Zombie Undead (2011)


Produced, Edited & Directed by: 

Composed, Edited & Written by: Kris Tearse


Ruth King .... Sarah 
Kris Tearse .... Jay
Barry Thomas .... Steve
Christopher J. Herbert .... Phil
Rod Duncan .... Frank
Sandra Wildbore .... Mary 

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: May 30, 2011 (UK); Horrorthon Festival Dublin: October 29, 2011





A car roars through the road to a hospital as a person is bloodily bitten on the neck with his daughter Sarah (Ruth King) driving him there but then while in the hospital is silent and quiet and then discovers later on that the living dead has risen in the hospital as well as in the outside areas of the community in which she is rescued by one of the employees there named Jay (Kris Tearse) and find other survivors which explains on what has happened to everyone else finding very little on escaping the area that they're trapped in.


Impressive moments with things going hectic at a hospital by having emenrgencies as well as dysfucntional moments going on as this leaves a nice impression to a start of a zombie flick by what we spot that is about to happen here.
A nice moment with the lead character named Sarah having a hard time seeing on what's in the hallway with a zombie slowly approaching her as this leaves a suspenseful feel to what might happen here as well as a good surprising moment on another character Jay killing this zombie as well as him trying to talk to her when she freaks out as this looked pretty tense and adding some good energy to a start of their own story of survival in the hospital.
There's a scene when Jay slowly opens some bathroom doors to see if there's a zombie hiding behind one of them which was supposed to have kept you in suspense but this seems to miss a bit but yet it looked well focused at the same time.
A nice suspenseful and mysterious moment when Sarah, Jay and Steve wait for the elevator door to open when zombie's are slowly catching up to them which seemed fairly suspenseful wondering when the door will open as well as a character caught on a surveillance camera standing in the elevator leeting it stall adding a nice mysterious touch as to wondering who she is while we continue to watch here.
There;s a good moment on the three of them going down some stairs and spotting a dead corpse lying there and then a close up shot on this corpse's hand moving. However while they go down the stairs it was supposed to make you jump when this dead body tries to grab at one of their legs and this misses by a longshot. A spoiler for exposing this form moving which shouldn't have been put in to deliver more scares.
There's an interesting shot on a zombie feasting out on a corpse with good grossly close up shots on this while the three of them slwoly try to walk by without this thing recognising them but this scene took a bit too long. 
There's neat effects yet with a surveillance camera shot on them looking around and then spotting zombie's looking at them and ready to attack as it gives you that found footage type of horror feel which often works in those horror films. 
Perfect done in discussions with other characters discussing on what has been happening as well as what these things are which grabs your attention and good shots on them plus nice dysfunctional moments on some of them with a fight and other situations like that which looked powerful to watch. However there;s a scene with Jay punching out of of these people which doesn't look pwerful enough or the sound effects didn't seem sharp enough either. 
A nice shot on Steve in a hallway and then a zombie catching him by surprise by biting his neck as this looked perfectly intense on what goes on with this moment here. Also a great moment with the character Frank warning the others on him going to turn into a zombie and explaining as to why the reasons for being bitten by a zombie happens which seems to look at a nice historical moment on a zombie film of a virus that it carries. A nice written in moment. 
Plus we spot a nice focusing moment on Steve slowly dozing off and waking up with the warning that the effect is gonna happen to him which keeps you watching in suspense wondering if he will leap up and attack and becoming a born again zombie here while we watch carefully.
Perfectr shocking moment when Sarah and Jay spots a dead body with gruesome results lying on the floor and later on this corpse grabbing at her and she struggles as well as getting sick after escaping which does make you feel sick to your stomach for something gross like this coming to life.
A great moment with Jay spotting Steve standing there lifeless and trying to see if he's still human or not as this looked good and gloomy and knowing that he's now the living dead as well as good shots on other zombies slowly walking past him.
Great suspenseful moments with Jay, Sarah and Phil trying to escape up a ladder from the zombie's coming in as this was carefully shot and perfectly well done along with a moment on what Jay does to Phil for his nasty deeds as this was nicely put in and looking unpleasant too.
A nice still focused conversation with Jay talking to Sarah in the forest along with a surprising moment on him being shot which is a nice jumping and perfect tense moment here which you don't expect this to happen at all.
A perfect intense moment with Sarah crying hysterically towards a farmer in which he tries to explain to her on not knowing who he killed which looked strongly done by the two of them. Also good energetic moments when this farmer tries to shoot some zombies while she tries to manage to escape from the madness which looked nicely done as well.
Bottom line is that this was a nicely done independent film that was short and simple and not looking complicated at all adding some mysterious moments. Sure there's some leaky holes in it but it was also nicely drawn in as well. I tip my hat off to the people who made this UK flick seeming to pay a tribute to the George A. Romero flicks.

The acting is well performed as lead actress Ruth King (Sarah) seemed to know her stuff as someone who seems out of it at first and pumps out some nice adrenaline when the terrifying moments happen just letting it all out. Also does a good job with her anxious speaking when stressing situations which also looked sharply done and being believeable acting shocked when attacked or getting sick too. Plus let's out some great crying emotions when she's upset on a situation as well as bringing her energy to a hype when she freaks out. She for sure brought out quite alot by what she does here. 
Kris Tearse (Jay) certainly had the right stocky looks for his role as well as really getting into his character a great deal while trying to kill off zombie's. He also does a great job with his seriousness while speaking to others drawing this in perfectly. Also offers some great aggressions as this shows off greatly too just packing a punch with this. Shows off a likeable personality too in other scene's of the film which he focused on all of this and found him to be the best out of the whole cast here. 
Barry Thomas
 (Steve) draws out a good hyper type of attitude as well as showing off great aggressions or acting anxious which he really knew on how to get into this type of mode. Delivers some good spunk into what he does here. Also reacts well hollering in pain when he gets bitten as well as doing a good job while acting drowsy and ready to pass out and reacting gruff while being this way. Does well acting expressionless in his last performance and staring coldly too. Defientely knew his craft with this role. 
Christopher J. Herbert
 (Phil) seemed to do an okay job with his role as a scumbag in the film adding a good hyperactive attitude within what he does here. Comes across as a convincing wimp for sure along with a perfect moment at the end of his performance by screaming in terror bringing this to a nice crisply touch. 
Rod Duncan (Frank) drew across well onto the camera as one of the knowledgeable types experiencing on what has happened in which he really showed off a nice drive with his speaking on all of this and brings a nice seriousness to what he does as well as showing off a good cautious attitude within all of this too. Had the right elderly looks which was a nice bonus to his role.
Sandra Wildbore
 (Mary) seemed to show off well onto the camera like the rest as she seemed to show one of those types making unwise choices which she knew on how to drive this into her personality along with showing off a good high type of speaking as well as doing a good job acting nervous with what happens in certain situations but yet trying to act calm at the same time without losing control. Definetely became a nice key role to the story for what she does here.

Blood is revealed on a man's neck that is bitten.
Mangled bloodied looking zombies are revealed throughout the story.
Zombie's head is whacked with a knife.
A dead boy's head is cut thickly. 
A zombie's gorges on a corpse with their insides revealed being eaten.
Intestines are revealed out of a dead body lying there.
Some bloody gunshots.

The music seems to work in well for the gloominess of the zombie invasion as there';s alot of deep sounds like the hissing and some moaning too. Plus we hear deep tones of what sounds like a piano or the odd violin type music. Plus in certain spots we spot suggestive army type drum tapping which grabs your attention here a great deal. Also odd guitar chords in other areas as well as fast paced music with guitar playing for the closing credits sounding perfectly done all of this was put together by David Fellows and Kris Tearse.