30 Days of Night (2007)


Directed by: David Slade

Written by: Steve Niles, Stuart Beattie & Brian Nelson


Josh Hartnett .... Eben Oleson
Melissa George .... Stella Oleson
Danny Huston .... Marlow
Ben Foster .... The Stranger
Mark Boone Jr. .... Beau Brower
Mark Rendall .... Jake Oleson
Amber Sainsbury .... Denise
Manu Bennett .... Billy Kitka
Megan Franich .... Iris
Joel Tobeck .... Doug Hertz
Elizabeth Hawthorne .... Lucy Ikos
Nathaniel Lees .... Carter Davies
Craig Hall .... Wilson Bulosan
Peter Feeney .... John Riis
Min Windle .... Ally Wiis

Release Dates:
Theatrical: October 19, 2007; Iik!! Horror Film Festival: November 3, 2007 (Finland)




A small town in northern Alaska sees their last sunset of the month during the wintertime and all seems quiet and peaceful.
However the town is troubled by a strange drunk who claims that they are coming after he gets arrested by the head sheriff named Eben Oleson (Josh Hartnett) but they just think that he's crazy.
Suddenly the locals are getting killed and eaten by these powerful types of vampires and they can't seemed to be stopped even if people try to shoot them down as they kill the whole local town and only a half dozen survive as they hide out in an attic of a house.
Eben and his people try to find a way to put a stop to the vampires through the whole month as slowly the rest are being eaten alive.


The flick seems pretty impressive with everyone preparing for the night to fall for 30 days which should please night owl people like myself. A good jumping scenario when one of the locals named Stella is driving in her vehicle and then out of nowhere a tractor crashes into her vehicle in which this is a nice shocking moment while you're driving in a peaceful quiet snowy road.
Also there's a mysterious moment with an unrevealed killer slaughtering someone's dogs which seems to be a nice drawing card for the start of the film making you wonder who could be behind the madness of that moment.
Then later on in the story we spot a man leaving some sort of a trailer and then a dark figure zooming past in which this was a good jumping moment while spotting this as wellas a group of vampires circling around him and attacking him in which all of this was in fast moment which looked impressive and suspenseful.
There's even a moment at a diner with the head Sheriff Eben having to deal with what everyone calls the Stranger causing a problem in which the writing for this could've looked a bit more intimidating since there's an impression that he wanted to start a fight but seemed to look slightly stale instead.
However it is interesting when the Stranger is locked in jail and he says some pretty strange stuff on everyone being unsafe which was another great pointer in the story making you think that he's possibly behdin the madness on what will soon unravel.
There's fast action moments with a woman being dragged quickly underneath a house as well as the husband trying to rescue her in which there's no hope as this keeps you watching and wondering what will happen next.
Another jumping moment is when a couple are in a home and suddenly a vampire crashes through a window at full speed which looked impressive to watch as well.
What was impressive is seeing the town deserted in a snow storm and spotting a bunch of slaughtered corpses that the vampires ate with perfect distance camera shots on all of this. What's even more creepy is that the survivors are hidden up in an attic of a home and spot a young lady crying out for help which has the setting perfect that you feel sorry for her and wanna rescue her before the vampires do. While we spot her doing this we see in the distance some vampires peeking up on roofs of houses spying on her. Plus there's a good face to face moment with her and the head vampire Marlow and she sobs for mercy in which you wonder if he will give in to her pleades. Plus there's good moments on him and his gang scratching and hitting her showing a perfect bullying moment before lunging in to eat her. A good teaser this was in which we spot wild animals doing that before eating their prey.
Plus we spot the survivors going to a corner store to pile up on some food supplies with a nice mysterious shot on a child biting the neck of a victim along with a good one liner on her done playing with this person in which is impressive spotting a child vampire as well as spotting the fast action sequences on her attacking her next prey. This looked good and wild.
More good mysterious moments with Eben talking to the Stranger as well as spotting his black eyes in which this keeps you in suspense knowing that he is one of them now and will he attack. The scene's looked fast and suspenseful while we watch on what's going on here and hoping that Eben will survive this.
A perfect battle scenario is when the character Beau charges through with a vehicle having objects on it attacking the vampires on the road as this was totally exciting to watch but yet there's something that backfires like in most horror flicks when the ending isn't there just yet. You keep watching hoping that he will be okay but yet feel sad on what will happen to him since he tried to become a hero in the flick.
There's even a perfect intense moment in a power plant when someone named Billy is rutally attacked by a vampire and then we spot this vicious beast being tossed into a grinder along with an arm chopped off from Billy imagining the intense pain that he is going through which will please all you horror fans who likes to see all of the deadly devices used in this scene.
What looked original is when Eben finds some way to be a vampire himself so he can be strong enough to battle Marlow in which alot of this was impressive to watch him try to beat the crap out of him after all the horrible things he did to the villagers in his hometown. Alot of this looked good and fast paced. The action is unstoppable for sure.
The ending is also very touching and sad when both Eben and Stella are watching the sun rise seeing what will become of Eben.
Bottom line is that this was a nice film based on the popular comic book series as it is imaginative and creative in a town of Alaska when the sun only shines once a month during certain times of the season and what can happen at night since it would be vampire heaven.
It makes you cringe for sure about the situation to survive in the village for a month by hiding from these blood thirsty vampires with nowhere to go which is peer torture.
It's one of the most original vampire stories to top it all off as they don't fly or get poisoned by garlic either making it very different than a typical vampire type movie as the story made out that vampire's only appear in horror films but suddenly it's really happening and they don't die from the stuff told in movies.
Let's all hope a sequel will follow as well.

