28 Days Later (2002)


Directed by: Danny Boyle

Written by: Alex Garland


Cillian Murphy .... Jim
Naomie Harris .... Selena
Megan Burns .... Hannah
Christopher Eccleston .... Major Henry West
Brendon Gleeson .... Frank

Release Dates: Theatrical: November 1, 2002 (UK); Sundance Film Festival: January, 2003; Gerardmer Film Festival: January 30, 2003; Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films: February 14, 2003; Fantasporto Film Festival: February 17, 2003; Paris Film Festival: March 29, 2003; Fantastic Film Festival: April 12, 2003; 101 Film Festival: April 13, 2003 (Iceland); Tribeca Film Festival: May 7, 2003; Zlín Film Festival: May 28, 2003; Theatrical: June 7, 2003 (USA)




Jim (Cillian Murphy) wakes up from a hospital and discovers that the place and the whole city is deserted due to a deadly virus as he teams up with a tough woman named Selena (Naomie Harris) as they go on a search for some other survivors while struggling against people who are infected that attack and kills one another in which they all try to find sanctuary.


The beginning looks pretty twisted and fast paced in which we spot devastating situations on a screen with some monkey's as experiments watching all this as well as them attacking and hell breaking loose in which this really psych's you out wondering what is going on here.
It looks very interesting when the character Jim wakes up in a hospital bed and discovering that the place is deserted and quiet as well as the local city in which he checks out a car and things are so quiet that when he triggers off a car alarm it definetely makes you jump big time which is very effective.
There's also a situation in a cathedral when he calls out as well as spotting what seems like corpses and one of them moves their head which looked creepy too. Plus we see an infected preacher racing towards him as this was done in a great horror style.
There's even discussions with other survivors discussing about his family being infected as this sounded disturbing to hear giving the film a perfect horror tragedy while listening to all of this.
THere's also a nice quiet situation with Jim watching a home family video on TV and suddenly infected people start to crash in which totally makes you jump right out of your seat big time here. I really loved this moment as it grabs your attention big time as well as good quick camera shots on the struggle of this situation. Plus we spot Selena coming in to save the day as well as her butchering someone who is about to be infected which isn't a pretty site to watch at all.
Also there's great suspenseful shots on the two of them running up a staircase in a building with Jim having a hard time catching up to Selena along with infected people on their tail which makes you cringe as to wonder if they will survive this at all.
Things suddenly look good and peaceful when they are rescued by a man in the building named Frank and his daughter Hannah surrounded by Christmas lights as well as music in which this setting seemed necessary for a time out period before continuing on their adventure as the setting looked believeably safe here.

Things looked fun when they break into a store to go shopping for food as well as a joke with Frank placing a credit card on a counter and leaving it behind. Also there's a good dark moment when Jim goes into a restaurant and suddenly struggles against an infected child with great shaky camera shots on all of this adding some good suspense here.

There's even a sitation with their vehicle rolling over some damaged objects and them enjoying themsevles near an underground parking lot as this seemed like wanting to join the fun until their tire blows out in which we see an invasion of rats which would creep out anyone who doesn't like rodents as well as spotting from a distance infected people ready to charge towards them while they are fixing the tire in which keeps you in suspense wondering if they will have it fixed yet in time to escape. There's great timing here for the horror and pressure.
There's even a cringing moment and good camera shots with everyone walking out near what looks like an abandoned metal type of factory with crows swarming around which looked impressive here. Plus good one liners of them telling that they need to get going which is also spooky knowing that something terrible will happen giving it a nice touch here. Plus a good drop of red liquid landing on an eye of Frank as this gives an upsetting feel to the story along with him telling Hannah that he loves her in which you know that he will become infected. This certainly looked believeably sad to watch this as well as what he ends up reacting towards all of this.
There's good situations with the army taking the survivors at their base in which the head captain Major Henry West shows Jim around as well as showing his prize on an infected person tied up like a vicious animal discussing on trying to communicate with him in which we spot this infected person throwing up blood and spotting other gruesome situations which this time we get a good shot at someone infected with their eyes red and gross looking skin as this looked amusing for a horror flick. ALso this was perfectly written in too.
Plus there's the good odd intense moment when some of the soldiers are horny and try to taunt both Selena and Hannah with nice violent and defensive reactions towards all of this along with the vicious bullying attitudes in which this grabbed my attention big time while spotting all of this.
Also good fast action moments with the army going out in the rain to do some battling against the infected people along with struggling moments on Jim trying to get away with Hannah and Selena along with running into others who try to block their escape in which alot of these scene's looked very powerful to watch with their strurggles and battles. There's even a moment when Selena is unsure on whether or not Jim is infected raising her machette in the air. This makes you watch very carefully wondering yourself if he is infected and will she actually kill him or not.
There's also many great suspenseful situations involving Major Henry West in his vehicle and surprising shots on naked infected people surrounding the vehicle which looked very terrifying especially with the close up shots revealed here. Alot of this looked well paced for a fast action horror flick such as this one.
Bottom line is that the film was quite well done and very fast paced with alot of excitement that is going on here. It seems to draw in well with surprising moment and tragedy's too making it look believeably depressing while watching all of this. Plus the effects were terrifically done too with a great closed set to make the town look believeably deserted from this terrible thing that's happening to everyone.

