2001 Maniacs (2005)

Directed by: Tim Sullivan

Written by:
Chris Kobin & Tim Sullivan


Robert Englund .... Mayor Buckman
Lin Shaye .... Granny Boone
Giuseppe Andrews .... Harper Alexander
Jay Gillespie .... Anderson Lee
Marla Malcolm .... Joey
Dylan Erdington .... Nelson
Matthew Carey .... Cory
Gina Marie Heekin .... Kat
Brian Gross .... Ricky
Mushond Lee .... Malcolm
Bianca Smith .... Leah
Brendon McCarthy .... Rufus
Christa Campbell .... Milk Maiden
Wendy Kramer .... Peaches
Cristin Michele .... Glendora
Kodi Kitchen .... Hester
Ryan Fleming .... Hucklebilly

Special Appearances:

Peter Stormare .... Professor Ackerman
Eli Roth .... Justin
Kane Hodder .... Jason

Release Dates:
Cannes Film Market: May 12, 2005 (France); Fantasia Film Festival: July 9, 2005; Screamfest Film Festival: October 21, 2005; Night Visions Film Festival: April 2, 2006; Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival: April 23, 2006




Eight college students can't get enough fun by goofing around during their semesters but then spring break comes along and go away for the week in which they spot some beautiful women near a gas station inviting them to a place called Pleasant Valley.
They decide to go to the are which looks deserted but then the locals jump out to greet them lead by Mayor Buckman (Robert Englund) in which they welcome them for a free stay at their resort before they have their big barbeque.
Yet things seem too good to be true with all that's happening there and the meals served aren't made of normal meat.
One by one these students end up being slaughtered in many grizzly ways during certain events as
the residents are out to avenge their deaths by Union troops over 100 years earlier during the Civil War.


The film starts off with student at a college course and of course when an instructor is showing a film projector in their assignments we spot some goofy pictures some students out in as a prank in which this seemed actually quite funny to watch.
There's also a moment with the kids going away on a drive in which we spot them driving along and then a great jumping moment with an armadillo smaashing into their windshield which showed perfect timing here as well as a hitchhiker along with these kids tricking him to pick him up as this leaves an impression that this was a bad idea wondering if he is a part of the demented locals that we reveal in the film later on.
Next up we spot a gas station attendant cleaning the bloody windshield along with him staring at these partying people mysteriously in which this for sure looks spooky too. This scene almost borrows from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Plus there's some strange beautiful women flirting with the guys as this looked pretty crony to watch but yet you kinda know they are from Pleasant Valley by how they are behaving. All in all it worked in well along with adding a bit of slapstick too to lighten up this intimidating moment.

