Amityville: Dollhouse (1996)


Produced & Directed by: Steve White

Written by:
Daniel L. Stern


Robin Thomas .... Bill Martin
Starr Adreeff .... Claire Martin
Allen Cutler .... Todd Martin
Rachel Duncan .... Jessica Martin
Jarrett Lennon .... Jimmy Martin
Clayton Murray .... Jimmy's Father
Franc Ross .... Tobias
Lenore Kasdorf .... Aunt Martha
Lisa Robin Kelly .... Dana

Release Dates:
Direct-to-Video: November 15, 1996




A newlywed couple named Bill (Robin Thomas) and Claire (Starr Adreeff) with different kids move into a house but however, the stepsiblings don't seem to adjust too well plus one of the kids named Jimmy (Jarrett Lennon) is unhappy with the house and his stepfather as well as his stepbrother named Todd (Allen Cutler) and wants them out of his life.
Well Bill's daughter named Jessica (Rachel Duncan) celebrates her birthday as he finds a dollhouse in the garage of the new house and gives it to her for a present. However, little does he know it was a dollhouse from the house in Amityville as it was on fire and killed a family there. The dollhouse is posessed by supernatural spirits that have devastated families in the past from the burned down house.
Strange events starts to occur as Jimmy sees his father return from the dead and tells him that things will be back to normal for him but he has deadly plans for Bill.
Also the house gets too hot and people are attacked by certain creepy things in the house along with some windstorms too.
Slowly the family gets posessed in the house as wel by the evil spirits and the family must learn to fight back from the tormentors of these spirits.


Things seem to look nicely done in with the family moving into the new home as well as situations with a son Todd not adjusting to his stepfamily in which we have some spats with him and an oddball stepson Jimmy who spends time with his pet mouse as the moments on their rivalry looked impressive to watch as well as naturally done too.
There's a nice discussion between the characters Bill and Todd during a father and son talk and the difficulties adjusting to a new family and home. Good moments on Todd acting ignorant and rebellious towards his father which seemed to look pretty strong as well as his bedroom window opening with wind and leaves blowing in which was supposed ot be a jumping moment. Yet it looked too cheesy and obvious.
A nice focused setting on the Amityville dollhouse sitting there as Bill takes a look at it and nicely focused moments on him taking it as wel as a good focused shot on a newspaper clipping on the wall next to it as to what has happened which is impressive too.
There was also a great brief haunting sequence involving Bill walking in the hallway of the house and a fire lights up. Then there's a ghostly woman talking to him inside the fireplace which looked impressive and a nice shot at the fireplace too. We have a real teaser that Bill is dreaming this and then wakes up but realises he's dreaming again or is he? A perfectly brain teasing moment.
Impressive situation when young Jessica opens her present and it's the dollhouse as this is a real attention grabber since it's a big present which looked uplifting on a child being happy.
Also some impressive shots on the dollhouse with smoke coming out of the chimney and then the fireplace in the home lighting up with everyone sweating wondering why it's so hot as the tension seemed to really work in this scene.
There's a suspenseful scene when a tarantula lands on the face of Jimmy after hitting a pinyata with the stick. Certainly looked impressive wondering if this thing will bite him or not. There's a good disturbing sequence on him attacking his older brother Todd with the stick as it adds a nice touch to the horror story here.
A cute moment with Jimmy's mouse suddenly going into the dollhouse and climbing up the steps of the object but yet leaves a cringing feeling that something's going to happen to this rodent losing cute of this neat moment. Plus a nice suspenseful moment on an object underneath Jessica's bed even if some of the effects looked pretty phony but nice look on some red glowing eyes underneath her bed.
We have nice moments between the characters Jimmy and his Dad as it looked spooky during their first scene together as son and zombie father. It was supposed to make you a bit surprised when this being from the dead appeared but sadly misses by a longshot.
Perfect twisted moments with Claire staring at Todd topless shooting some hoops and feeling lustful towards her stepson while watching him which makes you wonder if she's possessed and not herself which this moment really draws you in while watching this scene unravel.
Nicely focused scene with Todd in a lustful moment with his girlfriend Dana and suddenly a glass object holding a dead wasp breaks open with this insect buzzing around and it's eyes closing in on them as well as something creepy happening to Todd with this deadly flying object which looked cleverly done.
Plus there's nice camera shots of the dollhouse when smoke goes up the chimney as well as it lighting up and a scene where it spins around.
Well focused discussions with Dana talking to Todd about how fortunate his family is and explaining how her life is as this was a good scene along with him making margaritas while we have a shocking moment on what happens to Dana with the fireplace blazing off and the results later on.
Well focused moments when Tobias and Aunt Martha performs a witchcraft ceremony with candles surrounding a table and using a voodoo doll they found from the dollhouse as well as a nicely focused shot on him stabbing a needle through a candle and we spot blood coming out of it which looked cool to watch and then something tragic happens which seemed to work in a mediocre fashion.
Another nice moment when Todd spots Dana with her head turned and he slowly approaches her which is a nice cringing moment that when she turns to reveal herself that it's not a pretty sight.
A good spooky and campy moment when Jimmy is holding his bat wearing an umpire mask sitting at his bed while trying to be cautious on his dead father coming out of the closet as this seemed to work in not too badly which you wonder if this evil being will appear to terrorise.
The action piles up greatly when his dad gets vulgar and abusive towards Jimmy as well as his nasty words to him along with everyone else trying to find a way on destroying this zombie. Plus a good disturbing moment when he tells them a story and tries to do something deadly in which everyone is helpless to do anything about it offering nice dark comedy into the plot.
We see a dynamic scene with some demons and giant voodoo dolls in battle between the characters Tobias, Bill and Jessica Martin when they go to the other side of the fireplace and spotting a different dimension.
Bottom line: Ahh yes, this film tried to carry on the tradition of the Lutz family. Although nowhere as good it's still very well done and one of the best sequels ever. However, the film is a little too long at times and could've been cropped down a bit. Still this one is worth checking out. Many of the scene's in this flick seemed to borrow quite a bit to the 1986 classic House.

