6 Souls (2010)


Directed by: &

Written by:
Michael Cooney

Produced & Story by:
Harvey Bernhard


.... Cara Harding
.... David / Adam / Wesley
.... Dr. Harding
.... Mrs. Bernburg
.... Stephen Harding
.... Sammy
.... Virgil
.... Granny Holler Witch
.... Detective Danton

Release Dates:
Theatrical: March 27, 2010 (Japan); April 9, 2010 (UK / Ireland); November 18, 2010 (Australia); Stockholm International Film Festival: November 21, 2010; Limited Theatrical: April 5, 2011 (USA)




A female forensic psychiatrist discovers that all of one of her patient's multiple personalities are murder victims. She will have to find out what's happening before her time is finished.


In the story we do spot many effective moments including an interesting humoress moment involving the lead character Cara Harding on the phone with her brother Stephen while he has stuff burning while trying to cook which is a nice add on to lighten things up in the horror story.
Nice solid moments with Cara talking to the main male character David and testing his personality in which there's great close up shots and nicely focused moments on all of this. Also great jumping situation when he breaks into another personality at first only hearing his voice off screen and then seeing him being someone else which makes the moments truly mysterious wondering if this person has a split personality which looked good and twisted as well as spotting him rising up from his wheelchair.
We spot alot of realistic looking discussions between Cara and her father Dr. Hardin with the humoress uplifting moments along with their arguments which was brought together with perfect timing in all of this.
Nice perfect settings with Cara approaching a wooded area and trying to talk to some strange residents there as we spot one of them taking venom out of a cobra as well as her discussiion with him which looked creepily done which showed some nice timing for the plot as well as her approaching a supporting character Mrs. Bernburg while she's occupied in her backyard as the setting also looked creepily done.
Plus a nice and dark emotional discussion with Cara speaking to her on a situation as this looked very powerful and seeing the changes on this eccentric woman.
Also a great moment with both Mrs. Bernberg and David talking face to face with one another at a table and then having David going through the same situation like in the beginning with Cara but this time we see on what's going on and it looked perfectly intense and well done. Then a nice flowing moment between the two of them along with a nice  upsetting moment on Bernberg slapping him which looked quick and sharply done.
Nice moments involving David and brief flashback moments on a person from the past which psychs you out while watching as this looked wonderfully done.
There's a perfect suspenseful moment with David having another personality involving Cara's daughter Sammy talking to him and Cara telling him to stay away from her daughter which makes you wonder if he will snap and act crazy.
A perfect moment with Sammy and Stephen trying to escape from David while his other personality is Sammy's grandfather as there's many powerful struggling moments that we see going on here.
Nice gothic situation with booth Cara and Sammy going to the backwoods area talking to a witch on what's happening and some upsetting results on the surroundings that are happening here.
The best moments are near the end when David is chasing after both Sammy and Cara in the deep dark woods as well as what happens to Sammy's soul as well as a good disturbing moment on what Cara does which looked convincingly upsetting and emotional. A great powerful situation here.
Bottom line is that the story is very clever but strongly done so at times it's hard to follow since there's alot of mysterious twists and powerfully written too. The movie was nice and dark. Worth check out.

The acting is perfect and superb in which we have a solid performance by Julianne Moore (Cara Harding) in which she does a nicely focused job on her part in the film and gets into the nitty gritty a great deal as her role playing a doctor. Plus shows a perfect emotional attitude or showing a nice sharp and stern aggression giving it a real punch. Does a good job with her anxious and worried attitude when the near terrors start to happen offering a perfect energetic moment. She studied this part incredibly well.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
(David / Adam / Wesley) lived to portraty this role as someone with a split personality in which he does well acting someone whom is calm and really added a great hype snapping and acting crazy. Plus does well with his crying emotions which also shined off well too. He does a good job just charging in when he iss about to attack someone but he really did a great memorable moment at the end of his role portraying a child showing his sobbing andd fearful expressions and getting into it terrifically.
Jeffrey DeMunn (Dr. Harding) added a nice charm to his role in the film offering a nice uplifting humoress attitude as well as showing some nice upsetting and stern behavior too which looked nicely done. He also does well by acting sick as well as showing a great choked out expression during the end of his performance.
Frances Conroy (Mrs. Bernberg) was marvellous in her role as a troubled widow in which she certainly came across convincing with her emotional attitude and upsetting expressions too. Also offered a nice calmness with her speaking too. She stood out the most in her supporting role.
Nate Corddry (Stephen Harding) certainly had alot of great spunk in his part as a loving uuncle annd brother in the flick. For sure was well alert in every scene that he performed in. Didn't let an ounce of energy down as he was a true character actor.  
Brooklynn Proulx
(Sammy Harding) does her role nicely as one of those rambunctious but fun loving child acting perfectly full of life and enjoying by what she's doing as she made her role perfectly believeable. Also does a nice job acting perfectly scarred with her fearful crying since she studied her role terrifically in these scene's too.
Joyce Feurring (Granny Holler Witch) was another supporting actress who stood out greatly with her old lady looks as well as her creaky voice in which she was perfectly spooky in her presence and lived to play this role terrifically. She was enjoyablle and a great horror character.

Aot of scarred bodies are revealed.
Gooo is flowing out of a corpses eyes

The music sounds very powerful in which we hear alot of powerful and smooth violin playing which sounds peaceful in alot of spots which stood out well. Also alot of great banging and metal sounds too which stood out strongly for the story. Alot of perfect hissing and windy noises which suits the dark and mysterious scene's in the film. All of this was nicely put together by John Frizzell