2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010)


Directed by: Tim Sullivan

Written by:
Chris Kobin, Tim Sullivan
& Christopher Tuffin


Bill Moseley .... Mayor George W. Buckman
Lin Shaye .... Granny Boone
Christa Campbell .... Milk Maiden
Nivek Ogre .... Harper Alexander
Andrea Leon .... Val Turner
Ehmed Best .... Crow
Katie Marie Johnson .... Rome Sheraton
Asa Hope .... Tina Sheraton
Alex Luria .... Jesus
Larayia Gaston .... Black Cherry
Miles Dougal .... Jerry Schmit
Trevor Wright .... Falcon
Jordan Lee Levine .... K-Jay
Alana Curry .... Bristol Bush
Ryan Fleming .... Hucklebilly

Release Dates:
Glasgow Fright Fest: February 27, 2010; Texas Frightmare Weekend: April 29, 2010




The group of maniacs can't seem to trick locals into joining their guts n glory jamboree so they travel more up north to Iowa and find the locals there to join their deadly events in which they find a bunch of wannabe reality TV show producers in which they participate to do their show only to slaughter and eat them.


This sequel seems to start off incredibly zany with the maniacs doing a ceremony and a sheriff trying to stop it as well as them putting him in a barrell with nails in it as this of course was the memorable killing in the very original one. While watching this it looks zany especially spotting a child swearing to get it going in which this looked very cheesy and corny too. Plus seeing the results was supposed to look humoress but it's pretty sick and twisted.
Also with all this happening we spot comic strips from scene to scene as well as the opening credits with artwork on them travelling through a map in which this looked fairly amusing to watch this.
Also we spot a flashy type of advertisement on some sexy women on their sexy reality show in which this kind of makes you wonder where this came from but yet was done in good style and well put in making it look pretty convincing. However later on while they go on the road in theri vehicle we spot the producer and the rest having ego problems arguing with one another which seemed very stale and quite annoying while spotting all of this. It was terribly uninspired.
Later on after their vehicle has crashed they are greeted by the maniacs which looked cornier than ever in which you think to yourself that there was no inspiration whatsoever while doing this.
The plot becomes even weaker in which we spot some events and partying happening spotting Granny whacking meat with a meatcleaver brutally and moments with boys and girls skinnydipping in a pool as well as perverted Hucklebilly spying and getting in trouble. This time I was thinking that whoever wrote the lines for this was into some heavy duty porn. There's even many moments when Granny wants to get it on with Buckman in which there's supposed to be funny one liners within all of this but even spotting these moments that there's nothing funny about it at all.
I was getting restless and wondering when the shocking kills will come into this but then we spot a woman strapped to a table with an electric saw ready to cut through her and boy does it look shocking with close up shots on this. Yet this wasn't enough to keep the film entertaining for any of the horror fans who likes these shocking moments.
Here's something new here as someone is put in a chair to have a picture taken only to realise that it's an electric chair in which this is an amausing murder scene.
Yet there's an entertaining moment when Granny does a music video for these TV crew members in which she really gets down and performs a song about canniballism with some go go dancers backing her up. This was my favourite of them all in the film in which I wished there was more inspiration in the story like this one instead of having a dull plot here.
Then there's another shocking moment when a dorky reality cast member is pinned with someone firing a gun towards him in which keeps you in suspense if he will miss and hits his cigar but yet we discover that it's a piece of dynamite that got lit up and the results aren't pretty at all. Good shots on the other members looking shocked here.
There's more shocking moments when we spot the family of maniacs feasting on body parts but yet the effects look pretty fake. Still it's pretty gross to watch this and for anyone who likes canniballism may find this moment amusing.
Of course we have two bimbo sisters trying to test a gun to see if it works and accidentally shoots their producer as well as acting incredibly stupid in other situations in which this tries too hard to be funny and it just looks incredibly stupid. There's even a one liner when they try to steal the maniacs tour bus and spots them watching with them wondering if they're angry at them. I was thinking I'm hoping this film ends soon as I'm ready to shut this awful clunker off.
The ending really looked pathetic too involving on what happens to these two sisters. Just simply patheetic here folks.
Bottom line is that after the 2005 remake the writers seemed to have a mind block while writing this heap of shit as there were too many leaky holes while doing this one in which they tried to add more black comedy into this one but I wasn't laughing at all except for the music video sequence. That's about it here. In other word they should've left the first remake alone and not made a sequel if they knew that this one was going to lack big time. This one would fall into the shocking gory category of the Feast trilogy that it looked plainly stale and dumb founded.

