976 Evil II: The Astral Factor (1991)


Directed by: Jim Wynorski

Written by: Erik Greenberg Anjou

Story by: Rick Glassman


.... Robin
.... Mr. Grubeck
.... Spike
.... Taylor
.... Paula
.... Dr. Jamison
.... Stone

Special Appearance:

George 'Buck' Flower .... Turrell

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: December 31, 1991 (UK)




An evil teacher Mr. Grubeck ( Assa) calls the 976 telephone service to have demonic spiritual powers to leave his body after being sent to prison and doing deadly deeds to others as Spike (Patrick O'Bryan) and a school student Robin (Debbie James) tries to put a stop to him.


Nice fun beginning with a teen doing a swimming practise alone in the night at the school and then taking a shower with a thunder storm happening as well as some figure watching her which added some nice low budget horror feel to it as well as her being pitted inside a theatre with a deadly object falling on her caused by the evil Mr. Grubeck as this was a good start off to a sequel taken in a different direction alltogether.
Then after the credits a nice shot on Spike riding his motorbike and going into a bar hallucinating a telephone with a strange ring as well as what is said after he answers it and so fourth since we remember him from the original flick but doesn't seem to discuss what happened beforehand for any of the scene's that revolves around him. Oh well.
Interesting cheesy moments with Mr. Grubeck talking on the phone asking for power from the evil force on the other line in which this needed a bit more inspiration as to what goes on here. Still it was a fun type of entertainment.
Yet later on we see him in prison and an effective moment with his spirit leaving his body to do some deadly deeds which was done in a good horror fashion.
Also some decent discussions between Spike and Robin as this looked like a nice near moment on a suggested romantic link towards each other as well as him talking to her about the astral card he found on her and telling her about it which is almost a hint on what happened in the first flick yet he doesn't get into his past with it which is a disappointment.
Rolling along we have the school janitor Turrell being terrorised by the spirit of what he sees in the mirror of Mr. Grubeck in which this doesn't add the terror or strong suspense as it was intended to but yet it picks up for when Grubeck himself drags him onto a road where there's busy traffic as this made up for the cheesy moments.
Greatly done night shot on Grubeck entering Robin's bedroom and seeing her sleep as this offered a great haunting type of feel for what goes on here in which the setting was done in a well done fashion.
Spike enters someone's home and things become chaotic with the home possessed and things activating trying to attack him which packs a good punch and nicely put into the story as well as a phone on the wall ringing for him to answer it which was another good touch. Alot of good suspense that we spot during these situations.
Nice surprising moment when Robin goes into an office at her school to look for some clues the phone rings and she answers it with a situation that knocks her unconcious which looked well done since it's what you don't expect while watching this unravel. Plus a scene comes in with a tragic car accident and the vehicle exploding which made me wonder as to why this moment is happening but soon will explain itself.
Then we see a woman driving her vehicle and answering her phone there with the evil voice of Grubeck talking to her and she tried to hang up but he comes on the radio of the vehicle and stuff like that making these moments too campy to seem creepy but again I think that this was the intention as well as her car driving by itself and crashing into others on the road as this packs some terror and making you watch and having a deadly feeling on what will happen later on. When the deadly deed happens a nice fairly powerful situation when Robin arrives on the situaton and Grubeck confronts her which was done in a fair low budget horror taste.
When Spike goes to a bookstore on the occult things look well concentrated when he asks the owner on a certain book which looked slick and suitable for this type of a scene.
Then more fun situations with both Robin and Paula watching TV in which Night of the Living Dead is playing and Robin herself has a hard time watching it and tries to click on watching a Christmas movie which is It's a Wonderful Life and they playfully fight over switching the channel back and fourth between shows as this seemed fairly entertaining to watch friends having fun.
Later on some cheesy but fun horror moment with Grubeck on the TV screen making out he's doing a commercial and sucking Paula into the TV where she is in the scene of It's a Wonderful Life which looked clever to watch and then the people turn around and are zombies attacking her which seemed to pay a tribute to the A Nightmare On Elm Street legacy. It looked rather strange for these moments to happen.
Great campy moments when Spike is on a chase riding his motorbike while Grubeck is chasing after him with a truck adding alot of suspenseful action while this is happening along with a deadly accident occuring adding some nice effects to the scene. Then some nice effects on Spike being a spirit while trying to save Robin from the clutches of Grubeck as well as a neat moment later on when both Spike and Robin kiss one another.
Yet when you think Robin has a happy ending it tricks you big time which is a disappointment for a moment on someone that you think will be free from the madness that had happened which I won't give away and you'd have to see for these moments yourself.
Bottom line is that this is for sure a sequel to the original but like mentioned taken in a different direction with one one character reprising in this one but it never mentions as to what happened the last time. Lots of fun low budget horror touches but some upsetting moments at the end as mentioned too. It's an okay flick for what it is and had dry humor into the story as well.

The acting is a bit stale and needed a bit of a push in which lead actress (Robin) had the nice looks and appeal which is important for a horror flick and can seem to get into what she was doing in a fair fashion too but there's scene's when she screams or is upset which looked unnatural and needed some lessons while making all of this come to life. However at the end of her performance by crying hysterically and freaking out looked energetic.
(Mr. Grubeck) was a little over the top as an evil teacher but seemed to show some humoress timing with his cold speaking or troublemaking behavior. Seems to also do well approaching someone creepily too. He seemed to do an average job with a Freddy Krueger type of persona but he could've been a bit more natural. Had the right looks and appeal for this role as a creepy type so he fit the suit well.
(Spike) was fairly solid in his role as the tough as nails biker from whom we saw in the original flick and was good by acting vulgar while answering a phone ringing during a certain scene. Also shows good aggressions whenever necessary. Plus does a nice job acting nice and fairly charming too when talking to a highschool girl as well as trying to find out clues which he offers nice energy within these moments.
(Taylor) was the worst in the cast and was way too over the top and mellodramatic in which he plays a police officer in which he was too goofy to be taken seriously especially with his aggressions. He looked geeky too so I wonder if he was a bad choice for this role. He got on my nerves a bit whenever I watched him perform.
(Paula) was one of the better performers in the cast in which she shows off a good bubbly and outgoing behavior getting into what she was doing and seeming nautral as a happy go lucky laid back type. She seemed to stand out very well in her supporting role and had the perfect appeal too.
(Dr. Jamison) seemed to do well in his fatherly type of role as well as showing a warm and sympathetic type of personality but yet he comes across as someone whom is trying to hide a secret that isn't good. Got into his characteristics a fair deal as well as having the perfect looks for this role which was another good plus.

Woman's breasts are somewhat revealed while taking a shower in a washroom gymnasium

Odd bloody stabbings
Neck mangled
Person is briefly splattered by a vehicle

Chuck Cirino seemed to use alot of his other composing like in did in films such as Sorority House Massacre 2 with the low piano playing as well as the icy echoey sounds along with some chantings into this one but some of it sounded quite stronger too. Plus there's the odd new sounds too with certain classical playing with trombone music and so fourth which was catchy as well. All of this seemed to fit into the story not too shabbily. It was fun to listen to it while watching the film as it was adventureous.