6:15 (2015)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Ben Samuels


Rosebud Baker .... Carla
Ben Samuels .... Eddie
Matt Riker .... Todd
Montana Marks .... Amanda
Amy Rutledge ....  Emily
Jonas Parker .... Adam

Release Date: Shriekfest: October 2, 2015




We enter the mind of an emotionally damaged man Eddie (Ben Samuels) in which him and his family tried to survive an outbreak of zombies in their isolated farm which was caused by a viral outbreak.


We spot many stale moments with the title character Eddie waking up and his wife Carla at times mildly nagging at him for small things like answering the door etc as well as his friends coming in to watch a ball game as this was supposed to look exciting but it doesn't at all.
Then we have some FBI agents getting Eddie to go to a cornfield as we spot a little boy named Adam with his mother going to pick some stuff at a cornfield which looked uplifting on their discussions but then they start to search into the field as things were supposed to look suspenseful when they hear a growling but this looked too cheesy to watch to be scared.
But there's some excitement when Adam comes out with blood and the FBI goes nuts as it psychs you out a bit but then we spot everyone running out of the field and someone lying there barely alive as well as a zombie attack which once again looks quite off and cheesily done.
Good raging moments with Eddie going back into his home and trying to lock the doors with his family and friends wondering why he's so anxious as well as someone at the door being attacked which makes you nearly jump out of your seat as well as people coming in the parking lot and thinking nothing of the zombies running towards them until they are physically attacked as this for sure didn't look pretty to watch at all and well done.
Things seem pretty cringing when everyone tries to go to their vehicle to get away as you wonder if they will and them BAM! An accident happens as this makes you gasp for sure. This was another well done moment.
We spot Eddie trying to rescue someone in the busted up vehicle when she's unconcious and then a nice surprise zombie attack as this makes you tell this person to run it's too late for her.
A perfect horrifying moment when someone is attacked by zombies and the other tries too save her but it's just too late for this person as this looks genuinely disappointing.
Plus a good moment with Eddie going up to Adam and trying to talk to him and this child is disturbed about them all going to die which was a good add on into the story.
There's a cringing moment when Eddie is trying to go into a barn to find one of his workers without being seen from the zombies as there's nice looks on his sheep and cows. Plus we find his worker Wood severely injured as well as what he finds on some newborn pigs which looks utterly digusting and shocking.
Then Eddie tries to get Wood to run away with him from zombies attacking which is an awkward feeling and making you wonder if this injured person will survive.
We also have a nasty FBI revealing a secret and having a deep feeling that he is not to be trusted with his wicked actions towards these two along with what happens afterwards. Plus we spot Eddie falling into a sleep and getting sick as well as looking at himself as you get a sinking feeling on what's going to happen next. You think to yourself that this story will finally end as it's so bad while watching everything but it still lags on.
Bottom line is that this was not a found footage flick but entering the mind of someone and watching his moves which doesn't work in well at all. I was in agony by watching this Night of the Living Dead ripoff from start to finish. We've seen this stuff before but this was a bland flick regardless.
The film was renamed Eyes of the Dead when it was picked up for distribution.

The performances are in mediocre taste in which we have Rosebud Baker (Carla) seeming rather very low on energy during the start of her acting but she seems to pick it up a little better. She does reveal some nice disappointing reactions to stuff. Plus was great by acting fully alerted when the terror strikes or showing great aggressions. Plus was good by being emotionally upset with stuff. Was great trying to talk to her onscreen husband without freaking out but does a great job with her intense behavior when she's attacked.
Ben Samuels (Eddie) isn't seen much but is heard alot in which he shows alot of hyperactive adrenaline as well as showing an uncontrollable personality with his panting and obsessiveness. Was good trying to stay quiet and calm when being sneaky from onscreen zombies as well as showing some hyped aggression or reacting too being sick or in pain. Plus was great acting menacing when changing.
Matt Riker (Todd) was probably the best out of the cast as he shows a good full of life type of guy who likes to have a good time. Definetely shows a perfect friendliness into all that he does here. Also was great getting aggressive or acting upset with his sobbing emotions after what happens to his onscreen wife. He shows alot of nice characteristics into his role but it sadly doesn't save the film from bombing.
Montana Marks (Amanda) seemed to show a good teenage timid persona as she was great screaming or losing control. She brings all of this nicely and is a great persoon being pinned against the mandess that goes on into the story. Has a nice healthy girl next door types of looks too. Brought alot of life into what she did.
Jonas Parker (Adam) shows off a nice charming innocent kid type of behavior before going into the cornfield acting believeably happy on what he will be doing. Shows a nice versatality later on by beiing scared and expressionless esspecially with his speaking. He focused on this perfectly well. Also has a nice innocence to his looks and appeal too.

A persons eye and other parts aare bloodily mangled
Zombies are eating off the flesh of many vicctims
Bloody gunshots
Arms are torn off
Pigs insides are revealed
Unborn pigs are also revealed
Persons leg is bitten open
Guys head is bloodily bashed

Alot of echoey heartbeats are heard which sounds strong and effective for the real terrors quarter way through