31 (2016)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Rob Zombie


Sheri Moon Zombie .... Charly
Jeff Daniel Phillips .... Roscoe Pepper
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs ... Panda Thomas
Meg Foster .... Venus Virgo
Kevin Jackson .... Levon Wally
Malcolm McDowell ... Father Murder
Jane Carr .... Sister Serpent
Judy Geeson .... Sister Dragon
Richard Brake .... Doom-Head
Pancho Muller .... Sick-Head

Special Appearances:

David Ury .... Schizo-Head
Lew Temple .... Psycho-Head
Torsten Voges .... Death-Head
Elizabeth Daily .... Sex-Head
Ginger Lynn Allen .... Cherry Bomb
Daniel Roebuck .... Pastor Victor

Release Dates:
Sundance Film Festival: January 23, 2016; Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival: July 22, 2016; Limited Theatrical: October 21, 2016 (USA); Monsters of Film, Stockholm: October 22, 2016 (Sweden)




Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, Hell-like compound where they are forced to participate in a violent game, the goal of which is to survive twelve hours against a gang of sadistic clowns.


We spot a rather dull beginning that involves one of the title character's that happens to be Doom-Head facing the camera and speaking darkly which seems to drag but then we spot him talking to a preacher who has been tortured as this looked a little uninspired.
Also we have the situation with the gang of carnival workers travelling in their mobile as this looked rather bland to watch on their sarcasm or sleazy attitudes in which needed alot more inspiration as well.
Things seem to pick up a bit when they spot scarecrow type objects on the road as this leaves an eerie feeling that something deadly is going to happen and there's fast action moments when it does.
A good still moment when the surviving victims are tied up and we spot people dressed as crazy looking clowns lead by Father Murder telling his evil deeds as to what will happen here which seemed to be nicely layered out but again it could've been a little more entertaining for die hard horror fans such as myself.
We have a chasing scene with Charly and a midget clown dressed as Hitler when she tries to hide from him in a grungy washroom area as things were supposed to look creepy and making you watch carefully wondering as to what will happen next. However, though these moments fail big time and seemed quite uneven.
There's a mysterious situation when the gang goes to eat at a meal table and being unhappy on what's going on as this leaves a cringing feeling as to what they are eating isn't exactly your normal everyday meat and a shocking surprise too which is good at their reactions making this situation truly sickening.
Then we have some great entertaining moments when we spot two clowns with chainsaws being terrorising which looked like a total funhouse by how this was all coming down to as well as some shocking moments when some of the friends spot another friend barely alive and the struggling moments on all of them using weapons to try and fight against these maniacs. Allof this was packed with great horror action as you wonder as to who will survive this madness. Things looked good and powerful when the survivors  wreck vengeance and done in a perfect horror violence style too.
A creepy moment when one of the psychopaths are using some of the employees that are supposdely dead and taunting their bodies making out they're communicating with each other in front of someone watching this happen which seemed to work in an okay psychological horror fashion.
Good in your face moment with Doom-Head taunting Charley on what he does towards her and see some bizarre moments as well as near the end when Charley tries to escape through a tunnel leading to a deserted area which seemed to pay a tribute to Zombie's first film effort House of 1000 Corpses. However the moments here seemed to drag quite a bit.
Bottom line is that the story seems like a drag at first but improves a bit. Alot of dynamic fun touches like going to a carnival to see freakshow as that's what all the characteristics in this flick delivers. Odd shocking moments too since that's to be expected as well. What I like about Zombie's films is that he gives them a drive-in grindhouse type of effect most taking place during the retro days. I will give credit for that but he seems to have run out of ideas by making this one too at the same time and needs to look into something different.

The acting is in mediocre shape as this time Sherry Moon Zombie (Charly) plays a victim this time which is a nice change. She is not too bad by doing this. Offers a nice flirtatious and sarcastic behavior during the beginning of her performance. Also does well acting freaked out in other spots as well as showing off a great aggressive and vengeful attitude when going in for the kill with who tormented and tortured her which she still has the knack by being this way. Plus does well acting out of it during the near end of her performance.
Jeff Daniel Phillips (Roscoe Pepper) stood out the most out of all the performers in which he seemed to do well with his charming behavior along with acting sarcastic as well. He seemed to show great energy and enthusiasm within whatever he did. Also he had the right looks to play somewhat a tough type of fellow too.
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Panda Thomas) was just plain in his role but did seem to show a good aggressive attitude when the terror strikes him as well as getting even with what was going on showing great angery expressions and darting out whenever he had to behave this way. I preferred him as the Sweathog in Welcome Back Kotter though.
Meg Foster (Venus Virgo) had it all that looked great. Her perfect no nonsense attitude as well as her serious and strong personality. She also was superb with her raging behavior while striking someone with a chainsaw as this looked powerful. I really enjoyed her performance and deserved good credit by what she did here.
Malcolm McDowell (Father Murder) had a great spporting role as a leader of the demented clowns as he does a strong performance when he makes his announcements plus has a great wicked behavior within whatever he does something which really stood out well too. He shows a nice versatality into this part compared to the other roles that I've seen him in.
Richard Brake (Doom-Head) had the most energetic role out of them all and portrayed a great annoying goofy disturbed one adding everything to a perfect hype within whatever he did here. He had the right looks and appeal to all that he did with a good deep serious speaking too. Also springs into action a great deal too.

A couple are fornicating ina back of a mobile butts revealed as well as the woman's breasts
Nude corpses
Nude woman at a clown ceremony
Butt and breasts briefly revealed while going at it doggy style

Lots of bloodsheds
Slaughtered body from underneath a glass table
Lots of chainsaw stabbings
Head cut off by a chainsaw
Numberous spiked bats bashing others in different parts of the body
Bloodied stabbings

The music score sounded wonderfully in which we hear lots of metal clapping sounds as well as other effective noises and at times some chantings as well as echoey type of music too. Most of it sounds very old school from horror films that we've all remembered which is a great pointer for all that was done in this flick. It was for sure dark and powerful as each scene was well concentrated. All of this was put together by Rob Zombie, Chris Harris, John 5 and Bob Marlette.

Many songtracks by 70's rock artits which is what I like in a flick but the one that stood out the most in my mind was Steven Tyler's solo take on "Dream On" during the near end of the story which sticks to anyone who saw this one as the song almost sounds similar to his Aerosmith's hit and blenda in well as to what happens here.

Sex-Head: [punching Roscoe's bicep] Pop! See you later, Popeye! I'm gonna go get me some spinach.

Father Murder: [to Charly, Roscoe, Venus, Panda, and Levon, who are bound and gagged] I bid you welcome, oh nameless and numbered ones! Tonight, we are going to play 31! What is 31, pray tell? Well, 31 is war and, as the old saying goes, war is Hell!
Sister Dragon: In exactly one hundred and twenty seconds, we shall begin. And all you have to do is survive twelve hours inside the walls of our own private little Hell.

Doom-Head: [talking to himself in the mirror] I'm not crazy; I'm in control!

Charly: I say we hunt these freaks down and slit their fucking throats.

Doom-Head: I ain't no fucking clown.