stood out the most as he really knew on how to ham it up as a drunken preacher by talking gorggily as well as sounding grungy too which he brought this to a highly energetic pace plus was great with his blocking and knew on how to act perfectly heroic by going into battle with his aggressions as well as showing his upsetting behavior too just packing a great punch within all of this.
Edward Furlong (Samuel Peters - The Zombie King) was superb in his role adding a good emotional type of attitude as well as speaking softly to his onscreen loved on as this was a good cather here and focusing well on this. Plus he also shows a great aggressive and demanding type of attitude as well as acting forceful which he shows energy into all of this combined. Plus does well while going into battle too or showing good cold expressions in many parts of the film too.
It's nice to see Corey Feldman (Kalfu) still getting work even if his role wasn't too big here but yet seemed to show a nice vicious attitude as a demon in the film and bringing it all out and having a nice forceful energy while getting nasty to others. He was fairly comedic while doing this too. Had great nasty expressions as well. His voice was overdubbed to sound echoey and evil but oh well.

The odd stabbings here and there.
Some neck bites and a person being eaten with some brief gruesomeness.
A blood gunshot in someone's chest.

The music was smoothly put together hearing good orchestral violin playing sounding very sad as well as numerous banging and clanging sounds especially for the chasing sequences with the zombie's after others. Also some nice hissing sounds in one scene when the drunken preacher goes up a staircase to reveal a situation which also blends in perfectly. Some good sad piano playing near the end of the movie too which was faily catchy all put together by Andrew Phillips.