Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)


Directed by: Charles Barton

Written by: Robert Lees, Frederic I. Rinaldo & John Grant


.... Chick
Lou Costello .... Wilbur
.... Lawrence Talbot
.... Dracula
.... Monster
Lenore Aubert .... Sandra Mornay

.... Mr. McDougal
.... Detective Givens

Special Appearance:

.... Voice of the Invisible Man

Release Date: Theatrical: June 15, 1948




Two bumbling post handlers Chick (Bud Abbott) and Wilbur (Lou Costello) receive a large crater which happens to be Frankenstein's Monster (Glenn Strange) and a coffin that belongs to Dracula (Bela Lugosi) in which they receive a warning phone call by Lawrence Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr.) on what's going to happen to those shipments that they received telling them that they're in danger.
Dracula brings the Monster to his castle as well that Lawrence stays at their resort and tries to tell them to lock him in as on a full moon he will turn into a werewolf.
Dracula has deadly plans for Wilbur as he plans to use his brain for the Monster.
Chick with some help of Lawrence tries to rescue him before it's too late.


Nice cartoonish opening sequence involving the horror characters and so fourth offering tongue in cheek situations which is campy fun to watch so I had a feeling that I was going to be entertained and I was right.
Then in the story we spot two bumbling employees at a post office who happen to be Chick and Wilbur acting goofy at their jobs which the timing seemed comedically decent as well as an aeffective moment with Lawrence Talbot calling them and warning them about the craters that are arriving and the dangers along with him changing into a werewolf which is a nice treat to see the Wolf Man appearing in this one and will please the fans like myself watching his first appearance here and looking forward to seeing him later on in the story too. Offered the nice horror timing for this to happen.
When the two of them go into the storage room to handle a large crater as well as Dracula's coffin there's moments when the Count slowly opens the coffin door with his hand and Wilbur notices it and freaks out but shuts it when Chick is turns to see him as at first the comedy and horror worked together but it got tiresome for a while as this happened a bit too much and had to be trimmed down.
Nice timing when Dracula hypnotises Chick and then has control of the Monster which looked fun to watch making out he was it's creation and not Baron Frankenstein. This was well written into the story and made me look forward to watching more moments happen with the two of them.
Nicely written in moments with Lawrence coming to Chick and Wilbur's resort and telling him not to let him out no matter what which is a nice touch that he knows will become a werewolf and then Wilbur had to enter his suite to give him something but no one is in the room which gave me the chills by having a feeling that he is going to be in danger and knowing that Lawrence turned into a werewolf. This moment was well concentrated along with some comedic one liners from Wilbur himself.
More fun touches when both Chick and Wilbur see Lawrence the next day and the room is trashed and then he explains his history on how he got bitten by a werewolf which seemed suitable for a sequel and it works very well for this flick.
Lots of fun touches when Chick and Wilbur enter Dracula's castle and trying to find their way there as well as trying to escape from the clutches of Draculas himself as well as the Monster which includes a sliding door which offers some nice slapstick to the plot.
More of the horror moments start to occur a great deal too when Dracula demands Sandra Morney to look into his eyes and then hypnotises her which is a perfect traditional moment in a vampire flick as well as when he is pursuing to bite her neck as this was done in fine taste too.
Nice setting with everyone at a costume party as well as Dracula and Sandra attending and then later on Sandra takes Wilbur to another area and tries to hypnotise him in which there's nice close up shots on her eyes and it shows two bats in each of her pupils which psyched me out but yet this person seemed too dimwitted to be hypnotised so the horror and comedy worked in nicely.
Then the comedy comes in again when Lawrence is once again a werewolf and Wilbur thinks it's Chick trying to scare him with a wolf mask he saw him wearing beforehand and he's walking away and this beast tries to attack him but gets clumsy adding perfect timing.
Things get rolling along a great deal when Dracula hypnotises Wilbur again as well as having Chick and Lawrence trying to save the day as Dracula himself plans to use him for the Monsters next experiment so this creation can stay alive which was awesome to watch seeing some bumbling postoffice employee about to be born again into something terrifying in which there's some nice chasing moments with Lawrence spotting that it's a full moon and turning into a werewolf and trying to attack Dracula which was nice seeing two iconic horror villains battling one another.
Then a great chasing sequence with these two idiots Chick and Wilbur trying to escape from the Monster's clutches as well as trying to get away from a boat as well as someone discovering this monster's weakness to try and stop him which was necessary to have in the story if any of you have seen Frankenstein as the writers did their homework.
Bottom line is that although the comedy isn't too funny to me for my standards it added great timing with the horror story that was used in this flick adding two top comedic celebrities into all of it as this inspired some other flicks showing that some comedies can work as well as horror in which this was a perfect example. It was interesting seeing the special effects on a vampire bat turning into Dracula showing animation as nowadays it looks very fake. It was excellent to combine Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and Dracula all into one making this a total classic party flick. I love old black and white horrors as it was the start of everything but nowadays flicks aren't the same anymore and too many remakes too.