A nice jumping moment when one of them opens up the back hood of their vehicle and this attendant springs out and kills this person in which was done in a great horror fashion but yet we have a feeling that someone is having a nightmare at the same time in which reminds you of an 80's slasher we all remember watching in the days.
Things seem more mysterious when they end up driving to a sign in the deep woods introducing Pleasant Valley with a creepy looking house that they drive by adding a great touch to this moment in which the makers really knew on how to make a horror film setting impressive for today's standards. Then of course we get the locals there surrounding them and wlecoming them in which it looked a bit cheesy spotting this. However the original one did too so what can I say?
We spot someone chasing after a sheep with his pants down which was trying so hard to be funny but yet it was very stale and sick in which we knew what he was trying to do.
There's also the little boy we remember in the original escept it's a young adult named Hucklebilly trying to act like a child and chasing after a cat in which the cats hissing and screeching sounded pretty phony. There's also a moment when he asks the main characters to help him catch the cat and later on we spot Hucklebilly with his back turned in which we expect that he's doing something cruel. This looked impressive.
Then there's a cheesy moment with Harper Alexander trying to be charming towards one of the students named Kat in which this looked a bit too obvious and uninspired while he does so by talking to her. However there's a good shocking moment when his people tie her arms and legs to four horses in which it carried the traidition from the killing on the original flick and the results looked impressive with the CGI effects but yet not the best effects. Still it looked interesting. Also it was impressive when Harper got cold with his evil speaking towards her before she ended up being slaughtered.
Later on things looked fun when it was meal time with the guests in which you spot someone eating a piece of meat which exposes a tattoo which was of course displayed on Kat and defietely makes you grossed out especially on the fact that the guests aren't knowing that they are eating human flesh.
Then more exciting partying action here with Granny Boone playing the piano and everyone dancing, partying and having a jolly old time which looks harmless as that's a good drawing point before their darkest secret is revealed here.
There's even a moment with tricky moments that Nelson spots with a lustful woman named Milk Maiden in which she seems to almost appear like a ghost from one place to another. Also she gets him to drink something out of a tube while she makes out that she will fornicate with him as this is shocking to watch what happens to him and that the liquid is not alcohol by any means with great close up shots on this terrifying moment which is not an easy thing to watch if you have a strong stomach for sure.
There's more interesting dancing the next day with Granny doing a hoe down and a great long yelling of YEEHAW!!!!! I found this very above normal in which is a nice hint that she will be doing something evil to the next guest in the flick in which she totally changes her uplifting tone later on which worked out good and dark like.
Plus there's someone named Ricky who witnesses this and the others chase after him as this looks suspenseful watching him trying to get away with him stumbling while running as if you were in this position trying to get away it looked well shot on this freaked out character.
There's even a real painful moment with someone about to plunge a sharp object from behind Ricky while he is pinned down by a strong hillbilly and a terrible way on imagining this way to die and really painful which looked good and shocking. It even looked gross and more shocking when Granny tasting the blood from the sharp object out of his mouth. Adds well to the demented story though.
There's a moment with one of the people named Wendy Kramer getting fresh towards Joey while having her car keys and circling around her which also leaves an impression that a fight may break out or something deadly will happen to her too.
There's a lame scene with a dweeby type of person named Cory spotting two female cousins making out and he pulls down his pants about to masturbate as this didn't seem to fit into the story well but yet the lesbian cousin moment looked nicely twisted just the other situation I mentioned looked lame and stale.
However we spot Wendy up to her old tricks again as she is about to do oral on nerdy Cory but then we see her mouth change into silver sharp type of fangs as this was impressive as well as what she will do to him while giving him head. Another effective, shocking and a painful way to die.
There's also a situation with the survivors discussing a plan to go along with everything and then later the villagers spot them in which you wonder or not if they were eavesdropping and knew their plan which is a creepy moment without a doubt.
Also there's a cringing situation when Anderson goes into a shack where the feast is being planned out and spots some shocking moments as well as the buthchers entering and him trying to make an excuse on getting out in which you wonder if he will find a way on leaving and having them convinced that he didn't witness anything.
Also there's a moment when Malcolm spots in what you might think his girlfriend calling him in a distance and then runs away which is of course a perfect trap to fool someone and works well making it a mystery as to what will happen next.
There's a moment like in the original with the mind child of Hucklebilly knowing the keys to Anderson's vehicle in which he tries to bribe him to get them. However, there's a different twist to this one unlike in the original as Hucklebilly is smarter than you may think. ALot of remakes do something different in a situation like this one by changing it around a bit which is necessary.
Then the best scene happens when the survivors Anderson and Joey are tied up during the big barbeque ceremony hosted by Mayor Buckman in which he reveals what's for dinner which doesn't look pretty at all. Also the surroundings and everything looked powerful and gothic like as well as some good battling moments between Buckman and Malcolm as it was really action packed spotting this.
Then there's a moment when these two get away and have the head sheriff go with them to show what had happened like in the original but yet it shows tombstones as well as a totally different twist to the ending which works in well perfectly and not cloning the ending on the original.
Bottom line is that this is a bit of an improvement compared to the original with more fast action situations here and a bit more humoress too which only half works. It delivers alot more shocks too on what people are doing which turned out pretty well. The film is a total party flick and spawned a sequel in which Gordon Herchell Lewis' one never got one at all. It was by the makers of Hostel and with what you spot in this film you can tell that they borrowed some of the same formula in it.