The acting is very well performed and a very strong cast is involved with this film. Robin Thomas (Bill Martin) played a good strict as nails parent. At times you want to hate him but other times you want to love him. Shows off a great stern behavior when he disciplines in which he made these moments look truly believeable. Also knew on how to act disturbed on situations of the home like the fireplace showing nice energy into these moments too. He had the perfect appeal to all of this.
Starr Adreef (Claire Martin) played a nice former widow newlywed and shows nice scared expressions and played a good basketcase with what was going on in the house. She is also terrific with her scared and troubled emotions as well as her acting lustful when she touches and feels herself too. Plus she was great at acting ballistic in a certain scene showing great energy here.
We have another outgoing performance by Allen Cutler (Todd Martin) as a typical horny teenager. He for sure knew his craft by playing a rebellious one showing a perfect arrogant attitude. Studied alot of this incredibly well as I found him to be the best out of the cast. Also had the right hunky jock looks. He sprang into action a great deal here and there when necessary.
Rachel Duncan (Jessica Martin) brought her little girl innocent kind pretty good onto the screen in which she shows a nice lifelike attitude especially when she receives her present with the dollhouse. Also knew on how to act curious on stuff. Shows off a nice courageous attitude in a scene trying to overcome her fear on the haunted dollhouse. She also seemed to react well by being sick in a scene too.
The best out of them all is child actor Jarrett Lennon (Jimmy Martin) as he brings his character to life as an oddball in the family and being unhappy about the adjustments of his new family life. He does a great job by getting aggressive whacking someone with a stick showing terrific intensity. Plus does a great job with his emotional attitude too along with his sobbing and upsetting reactions to things. He for sure had a real effective supporting role.
We have an awesome supporting role by Clayton Murray (Jimmy's Father) returning from the dead who is convincingly evil but yet showing a nice witty attitude too. He for sure was a convincing character actor as well as doing well with his powerful blocking acting believeably powerful within all that he did here.
Franc Ross (Tobias) was for sure a nice drawing card as a tough looking biker but a good hearted and likeable attitude. He for sure knew his craft as being very approachable by what he does. Also focused on well doing a chant while doing a witchcraft ceremony. I really enjoyed his work on this.

Lisa Robin Kelly unbuttons her shirt in a garage and her breasts are fully exposed during a make-out sequence.

There is a zombie that looks quite gruesome
A teenage girls head is burned and scarred.

The music was composed by Ray Colcord and although it isn't too memorable he did some effective keyboard playing for the terror scene's in the film.There's alot of good strong chanting though which seemed to make the scene's look incredibly effective. There's many suspenseful and adventureous composing on a synthesizer near the closing of the flick as well but it doesn't stick out all that greatly.