The acting was great in it's time in which (Chick) having a good stern arrogant attitude in which he seemed to do well getting aggressive and serious whenever he needed to be this way which offers a good comedic performance by how he comes across and seems to show nicely paced energy within all of this too.
Lou Costello (Wilbur)
was a natural ham with his goofy looks and personality playing a dimwitted employee in which he was a total ball of energy into whatever he did here. Knew on how to react in a hyped type of fashion too. Shows nice expressions for his comedic attitude. Also offers a nice charm and wit to everything that he did. A true character actor.
(Lawrence Talbot) was convincing still as the werewolf as he shows a good anxious attitude and nervousness which shines off pretty good without seeming silly at all. Plus was good by acting forceful and nearly violent too when he almost loses his cool. Shows great energy when he turns into the wolf by springing into action. He still had the knack indeed.
(Dracula) nails it terrifically with his smooth speaking as well as his icy speaking especially when he tries to hypnotises someone really focusing on what he's talking about. Plus shows off a good creepy type of charming attitude in certain scene's shining it off greatly since we all remember him for doing this whenever he portrayed this part.
Lenore Aubert (Sandra Mornay) was marvellous as the mysterious type in which she drew across onto the camera greatly making you wonder if she's a bad person or not. She was sharp within her performance and a good smooth talker. Reacts well when she is hypnotised too as she concentrated well by not acting the same as well as trying to hypnotise someone else speaking coldly in which she does well doing too.
) played the wholesome innocent one since horror films often have these types and does it greatly. She shows off a good nice girl attitude as well as having a nice upliting and calm attitude. Seemed to have quite an effective supporting role along with the pretty clean cut looks too which was a plus.

Frank Skinner does a nice job with his classical composing with the suspenseful trombone playing as well as the intense violin music. Plus there's odd quiverring sounds which was sharp to hear and fit into what was going on in the scene as well as some solid drumrolls. Nice old fashioned horror music you don't hear like this anymore as all of this is entertaining.

Chick Young: [the phone rings] Answer that phone.
[a lady rings the bell for service]
Chick Young: Answer the bell.
[the phone rings again]
Chick Young: Answer the phone!
Wilbur Grey: Which one do you want me to answer first?
Chick Young: Both of them!
Wilbur Grey: [mocks him] Both of them! Both of them!

Chick Young: I know there's no such person as Dracula. You know there's no such person as Dracula.
Wilbur Grey: But does Dracula know it?

Chick Young: I'm going out to get the other crate. And no back talk!
Wilbur Grey: I've got just two words to say to you.
Chick Young: What is that?
Wilbur Grey: Hurry back.

Larry Talbot: [gives Wilbur a key] Lock me in, and no matter what you hear or what you might think, don't let me out!

Chick Young: What's the matter?
Larry Talbot: I know you'll think I'm crazy, but... in a half-an-hour the moon will rise and I'll turn into a wolf.
Wilbur Grey: You and 20 million other guys!
Larry Talbot: [slamming Wilbur into a locker with Chick going in behind him] Listen! I might tear you limb from limb!
Wilbur: [turning to Chick in the locker] Is that serious?
Chick Young: He'll murder ya!
Wilbur: [turns to Talbot] That's serious.

Wilbur Grey: Mr. Talbot, and I thought you were such a nice man too. Look at you, you're a mess.
Larry Talbot: Last night I went through another one of my horrible experiences. Many years ago I was bitten by a werewolf. Now, whenever the full moon rises I turn into a wolf myself.
Wilbur Grey: Oh pal. That's all right; I'm sort of a wolf myself.

Chick Young: You know the old saying? Everything comes in threes. Now suppose a third girl should fall in love with you?
Wilbur Grey: What's her name?
Chick Young: We'll say her name is Mary.
Wilbur Grey: Is she pretty?
Chick Young: Beautiful!
Wilbur Grey: Naturally, she'd have to be.
Chick Young: Now you have Mary, you have Joan, and you have Sandra. So, to prove to you that I'm your pal, your bosom friend, I'll take one of the girls off your hands.
Wilbur Grey: Chick, you're what I call a real pal... you take Mary.

[Wilbur answers the door and Joan kisses him]
Wilbur Grey: Oh, oh...
Chick Young: Now who is this?
Wilbur Grey: She's, she's beautiful.
Joan Raymond: I'm Joan Raymond.
Wilbur Grey: [shrugging] She's Joan Raymond.

Larry Talbot: So! We meet again, Count Dracula.
Dracula: Dracula?
Wilbur Grey: Yes. That's who he says you are.
Dracula: Oh. My costume perhaps?
Chick Young: [jokingly] No. Talbot here thinks you're the real thing.
Wilbur Grey: Uh-huh. Right out of McDougal's House of Horrors.
Dracula: What an odd hallucination. But, the human mind is often inflamed with strange complexes. I suggest you consult your physician, Mr. Talbot.
Chick Young: [referring to Wilbur] And take him along with you, please.

Dr. Sandra Mornay: Look into my eyes!
[Wilbur looks into her eyes and sees two bats flapping their wings]
Dr. Sandra Mornay: Don't you know what's going to happen now?
Wilbur Grey: I'll bite.
Dr. Sandra Mornay: No, I will.

Wilbur Grey: [Larry Talbot's called about Mr. McDougal's packages and is turning into the wolf, growling and snarling] Mr. McDougal, will you stop gargling your throat?
[growling continues]
Wilbur Grey: Hey, you're gonna have to get your dog away from the phone, I can't hear a word you're saying.
[growling and snarling continues]
Wilbur Grey: You're awful silly to call me all the way from London just to have your dog talk to me.
[hears the snarling and barks in response]

[Trying to evade the monster, Wilbur puts on a black cloak over his face]
Wilbur Grey: [imitating Dracula] Back! Back!
The Monster: Yes, master.
Wilbur Grey: [takes off cloak and turns to Chuck] He thinks I'm Dracula!

Wilbur Grey: And another thing Mr. Chick Young! The next time I tell you that I saw something when I saw it, you believe me that I saw it!
Chick Young: Oh relax. Now that we've seen the last of Dracula, the Wolf Man, and the Monster, there's nobody to frighten us anymore.
Invisible Man: Oh, that's too bad. I was hoping to get in on the excitement.
Chick Young: Who said that?
Invisible Man: Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the Invisible Man.