The acting was not too bad as lead actor Robert Englund (Mayor Buckman) seems to do his part nicely acting very joyful and full of life in the beginning of his performance which seemed entertaining to watch him introduce himself to newcomers but yet sometimes his southern accent doesn't pull off. But he can still deliver a character with this role. He also knew on how to change it from joyful to suddenly firm and then back again so there was perfect timing within all of this. He springs into alot of great action in his terror when he discusses to his people his plan or when he is doing a fight choreography looking very adventureous. This guy proves that he can wear other hats as a demented killer than just Freddy Krueger.
Lin Shaye (Granny Boone) shows a nice wholesome type of appeal to her role as well as acting freindly and lifelike in the beginning of her performance here. She certainly was believeable by acting deceiving within all of this as she often does a great job in whatever she portrays in a show. She also showed nice moves within the events that happen as well as changing from lifelike to a perfect coldness to her speaking when a deadly event happens. She also had great insane expressions or acting wild like in which she has perfect energy while doing all of this. She was the best of the cast I found.
Giuseppe Andrews (Harper Alexander) comes off like he did in Cabin Fever as someone who is mysteriously strange mainly due to his creepy southern type accent. It works for this film. However when he tries to act charming in his role it seems a little bit stiff. The other areas seem fine though as he knew on how to act goofy and demented into what he did here. He comes off nicely onto the camera as usual which is a good thing here.
Jay Gillespie
(Anderson Lee) had the nice clean cut boy next door looks which works well for a hero in a horror flick and shows off alot of good enthusiasm in his performance here by acting cautious with whatever he does here. He brings a good chemistry into what he says and making it convincible too. Also he shows off a nice charm into his personality along with showing good strong energy when he had to be tough and perform a battle which he makes look believeable too.
Marla Malcolm (Joey) showed a nice sharpness into her performance as she shows off a great decency into everything that she did as well as acting believeably romantic too just drawing all of this in which looked very impressive to watch her perform like this when the moments occur here. She also showed a nice tense behavior when strange events happen which looked believeable too. Plus she was great by getting emotionally freaked out when the terror unravels around her which this really brought out her energy big time.
Matthew Carey (Cory) played a dweeby character in the film as his looks were right there but his performance was another story as he seemed a bit wooden and stale with whatever he does. He does show the odd good insecurity into whatever he does in it but however most of his energy lacked and didn't find him to be a convicing character actor at all. Oh well not everyone is cut out to be in the acting business.
Brian Gross (Ricky) seemed to do an okay job as a roughneck sarcastic type which comes across not too shabby here and he also was great by acting tough whenever he had to be with his speaking and a good gruff voice that he had. He also was pretty good with his anxious and freaked out energy while trying to save his own neck from getting killed as the pace was good and high here.
Mushond Lee (Malcolm) was another real attention grabber in which he has a nice slick attitude into what he does along with someone who tries to enjoy life. Plus he seems okay whenever he got blunt or acted tough about stuff but wasn't overly great. He just needed a bit of a push here. He had a nice racing minded attitude as well as knowing on how to get real serious when things end up being weird discussing with his friends on what to do which showed off perfectly and could make a good leader of the pack.
Christa Campbell
(Milk Maiden) certainly draws across well with her wicked charming behavior and was very mysterious in her presence with what she does here. She shows a nice flirtatious behavior as well as knowing on how to act sleazy and high on energy with her deadly speaking. Plus was good with her high pitched giggly attitude too as she was right on track within all of this. She was a true character actress without a doubt.
Wendy Kremer (Peaches) had a nice wicked and homely look to her presence which looked perfect as one of those creepy one's. She also knew on how to act incredibly teasing and untrustworthy to what she does in her role. She's also great by annoying others along with pounding her energy into being wild and menacing in certain spots and just rolling with this all. She shows perfect expressions too whenever she gets wild and deserves perfect credit into her supporting role here. I foudn that she will be well remembered to anyone who saw this film and she for sure delivers.
Ryan Fleming (Hucklebilly) was another supporting actor who grabbed attention and found him to be quite witty within his role. He also shows alot of fast paced energy by getting annoying, hyperactive and having a good pushy behavior too. He was okay with his little kid sounding voice but could tell that he was trying to sound different than natural. He also knew on how to act slick along with getting firm with his voice too.

