The Abberdine County Conjurer (2006)


Produced, Written, Cinematography, Edited & Directed by: Jeff Cooper


Teresa Deasey .... Meg
Liz Goddard .... Molly
Jeff Cooper .... Sean Steel
Winter Wytchwood .... Jessie
Natalie Geneva .... Edda
Ellen Keefer .... Raven
Ivan Sadowski .... Mike
Annie Maleski .... Tracy

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: February 8, 2006




Different campers enter the woods of Abberdine County not realising it's run by two backwoods women named Edda (Natalie Geneva) and Raven (Ellen Keefer) who kidnap, beat and torture anyone who camps out there and sends them to their master the Conjurer who is 150 years old and brought up the living dead to kill anything there to top it all off.
One of the survivors whom were once tortured there named Molly (Liz Goddard) escapes and is lost in the woods while a couple camping out named Meg (Teresa Deasey) and Mike (Ivan Sadowski) are being terrorised by zombies killing Mike the two of them encounter a zombie hunter named Sean Steel (Jeff Cooper) who explains to them about the Conjurer who uses a Fortune Teller named Jessie (Winter Wytchwood) to use her victims blood to brew her life sustaining potions that keep her alive but do not keep her from aging.
His mission is to overthrow the Conjuror, but anyone who wants to survive this gruesome and heinous ordeal will have to find the courage to fight for their lives.


The film shows some nice scenery in the deep dark woods. There's a good shot on the character Jessie practising her magic and setting stuff up but the discussion between her and Meg is a real bore.
Then we have a scene where Edda beats up Jessie and I can't describe how terrible and amateurish it looked as it seems like kids in middle school drama class showing typical fake punches and phony sobbing too within all of this.
We spot good close up shots on both Edda using a whip with Molly tied up but spotting alot on what was going on loked horrible.
There are good shots on both Meg and Mike having a bonfire on their camping trip even if their discussions were low on energy.
There's good shots on the zombie's in the dark forest but yet the things are rushed as it doesn't seem convincing but it look's good when they are about to attack Molly but her reactions to screaming and running away looked very amateurish.
There's lots of good dark shots on Molly running through the dark forest and later on spotting a container and drinking a big bottle of coke which looked a bit more believeable there acting like she's very thirsty.
Molly was averagely convincing by acting drunk near a tent acting silly with a good shot on Edda grinning standing there with a shot on Molly swinging her axe clumsily which looked fairly amusing. We also have a good shot on Sean Steel dressed as a Conjurer and Molly gets psyched out by it as all of this looks neat.
We spot a good presence by Sean towards Edda this time as his normal self and explaining who he is with her acting drunk and silly.
There's many lacking moments with Edda throwing both Molly and Meg in a shack and torturing them with their reactions looking very amateurish.
We have a good shot on the zombies circling around near a cauldron and Edda ordering them to do stuff.
We have a good shot on Sean as the Conjurer placing a voodoo doll on a table with bones as hands and legs and cutting them in half.
We have the odd good shot on Sean aiming to kill a zombie along with Molly hitting some sort of a metal gong trying to attract the zombie's and then killing them.
Yet we spot Molly whacking Edda with a shovel which wasn't the least bit convincing when it was supposed to look extremely brutal.
Bottom line is that this is another one of those locals using his home video camera and decided to make a movie and it's so bad it's good. I do have to say it is an improvement compared to most of the junk out there. Tons of bad performances and it looks lacking but still fun to watch with some interesting moments on the zombie's (You see them wearing their runners this movie was non budgeted and can tell they're wearing masks too) as well as some gothic moments to top it all off.
However the movie is overly long showing alot of the boring moments but there's the fun moments with the bonfires too and the terrorising as well with the backwoods bitches too who kidnap and torment anyone on their campground land.
Watch it for the kicks but if you want to watch a long movie and having your time worth for each good plot this one isn't for you.

The acting is horrible for the most part as pretty much most of these actors were just saying their lines with no character at all and it seems like they are friends of the filmmakers. However, lead actor Jeff Cooper (Sean Steel) who made this film plays a zombie slayer named Sean Steel who seems to put some humor and heroic attitude to his part. Not to say he was overly good but was passable.
Liz Goddard
(Molly) was low on enegry throughout most of her performance but seemed to bring on the humor when she gets drunk which is one of the only things worth watching in her performance. Her painful screaming in the film sounded horrible.
Natalie Geneva
(Edda) had the right looks to play an evil one in this film in a Last House on the Left kind of way but at times she was slow on making her character believeable but later on seemed to do well with her aggressions.

Charlemagne Domiana is fully nude from top to bottom lying down during the beginning of this movie.

There's a decapitated head of a zombie with some blood oozing but it all looked amateurish.
We have some slit wrists.
Some people spit out blood.

Believe it or not the music is the best thing about this film as we have some strong classical music scores if you can believe it for a no budgeter like this one by having lots of adventureous violin playing and at times some heavy drum beats too.
There's a good peaceful flute playing during a moment with the fortune teller setting her stuff up. We also have the odd adventureous guitar riffs and chants too.

Molly: (Laughing after taking a swig of a drink near a tent) It aint Kool-Aid