Zombie Nightmare (1986)


Produced & Directed by: Jack Bravman

Written by: David Wellington


Frank Dietz .... Frank Sorrell
Tia Carrere .... Amy
Alan Fisler .... Bob
Manuska Rigaud .... Molly Mokembe
Shawn Levy .... Jim Batten
Adam West
.... Capt. Tom Churchman
Hamish McEwan .... Peter
Manon E. Turbide .... Susie
Francesca Bonacorsa .... Louise Washington

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: 1986




A boy and his mother witness their family man being murdered by two punks after a softball game for trying to rescue a girl being raped.
Years later this boy now a man gets run over accidentally by a gang of punks and his mother calls upon a voodoo lady to resurrect him from the dead as he seeks revenge against them all.


In the beginning there's a moment when we spot the character Molly Makembe doing some voodoo which looked pretty phony to watch but yet there's nice dark settings and then we have the opening credits come up which looks pretty Zgrade with the cheesy computer effects but yet this looked fun to watch regardless.
We spot a prologue with some punk kids about to rape someone walking home from a softball game in which this was supposed to look disturbing and intense but seemed so wooden that it was tough to be taken seriously while spotting all of this. Also there's a family man beating up on the punks which looked sloppily done along with one of them stabbing him to death which looked pretty amateurishly done too. This was supposed to look intense but watching this you're not fooled by this in any means at all.
More cheesiness with the muscular character Tony Washington in a store acting heroic by beating up some thugs trying to rob the place. The fighting choreography looked fairly amateurishly done but yet this can be fun to watch especially when he speaks to the store clerk afterwards to see if he's okay. The discussions seemed to flow not too badly here but that's one of the only good situations so far.
Then we have a moment with some wild punks driving and then a scene with Tony walking out of the store in which things look obvious that something is going to happen here as well as a cheesy slow motion shot on him getting run over accidently. This also was supposed to keep you in suspense but yet it slopes down big time.
There's a nice setting when Tony is lying dead and his mother is grieving as well as discussing to Molly on resurrecting him which was nicely put in even if the surroundings here were hard to be taken seriously as it was over the top on how the whole scenerio for this was planned.
Molly does her voodoo magic but yet this doesn't look powerful at all. However there's a good moment with the zombie rising up and growling which can amuse fans on cheesy horror flicks such as this one.
In another scene we have the head punk Jim having a disfunctional conversation with his Mom which is so laughable and in a bad way too.
There's a situation with a couple Peter and Susie going in a hot tub at a centre wearing their underwear etc which looked silly to watch here and all too planned out. Then we have our vengeful zombie Tony coming in for the attack as watching all of this looked very amateurish and sloppily done too.
Also there's a corny discussion with the head detective Frank talking to his co-hort on the situation of the murder there as this seemed annoying and pointless to watch throughout all of this and very stale along with this moment being badly written too.
What's even more stupid is that we spot the head detective Frank Sorrell entering a police station and there's a struggle with the police trying to handcuff a powerful punk in which I was thinking ho hum. Then we have a pointless and boring discussion between him and Capt. Tom Churchman in which this was supposed to look humoress but I wasn't laughing at all.
There's a good moment when Jim pursues to rape someone in which this looked a little bit intense but nothing to big to brag about as well as the blocking on this looked pretty amateurishly done here. Then we have Tony coming in and impaling him in the stomach with his bat which is supposed to look like a natural killing in a slasher-zombie flick but instead looked completely dumb.
The only scene worth watching is when we discover that Tom Churchman has a deep dark secret he's about to reveal taking place at a graveyard as well as spotting some ghoulish situations on a zombie rising from the ground and pulling him down underneath in which this looked very effective to watch all of this. That's about it folks!
Bottom line is that the makers tried too hard to make this a worthy film with what they had and it's very humiliating to watch most of this and was surprised this actually got a limited release instead of direct-to-video. Making this film was a waste of time and easily forgettable too.

The acting is terrible and very amateurishly performed but will try to review on what I notice on some of these cast members here. Lead actor Frank Dietz (Frank Sorrell) seemed to be the best out of the cast in which I must say was quite sharp in his role playing a detective as he seemed to know his stuff here. Does well stressing out his words on a case as well as showing some decent adrenaline here and there. Just knew what he was doing as well as showing the odd good aggressions too whenever he needed to be that way.
Tia Carrere (Amy) makes her film debut in which I bet wasn't too proud of this one as she doesn't seem to strut her stuff too well while portraying this part whenever she acted anxious on a situation or getting upset. She doesn't show off any interesting characteristics at all and needed some acting lessons. Good thing she improved later on in future shows.
Alan Fisler (Bob) seemed to almost have the macho type boy next door looks but he fails to have this kind of appeal. He seems to do fairly okay with his sarcastic type of behavior and tries his best to get into a character showing off his energy and enthusiasm but yet just doesn't have what it takes to be this way at all. Sorry folks.

Manuska Rigaud (Molly Mokembe) seemed to look right to portray herself as a voodoo lady but yet acts like a born amateur whenever she gets into the serious and mysterious mode by showing it off here. I can't understand why she had a hard time making her role convincing as it wouldn't take much here but she just didn't have what it takes to do any of this at all.
Shawn Levy (Jim Batten) was the most embarrassing one out of the whole cast playing a bad ass punk as he doesn't come off as intimidating whenever he acts violent and seems to try way too hard to be something that he wasn't at all. He was way over the top with everything that he did especially whenever he acted violent. Plus he looked dorky which he was badly miscast here. There was one scene that he seemed to do okay acting nuts about an incident by running someone over and laughing hysterically which looked amusing to watch.
Adam West (Capt. Tom Churchman) was better off as the caped crusader in which he tried to act like a ham in his part but fails to offer any chuckles here. Seemed to do well with his focused attitude whikle he is talking but that's not saying a whole lot. He seemed to be doing his performance just for the money and not taking any on what he does seriously at all. During the near end of his performance seemed to pull it off okay showing a good dark attitude into what he had to do here.
Manon E. Turbide (Susie) seemed to have the perfect pretty blonde haired looks which did the talking more than her performance here. She seems to do fairly okay with her whiney and worrysome attitude though as she shows a bit of good energy here but that's about it.
Francesca Bonacorsa (Louise Washington) was probably one of the best cast members here in which she seemed to show everything off nautrally as a caring mother. She does well when she grieves a death not overly doing it and has a good mellow atttiude in other scene's too. She wasn't anything special however. Oh well.

Some faces are bloodied but nothing too graphic as it looked phony

A bunch of cheesy synthesizer music sounding mellow in the calm scene's but when the suspense piles up it seems to sound fairly good and energetic along with the odd sliding guitar sounds too. We also hear some jungle beat sounds and wood tapping for the moment when there's voodoo magic occuring which sounded powerful. Also there's some annoying deep piano pounding sounds of the synthesizer when there's the first zombie attack and other suspenseful moments like that which was a little too much. Plus there's some cheesy low violin syntheiszer sounds which doesn't come off too well either.

There's a great metal soundtrack to the film which is alot better than the story iteself.
There's a great stompin tune for the opening credits by the band Motorhead with "Ace of Spades" in which we have a perfect faced paced guitar playing and the grungy vocalising as this song is perfect for any opening on a horror flick and a perfect choice here.
During the closing credits we have the band Knighthawk with "Zombie Life" as this was a perfect song for the closing credits having a good beat to it all as well as great guitar riffs along with the hyped vocalising sounding like a total 80's type of metal tune.

Jim Batten: When Jimbo wastes them, they stay wasted.