3 from Hell (2019)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Rob Zombie


Sheri Moon Zombie .... Baby Firefly
Bill Moseley .... Otis Driftwood
.... Winslow Foxworth Coltrane
.... Warden Virgil Harper
.... Gerard James
.... Judy Harper
.... Heather Starship Galen
.... Aquarius
.... Carlos Perro
.... Sebastian
.... Greta

Special Appearances:

Sid Haig .... Captain Spaulding
.... Creep
.... Mr. Baggy Britches
.... Morris Green
Wade Williams .... Buford Tuttle
.... Burt Willie
Daniel Roebuck .... Morris Green
.... Diego
.... Tony Commando
.... Slackjaw
.... Rodrigo
.... Sheriff Wolf
.... Gonzo
.... Glassy Wolf
.... Rondo
.... Narrator
Duanne Whitaker .... Dr. Bankhead

Release Dates: Fantasy Filmfest: September 15, 2019; Limited Theatrical: September 16, 2019




After barely surviving a massacre from the police, the demented Firefly family are sent to prison with one of them getting a death sentence but Otis Driftwood (Bill Moseley) manages to escape as well as going to the resient of Warden Virgil Harper (Jeff Daniel Phillips) and holding the residents hostage until he manipulates him to freeing Baby Firefly (Sherri Moon Zombie).
Then they end up going on their killing spree while trying to escape and hiding down in Mexico thinking they're safe until they get an unexpected visit from a mafia.


The film left off with a great start as at the end of The Devil's Rejects it made me wonder as to how the Firefly family survived all the gun shootings but it shows what goes on in the ER and so fourth as well as locals being interviewed on the news about this demented family and so fourth which was done in terrific style making it look like a 70s throwback.
Then on a found footage scene Otis Driftwood finds a way on escaping and boy is he vicious with his gun shooting as it was greatly action paced and showing alot of intense adrenaline with his coldness toward others.
Then in a prison cell there's Baby Firefly acting slick as well as revealing herself chained up while walking to a room to being questioned which made me watch carefully to see if she will pull something deadly off towards one of the wardens taking her to the room since these situations were well focused.
Then Baby of course tries to get cute with everyone there which is a nice cringing feeling in which we know she may pull something off and later on does just that which is intense and fast acting which makes you wonder or not she will escape but just not quite. However just keep watching as it gets even better.
When she is back in her cell we have the wicked warden Greta bringing her to two hulking women that are about to beat her up showing that some officers are purely evil if they don't like a certain criminal but I was thinking that it serves this evil bitch right to get what's coming to her as the camera shots were fast action but yet we all know the outcome of who won this moment later on with deadly results.
Otis and Winslow Foxworth Coltrane start shooting the shit discussing stuff cussing and being sarcastic as this flows very well into the story and then later on two redneck hunters try to gun down Otis but don't expect he has his sidekick with him which they change the tables on them as this looked cleverly done and disturbing too.
What's even more disturbing is when the two pay a visit to Warden Virgil Harper's home and shoots one of his friends as well as forcing someone to strip down while being held as hostage which doesn't look pleasant. What's more psychological is when Otis manipulates Virgil to free Baby from her cell else he will kill them all. Plus there's moments when one is being tortured to death with others watching this. Yet we've seen a similar situation in Devil's Rejects so it's nothing too new here.
Virgil does Otis' evil deeds as well as getting demanding towards one of his warden's in which she has a dark secret about him as this drew me in realising that this lawman is a douchebag. Also a good intense moment with hat Baby does to Greta proving that she is a one powerful bitch!
A good killing moment when Firefly kills the one whom was forced to strip down and a neighbor spots her which offers the odd black humor to the story and the maniacs have to get the hell out of there.
When the demented family stays at a hotel during a Halloween party there's a nice moment when Baby interacts with a guy next door type of person who wants to join in on the fun by acting charming towards him and then discusses she looks like the woman on the news and admits she is which leaves a chill down your spine that something deadly is about to happen. This was done in a nice fashion.
The family travels and resides in Mexico during a Day of the Dead event which looked fun to watch and makes you want to join in on the party as Zombie really knew how to set things up to make this moment look good.
Things really get rockin when Otis and Winslow get their jollies with some Mexican prostitutes with their interactions as this flowed very well and good takes on all of this. Plus a good moment with Baby doing a sort of dart game on a board which shows a board where youre supposed to swing a knife through an artwork of a person's heart as no one can get it right but she does which is a perfect touch showing how great her killing skills are.
Suddenly a cult of killers take over this party and the family are pitted against them which looked exciting seeing some of them being victims again like what happened in Devil's Rejects and then Otis is battling against the leader as this looked powerful to watch but yet we kinda all know who will win.
Bottom line is that like Devil's Rejects this one just passes as a horror and is more of a crime flick. It was well done in some spots and can be enjoyable but it lacked some inspiration since it seems to be nearly the same old story but not as adventureous as it's previous sequel. It can be a fun one to watch if you're in the mood for it though.