Bianca Smith pulls down her leather top and shows off her boobs
Dylan Erdington exposes his butt while lying on top of a bed making out he's fornicating and tlater on stands up with his crotch breifly revealed
Christa Campbell takes off her top exposing her breasts while making out that she is about to fornicate
Cristin Michele and Kodi Kitchen show a bit of breasts while making out near a tree
Wendy Kremer takes off her top exposing her breasts while about to do oral

Armadillo is splattered on a windshield
A girls arms and legs are torn off by being tied to four horses
A person's body is being devoured after sucking in some sort of acid while pinned on a bed
Churchbell splatters someone when this object falls down
A person is skewered by a sharp object
Heads are cut off as well as body parts being butchered. The heads look phony though
A person's crotch is bloodily bitten
Decapitated heads are displayed in a game tossing moment
Slaughtered animal is discovered on a ground
A rat is being crushed with the eyeballs being popped out
A persons's eyeball pop out of his head when he is being crushed to death
Heads are revealed on different platters
Someone is slammed in the gut with a meatcleaver
People's heads are sliced off a barbwire while driving their motorbike

There's alot of good classical orchestra in which we hear some nice uplifting violin music for certain scene's as well as it sounding versatile for the deep dark moments and getting into the sharp playing with the suspenseful scene's too. Also we hear the odd scraping and screeching sounds which was very effective too along with good loud trombone playing which always works in a horror film. Plus we get the odd drum tapping and booming sounds too which was a nice touch. Also there's the odd banjo strumming to fit in with the area it takes place at all done superbly by Nathan Barr.

[first lines]
Professor Ackerman: Unprecedented, historical categories. More Americans died in the so-called Civil War than in the two World Wars combined. 618,000. Although popular media usually portrays the Civil War as a series of epic battles for honor and glory the reality is far from either. General Sherman's march through South Carolina alone cost over 8,000 innocent Southerners their lives.

[When Harper removes her blindfold, Kat discovers her wrists and ankles have been tied to four horses]
Kat: Harper, honey, this isn't what I had in mind.
Harper Alexander: Well, Miss Pussy, it's *exactly* what I had in mind.

Kat: [about to be drawn and quartered] I think this might be taking it just a little bit too far.
Harper Alexander: Frankly, Miss Pussy, I don't give a damn.

Ricky: For once I wish she was the one eating
[holds up Kat's tattoo unknown that he has been eating it]
Ricky: sloppy seconds.

[Ricky is about to get skewered]
Mayor Buckman: I see our barb-a-cuties got the skewering rod raring to go.

Granny Boone: It's Ricky on a sticky!

Malcolm: Either one of you inbred country fucks knows where my woman is... better tell me now.
Strolling Minstrel A, Strolling Minstrel B: [singing] The boy wants his bitch / Yeah, the boy wants his bitch / Sad, sad thing / A boy without his bitch.

Mayor Buckman: Got any last requests, boy?
Malcolm: Yeah. Kiss my black ass!

Granny Boone: That Chinawoman had a lot of guts.

Anderson Lee: I'll take your glory and honor. And I'll shove it right up your ass.

[last lines]
Hucklebilly: Damn Yankees.