The acting is not over the top special but still descently performed by the main cast members.
Josh Hartnett
(Eben Oleson) came a long way since his fame in Halloween: H20 and plays a totally tougher and a more noticeable character as the head Sheriff of the small town in Alaska. He shows alot of good might into his work as well as knowing on how to be a good hearted officer showing a ton of enthusiasm and courage within his performance. He seemed to work very hard portraying this part and knowing it inside out. Basically he was one of the best performers here.
Melissa George
(Ethel Oleson) was another nice performer in this flick in which she drew a good seriousness into her role and having a real strong presence with what she has to do to keep the town in good shape. She also showed a nice fearful attitude too when the terror happens really showing good emotions and a powerful struggling behavior too. All in all she knew on how to portray this role pretty good.
Danny Huston
(Marlow) proved that he can be a one bad ass cold blooded vampire leader in this film and looked perfect in his role for it as he is someone you would picture as a typical nasty vampire monster. He shows a good powerful ruthless presence whenever you spot him in a scene and showed alot of high energy whenever he attacks or does something totally deadly as well as knowing his stuff on how to act invincible too. Plus he was great in alot of spots when he shows a merciless attitude towards his victims before killing them. I thought that he was the best out of the whole cast and lived to portray this role no doubt about it.
Supporting actor Ben Foster (The Stranger) was the best out of all as a crazy one in the film and brings his chracter to full life. He was perfect with his outrageous behavior along with his screeching voice whenever he spoke plus he had the perfect looks to portray as someone who seems like a crazy bum on the streets. He was dynamite whenever he was begging for mercy in a certain spot really getting into a perfect fearsome attitude along with acting crazy when he attacks in another situation and getting into this big time. He was a total ball of energy in whatever he did in this flick.
Mark Boone Jr.
(Beau Brower) had a perfect masculine husky look to his presence in which he seemed to look like a good local who does construction type of work. Plus he shows a great heroic and courageous behavior in his role along with acting totally likeable into whatever he does in the film. He was great with his reactions in pain and when he's injured with a scene that he was supposed to react to just really getting into this big time. I found that he was one of the best supporting actors in the film and can go a long way in his acting career since he puts everything that he has into this role and can easily do so in other acting gigs too.
Mark Rendall
(Jake Oleson) showed a nice typical teenage kind of attitude showing his sensitivities which grabbed your attention big time as well as having a perfect crying and emotional attitude. He draws in well with whatever he does in the flick and proves to be a worthy character actor like the rest of the cast that was mentioned here. He also had the good clean cut boy next door looks too which works in his favor.
Manu Bennett (Billy) shows a perfect inscurity into his part as he rolls with the punches big time by behaving like this as well as having a nice eccentric type of attitude too. He shows a ton of intense energy and fear into what he does here as well as having perfect crying emotions too whenever he needed to be this way.
Megan Franich (Iris) portrayed a perfect vampiress and even if she didn't have alot of lines she still came across as someone who was believeably bloodthirsty and vicious along with being hungry for humans. She showed great vampirific expressions in which she really got into her role big time while doing all of this. She stood out nicely in her supporting role and deserved to be mentioned here along with the rest of the cast.

Bodies are chewed up
Heads and other body parts cut off
Vampires being shredded up
Lots of bloodbath's
Definetely plenty of horror violence

Brian Reitzall gives the music a nice cold feeling to the movie and does a wonderful job with his work on it. Lots of jungle drum beats and loud thumps along with some crashing sounds that will make you jump big time along with rusty scratching sounds and hissing noises. We also hear low tones for the real creepy scene's too. All in all the music sounded very strong here.

Gibbs: You goota choice. You can either face the maniac or freeze your ass off (Cackles)