The 12 Disasters of Christmas (2012)


Produced & Directed by: Steven R. Monroe

Written by: Rudy Thauberger


Ed Quinn .... Joseph
Magda Apanowicz .... Jacey
Holly Elissa .... Mary
Ryan Grantham .... Peter
Roark Critchlow .... Kane
Andrew Aarlie .... Jude

Release Date:
Made-for-Cable: December 8, 2012




During the holiday season a teenage girl named Jacey (Magda Apanowicz) visits her grandmother as she urgently gives her some sort of special powers telling her it was in the family blood for centuries and then suddenly judgement day is coming as shards of ice fall from the sky and kills residents along with hurricanes and other unexplained events as her and her father Joseph (Ed Quinn) tries to find these 5 golden rings and save the world from the apocalypse since the events are happening during the song of the 12 Days of Christmas.
Yet there is a town local named Kane (Roark Critchlow) whom is driven to believe that Jacey must be sacrificed in order to save the world from destruction and will do anything to find her to do this wicked deed.


We spot an interesting beginning with a father named Joseph doing some rock climbing with her daughter Jaycee as there's nice camera shots on all of this as well as their discussions seeming fairly natural which was smoothly done here.
We also spot a perfect well focsued moment with Jaycee's grandmother telling her something important and giving her something which looked mysterious as you get a dark feeling that something creepy is about to happen later on adding nice flavor to a horror story indeed.
A perfect effective and shocking moment with giant shards of ice falling from the sky and killing someone which looked a wee bit cheesy but at the same time shocking and well put in for the story too.
A perfect intense moment when Jaycee gets sick and tells her friend to drive to a place where there's Xmas tree's as well as nice shots on them running around the field of trees as well as good special effects on the wind happening as well as the clouds rolling in causing a tornado which also looked suspenseful and terrifying as to what is going to happen next.
Another terrific effective moment with the character's Mary and Peter near a conuntry road lane and then an earthquake starts to happen. Yet the camera shots giggling looked a bit fake the surroundings seemed to make the rest look effective with neat cheesy computerised CGI effects on the ground cracking and some sort of a round shield surrounding them as well as more interesting moments on cars and helicopters hitting this causing them to freeze, explode or crumble which looked pretty good to watch.
Another neat situation when we spot an elderly man telling both Joseph and Jaycee on what is happening following the 12 days of Christmas song as to why these things are happening and explaining the apocalypse too as this looked strongly well put in making sense to the whole surroundings here. Very strongly said here.
Another powerful moment with a supporting character Kane explaining a sacrifice and to what he was driven to believe after accidentally killing a sheriff in a church which was another fine moment in a horror tale like this one making you wonder if everyone will be brainwashed into believing all of this or not. It deifentely makes things more interesting while we continue to watch all of this.
Plus some good intense moments with another character Jude forcing both Mary and Peter to stay put with her trying to act patient and sympathetic and him just going in a rage which looked distrurbing to watch all of this. Another well done situation and well written too.
Another perfect horror moment is when a character is getting tied up by Christmas lights coming off a house and the gruesome results to all of this which seemed to pay off a tribute to Final Destination. Another classic moment in this film indeed.
More great disturbing moments with Kane taking Jaycee in his vehicle and planning on his sacrifice with her on her reactions towards all of this which made the moment very realistic and a bit intense too. good shots on him with his calm and wicked behavior too while driving in his vehicle.
Alot of terrific camera shots and powerful struggling fights between Joseph and Kane while we spot the neat special effects around them in a tall tree forest with objects exploding from the ground and other neat suspenseful terrors happening in the area while these two go at it and dodging anything that is about to hit them. This also gives you a good feeling about what will happen to Kane for his nasty deeds too. One of the best scene's in this film.
Great powerful happenings when Jacey finds a way to stop the happenings with finding the 5 golden rings as well as the effects that's happening here which looked entertaining to watch all of this and very suspenseful too.
Bottom line is that the story used character's names from the bible since it was taking place during the holiday season in which you'd at first think that this will be a bad and corny flick but really it's very well done in fact one of the best made for cable flicks of this time era since we don't spot many good shows lately. It's a total sci-fi/horror flick with the odd shocking moments too which will please the viewers without a doubt. Check this one out as it was made ona good budget for this type of flick and you can tell with how everything was set that this is not at all an independent flick and made by a big company too.

The acting was in terrific shape as lead actor Ed Quinn (Joseph) really knew his craft in his role as the family man who has a good sharp attitude as well as the decent looks for it too. Shows off alot of goos enthusiasm into what he does here along with great energy too especially when he needs to get anxious as well as showing great blocking moments when he struggles against someone not letting an ounce down here. He was a worthy character actor to say the least and very inspirational too.
Magda Apanowicz
(Jacey) stood out the most in her role here as she was a perfect choice for this part. She shows a nice bubbly type of personality as well as being perfectly light headed. Also threw out her emotions superbly especially when the terrors strike out along with showing nice concentration on her pwers that were offered to her just rolling with the punches here. Also does well with her terrified and upsetting sobbing which she really brought to life her. Shows a perfect anxious and aggressive attitude too whenever she needed to act like this. Two thumbs up for this gal.
Holly Elissa
(Mary) does well as the calm family woman in the flick showing a niceness to her role and really draws in strongly into what she does here. Shows a believeable patient attitude as well as doing a good job getting to the point with situations showing off nice energy. Shows good strong points within everything that she does and another good character actress.
Ryan Grantham
(Peter) really had the knack to play a smart type of child and was very clear in his speaking and his role too. Shows terrific reactions to what is happening and acting naturally to every one of them. Plus showed some great blocking with his aggressions when he slams an object into someone and putting all he's got into this making this also very realistic too.
Roark Critchlow
(Kane) was perfect in his supporting role as someone who is driven to seem decevingly insane and evil in which he shows a perfect freaked out attitude into what he portrays here. Shows a nice calmness to his cold speaking and nice evil expressions too which he knew on how to do the trick within all of this. Plus shows a nice powerfulness to his blocking in the struggling and brawling moments too using great full force within all of this. He's definetely one of the best in this cast. A great choice here.
Andrew Aarlie
(Jude) certainly shows off a perfect scared and intense type of attiutude and studied this role quite nicely here. He was great by acting ruthless while pointing a gun at someone and believeably demanding too. Just drove out every ounce he could possibly do to show off this type of personality when the terrors start to happen and not thinking straight. Had a perfect psychological role here.

A couple of people are impaled by large sharp pieces of ice falling from the sky.
A man's body is torn apart while some wires of Christmas lights ties him up tightly. Yet the computer CGI looked a bit phony here so nothing too gruesome looking.

The music was strongly put in which we hear alot of banging and thumping sounds echoing off for the terrifying situations. Plus there's of course the good deep violin playing which almost sounds similar to what we'd hear in a Friday the 13th flick. We also hear good trombone playing and light piano sounds as well.