The acting was just fair as lead actor Bill Moseley (Mayor George W. Buckman) this time plays the role in which I guess Englund was smart wenough not to reprise it probably due to an awful script. However this guy adds alot of great hype into his speaking and really draws it full of life and great energy here. He really knew on how to act humoress and wickedly insane without being serious on being this way at all. He also shows great crazy expressions along with getting into a good sword fight too which he springs to life doing this too.
Lin Shaye (Granny Boone) still has her spunk to play this crazy and larger than life role as she certainly draws in alot of power when slamming down a meatcleaver on some meat or when she gets aggressive about wanting sex in which she draws some okay energy into this even if the one liners were extremely lame here. She also shows a terrific dancing performance along with her singing when the music video happens here. Yes she does it all splendidly and never let an ounce down in whatever she did here. Of course she is a gifted character actress regardless.
Christa Campbell (Milk Maiden) is another reprising actress but yet she seems to lose her touch a little bit with her slick and lustful attitude. She seemed quite rough by doing all of this and I don't know why she wasn't as good in her performance like she was in the previous flick. It looked like she was exhausted while performing in her role. Oh well she had it good in the original. Maybe she wasn't happy doing this one and I can see why too.
Nivek Ogre (Harper Alexander) drew in his role pretty well here as someone who is a bit wild and has an untrustworthy type of appeal to his personality as well as showing good evil smiling type of expressions whenever he does something that would scare you. He also has a nice dark speaking in his voice which works in well too. He shows off some good energy here.
Andrea Leon (Val Turner) was overly annoying in her performance as a reality show producer acting full of herself along with getting snappy and aggressive in which she doesn't seem believeable at all while doing this. She was way too over the top by her reactions within all of this. She was low on energy even if she tried to bring it up. I don't find her a character actress at all. But yet she does have good sobbing and frgihtening emotions towards the end of her performance here but that's about it.
Alex Luria (Jesus) seemed to stand out okay with his macho type of attitude in which he draws in a nice seriousness but yet he seems stale at times throughout his performance in the film. At times though he does show some interesting energy into what he does in the film. Also he seemed to spring into life whne he performed a sword fighting sequence really acting dynamic here so I will offer him some credit for that.
Ryan Fleming (Hucklebilly) we can't forget here as he reprises his role but he seems incredibly annoying as that is who he's supposed to behave but in his performance here it's not in a good way at all as you can tell that he wasn't happy about what he is doing in each scene. Sometimes he picks up the pace but not too much. He was very rough into what he does here and it was quite a disappointment when you watch him in whenever he pops up in a certain scene.

There's some breast shots flashing here and there for when a party starts.
Also we spot breasts while skinny dipping in a pool as well as butt shots on guys walking out of a pool.
More breast shots here and there with a group of women surrounding a guy making out that they want to seduce him.
Some titty shots on a lesbian makeout scene.
A crotch shot on a guy making out that he's seducing a fake sheep.
A woman takes off her top with a full breast shot coming up to another woman.

A person is slaughtered by nails in a barrel and impaled on a board
A girl is cut in half by an electric saw
Someone's flesh gets puffy and gruesome looking while in an electric chair and eyeballs explode
A persons head explodes after a stick of dynamtie is lit off which looks like a cigar
Body pieces are being eaten by the maniacs
Pieces of breasts are exposed
Someone is impaled on a pitchfork
Dead bodies are revealed as a meal on a platter
Buckman's eye is stabbed
Someone is grinded in a motor of a bus with blood splurting out
Two girls are run over by a car and gobs of flesh are revealed on a road

We hear some plucking sounds as well as some funny sounding classical music mainly by some violin playing. It also sounds strong and suspenseful too when needed to be. Plus there's the odd booming sound and crashing noises too. All of this sounded fine which were composed by Patrick Copeland and Clifford Allen Wagner.

Sheriff Friedman: I'll see you in hell, Buckman!
Mayor Buckman: We already live in hell.

Granny Boone: Well, Bucky... If the North won't come to the South...
Mayor Buckman: ...we'll bring the South to them!

Mayor Buckman: Suck my dixie!