The acting is strong as usual in which Sheri Moon Zombie (Baby Firefly) still had the knack to play this evil wildchild as she is powerful by what she did coming across as truly terrifying. Does well by acting cute as well as violent. Plus does a nice job by being creepily charming in a certain scene which shines off nicely. Does well by getting into a party mode later on in the movie and showed perfect timing within this.
Bill Moseley (Otis Driftwood) does well with his arrogant attitude along with his sarcasm and can really get into shooting the shit with others and having a strong personality. Also was a strong force of nature when going into battle with his killings. Yup he does it all.
(Winslow Foxworth Coltrane) did his job greatly as a rendeck hunter of some sort with his gruffness in his voice as well as doing well acting vicious with what he does and knew on how to come across as ruthless and intimidating by his presence.
(Warden Virgil Harper) was great in his role as a redneck officer with a dark secret as he shows off good troubled emotions with his attitude as well in which he does well with his disturbed behavior and emotions.
(Aquarius) lived to play the leader of his own gang with his vicious behavior and knew on how to portray a professional killer as well as doing a great job by going into battle. He shows off his energy to the extreme within everything that he does here. Had the perfect big guy mean looks for this which was a great plus.
(Carlos Perro) does well with his sketchy behavior as the owner of a run down resort in Mexico as he seems to blend in well as someone whom is untrustworthy fitting in with the maniacs. He offers some witty behavior as well as someone who seems like a scumbag in which he draws this well by acting this way.
(Sebastian) was a natural ham with what he does and seems to be a piece of dynamite when he gets into action as well as showing off his characteristics pretty nicely within all that he does here. He brings it on greatly making his supporting role quite memorable.
(Greta) often played somewhat nice girl types of roles but this time she plays a vulgar warden who has a nasty streak in her in which she does this with terrific style especially with her coldness to her voice. At first it was hard to recognise her but that's what is so great about portraying a character role. She did this with terrific taste and style.

A woman is fully naked held hostage in her home and in another scene she tries to run away fully exposed top to bottom.
Mexcian prostitutes take it off mostly fully revealed top to bottom while partying.

Bloody gun wounds are revealed with the demented family.
Nose is bashed in
Slaughtered bodies revealed in a jail cell
Head is blown off with gobs of remains.
Various brutal stabbings.
Face is torn off.
Someone is gutted.
Many bloody gunshots.
Lots of violent bloodsheds.
Mobster is burned alive.

Zeuss does a nice composing for the film especially the beginning as there's great low tones and drumbeats as well as laser sounds in which some of this was also used during the closing credits. Plus there's the odd chanting sounds and stuff like that. When the action happens in Mexico he offers great western style guitar music and so fourth. Plus some good drumbeat scores and the odd clanging here and there. Stands out pretty damn good.

More nice classic rockin soundtracks but the one that's the most catchiest one is In "A Gadda Da Vida" by Iron Butterfly with Baby getting into the groove while it's playing at the place in Mexico they're hiding out from the law as this seemed to be a necessary one for this type of a scene.

Otis Firefly: Are you fucking crying?
Winslow Foxworth Coltrane: I ain't crying. I got a piece of fucking skull in my eye. That shit hurts.
Otis Firefly: Man, you sure can bitch a song about nothing.
Winslow Foxworth Coltrane: [Foxy pulls something from his eye] See? Fucking skull.

Greta: Ding-dong, the bitch is dead.

Judy Harper: What you're asking my husband is completely insane.
Otis Firefly: I'm completely insane!

Otis Firefly: A fucking clown?
Mr. Baggy Britches: Well, hello! You must be the lady of the household!

Baby: Um... some old broad next door saw me gut that bitch. Um, think we should think about rolling out of here soon.

Baby: I want him good and crispy.
Otis Firefly: I know how to cook a fucking corpse.