The acting is well done in which we have a nice leading role by Cillian Murphy (Jim) as he does well with acting mysterious about situations as well as getting a little frightened when needed to be. He also was convincing when he gets anxious about certain events happening as he brings his intensity to a great pace here. He also does well whenever he has to act forceful towards others and bringing alot of good adrenaline into all of this. He draws alot of decent characteristics into his part of the film and was fairly energetic into all of this.
Naomie Harris (Selena) certainly had the perfect looks to portray someone who is tough with her battling when she needed to do this and also does a great job with her machete hacking away infected people in which he blocking and attitude on this looked greatly done and highly aggressive too. She also does well by acting slick when necessary as well as having a good serious behavior to her part in the film. She also shows a nice softness to her behavior too. Basically she studied this character very well and knew her stuff on what she was all about.
Megan Burns (Hannah) draws attention as the young teen in the flick in which she shows off a nice sensitivity into what she portrays as well as coming across as believeably calm too. She does well speaking her lines and having a great clearness into her speaking and seemed to come off perfectly within her characteristics too. I really enjoyed in what she did and shows off alot of great energy into what she had to do into her role here.
Christopher Eccleston (Major Henry West) is the best out of the cast in his supporting role. He isn't seen until quarter way through the story but really packs a punch within his seriousness as a captain of an army team coming across by having a good stern and strict behavior into what he does here. He also knew on how to get to the point with stuff and was powerful within his attitude towards commanding everyone or getting to the point in certain situations too which also looked pretty impressive. He does well with his struggling behavior too against the infected people and getting excited about stuff just bringing that to a nice hype too. All in all he is a great character actor.
Brendon Gleeson (Frank) brings on a perfect charm as a warm and caring type in the flick in which his first time in a scene he comes across as someone who is happy and easy going which shows off believeably well here. He also know on how to act firm in certain situations which also worked very well. Plus he shows a great sad and emotional speaking near the last of his performance as he studied this incident perfectly. He also knew on how to act wild, crazy and aggressive just going to the extreme here which showed off a great intense type of energy here. All in all he was one of the best performers in this flick.

There's a full body shot on Cillian Murphy's character on some sort of a stretcher with his penis revealed as well along with a butt shot later on too.
Naked infected people star to attack a vehicle

People are hatched to death and blood spraying
Lots of bloody gunshots
People puking out blood
A rifle is stabbed into someone

Many gruesome looking dead bodies

Nice tragic orchestral music in which there's also nice peaceful sounds to it too with some good chanting synthesizer sound effects too. Plus there's great booming sounds along with the odd bonging and clanging too. We also hear the odd female chanting harmonising which sounds good and smooth. There's great adventuristic guitar twanging for the real action in the flick like soliders struggling and situations like that which sounds dynamic. All of this was broight together perfectly by John Murphy.

Mark: ...i remember my dad had all this cash.
Mark: Even tho' cash was completely useless.
Mark: i remember the ground was soft.
Mark: i looked down and i was standing on all these people, like a carpet.
Mark: No-one could run, all you could was climb... climb over more people...

Selena: [the gang enters an abandoned grocery store] Let's shop.

[finding a crate of fresh apples in a pile of rotting produce]
Frank: Mmmmmm... Irradiated!

[Jim is walking into a restaurant]
Selena: We have enough food.
Jim: Yeah, but we don't have any cheeseburgers.

Hannah: [to Major West] I don't want to eat. I want to bury my dad. He's one of the people you're talking about!

[Hannah hits Jim over the head with a bottle]
Selena: Hannah, it's OK. He's not infected.
Hannah: But I thought he was biting you.
Jim: Kissing. I was kissing her. Are you stoned?
Selena: It's a long story.

[an infected is shot and falls to the ground]
Private Jones: Mitch, I fucking got one!
Corporal Mitchell: What you want a fucking sweetie? Keep shooting, you cunt!