30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010)


Directed by: Ben Ketai

Written by: Steve Niles & Ben Ketai


Kiele Sanchez .... Stella
Rhys Coiro .... Paul
Diora Baird .... Amber
Harold Perrineau .... Todd
Mia Kirshner .... Lilith
Troy Ruptash .... Agent Norris

Jeff Pizzinato .... Clyde

Special Appearance:

Katherine Isabelle .... Stacey

Release Date:
Fantastic Fest: September, 2010




A year after Stella (Kiele Sanchez) lost her husband due to a vampire invasion in her small snowy town of Alaska she relocates to Los Angeles discussing her incidents in her hometown and attracting a new vampire race that plans to ship to Alaska but plans to stop them.
She is greeted by a bunch of vampire hunters lead by Paul (Rhys Coiro) in which they try to find their hideout and their next missions on where they will feed their prey which is lead by a vampiress Lilith (Mia Kirshner) who hungers for young teenage blood as well.
Stella will not put a stop to this in order to avenge her husbands death.


This sequel shows the last bit with the character Stella holding her boyfriend when dawn breaks and he crumbles which is a nice touch proving that this flick is a true sequel and then there's clips of Los Angeles and other scenarios for the opening credits which I found looked a bit cheesy.
Then we have Stella making a speech on what happened in Alaska and getting serious about it all which is a nice start off for a sequel too. Of course we expect people to laugh and not take stuff seriously and then she turns on a sun lamp to show what vampires are in the room as the effects looked okay but I could tell that this was going to be a cheesy sequel not having the same chemistry like the first one carried.
What looked not too bad was when she was questioned at to what had happened by a fellow named Agent Norris in which the settings here looked nicely done and serious along with intense moments too.
Things seem to be put in place nicely when she arrives to her hotel only to spot some people who claim to be vampire hunters as this was nicely put in since the film is based off of a popular comic book series. Most comic books have these characters and it's neat later on with someone spotting something jumping from a hotel roof and onto the road which we all know isn't human. Nice fast action sequences when a vampire tries to crash in a hotel room and the hunters shoot it many times in the head.

Things look gothic and impressive when we spot the head vampiress Lilith rising out of a bathtub and approaching out of a shadow in which she certainly had a pale and creepy presence to her as this is nice to see in a vampire flick.
We spot a situation with a vampire named Clyde helping them out to track some vampires down while Stella is being cautious pointing her gun at him in case he tries to attack as this was nice to watch and of course it's neat to have a vampire on their side too which adds alot of fun to the horror story here.
The story seems to get boring for a little bit when they all plan out a mission and then go to it walking in a dark area but then the suspense piles up when things are too dark making things pretty creepy as well as alot of vampires springing out and attacking in which we spot alot of fast acting gunfire shots and someone being attacked by a vampire. Alot of this keeps you glued to watching on what will become of everything.
There's a nice result on the victim which is Todd exposing sharp teeth in which is a nice impression that he is turning into a vampire as well as good peer pressure with their leader Paul on wondering if he should keep him alive or not. Things for sure look brutal when Stella smashes his head with an object which for sure looked painful and intense to watch all this.

While still on the hunt there's a good jumping moment when we spot a victim tied up looking dead and then she springs to life crying and begging to be helped which definetly is unexpected while we watch this.
Then there's a bit of a romance with Stella and Paul when they take it off and about to fornicate in which at first it might've looked good but then it looks typically boring and uninspired.
There's another perfect jumping moment when there's a metal door and everything is still while everyone makes a plan and then some brutal shooting on the door bursting open which is for sure another one catching you off guard with all this happening.
Also a perfect disturbing moment when Lilith manipulates Agent Norris to bite into a neck of an innocent teenage girl while she's sobbing which almost makes this moment hard to watch on him doing this to a poor kid causing pain and death here.
There's more neat effects when we spot a battered corpse and Lilith pours blood in the mouth of this object and then we see it forming back to life as this is a nice original idea for a vampire flick without a doubt.
A nice vengeful moment involving Stella on her surprise attack on Lilith but won't give this piece away but it certainly isn't what you'd expect and it was cleverly done too.
Bottom line is that this sequel had nice action fighting but not as creepy or dark like the original one had. Quite a disappointment comapred to the original and a little too long in which the story becomes a bit trite and tiresome. Oh well if they make another one maybe it will get better since a door left open for another for sure.

The acting is in an okay fashion but not the greatest. Lead actress Kiele Sanchez (Stella) plays the reprising role instead of the original actress. She brings a great no nonsense attitude into her role and shows a good aggression and seriousness too. She really springs to life in her battles and shows a ton of great emotional intensity into her part too. She packs a punch and knew on how to portray an action figure.
Rhys Coiro (Paul) shows a good tough and serious attitude in his part as the head vampire slayer and does this incredibly well leading his troops in which he shows alot of great forceful energy into all of this. He also had the masculine nice tough guy looks which was another bonus to his part along with acting charming and good hearted drawing all of this together. I found that he was a good character actor in this flick and the best out of the whole cast too.
Diora Baird (Amber) really showed off a perfect anxious one in the flick and sprung to life big time with her aggressions as well as her crying emotions too. I found that she was for sure an attention grabber here. She was a total ball of energy and a true character actress in which she can go far in her acting career.
Mia Kirshner (Lilith) certainly had a creepy presence in her part of the film as the vampiress in which she lived to play this role indeed. I loved her intimidating behavior and knew on how to act brutally forceful when necessary. She also had a great hissing voice in her speaking along with having a great foreign language which comes off perfectly too. She was the best actress in the flick proving to do alot in what she does here.
Troy Ruptash
(Agent Norris) came off as a truly mysterious and deceivingly normal person in the flick as well as showing off a good insane attitude too. Plus he does well by acting like a sort of a pussy follower in which this came across clearly well too. He had the right clean cut looks to portray as someone who can fool you big time. He shows alot of good energy into his part of the film in which he came across perfectly onto the camera within his performance.
Jeff Pizzinato
(Clyde) shows a perfect coldness to his speaking as well as showing a nice expressionless attitude into his role. He brisks through quite well within all of this and has a perfect good guy vampire personality which shines off nicely here. He speaks very clearly too which was another perfect pointer to his role.

Mia Kirshner exposes her butt while going out of a bloody bathtub

Head are battered and shot
Head is bashed by a cement type object
Many chewed off flesh from people's necks
Slaughtered corpses are revealed hung
Hook is stabbed in a head and then chopped off

Andres Boulton gives the music a total good dark darkness to everything with alot of low echoey drum beats and booming sounds too which sounds extremely strong as well as good hissing sounds and nice clanging effects too. Definetely suits everything that was placed here. Also there's good wild sounds when the final moments happen ending the vampire battles.