Accidental Exorcist (2016)


Directed by: Daniel Falicki

Written by: Warren Croyle, Sheri Beth Dusek & Daniel Falicki


Daniel Falicki .... Richard Vanuk
David Higbee .... Burgess Belle
Michael Cunningham .... My Boy
Patrick Hendren .... Jeremiah
Mike Roberts .... Jeremiah's Brother

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: June 14, 2016





A troubled drunk Richard Vanuk (Daniel Falicki) had a gift to perform successful exorcisms which he is in high demand but however his life seems to be falling apart with the people surrounding his whole lifestyle.


The beginning of the story looked a little too obvious with the lead character Richard Vanuk talking to a parent about her deaughters possession and their conversations seemed to become a little too campy as well even if things were supposed to have been serious. We spot the daughter with her head down and then later on we see her head raised with gunk on her face as this looked truly gross. But it seems to roll along on what we does by performing an exorcism.
We spot another moment with a supposed intimidating moment with his landlord Burgess Belle threatening to evict him but this seemed too campy to be taken seriously by what we spot here yet things looked mildly effective when we see this dude insulting him which shows a true confomforting situation on all of this.
We spot many nice dark and still situations with Richard drinking or talking on the phone with issues surrounding him in which things look mildly intense when he behaves like this as the moments here for sure draw you in and it looked entertaining. We also have moments on him drinking at a bar with corny moments on him associating with other regulars there.
My favourite scene is yet to come when he goes to perform his next exorcism which looked good and dark when he goes up to a disturbed little girl crying while holding a knife underneat a table when he tries to calmly get her to give him the knife as it makes you watch careful as to whether or not she will give in or attack him.
Perfect dark shots on him going down stairs to perform his exorcism as well as him trying to save someone's life after being nearly drowned in a tub as well as spotting someone possessed in a bathtub as he commands him which has the dark campiness with this victims eyes opening and shutting. Alot of this seemed to borrow heavily from found footage horror flicks like Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. This was done in great taste.
Another great moment when he does his next exorcism is towards a burly fellow who won't eat due to his possessions as well as the family showing all of his favourite food sitting there that he won't eat which was slightly funny to see along with him snapping his teeth and then Richard trying to bring food to him and he stops snapping his teeth. Plus we see a focused moment on Richard eating some of this food as well as this possessed person sitting there expressionless as this looked funny and creepy too. Also we get a kick out of a food fight between these two as it was a nice add on to the story.
A corny moment when Burgess threatens to use his bat on Richard till he sees that he's wearing a priest outfit and changes his mode. This looked a little too unnatural when we spot this happening.
We spot more silly moments when he does another exorcism but cusses and acts violent as well as asking for two bottles of wine and drinks one down as an excuse on his plans to cleanse out an evil spirit. Alot of good energetic fast paced moments on this at the same time.
Yet later on when he finished his cleansing towards the possessed fellow whom is Jeremiah there's anice conversation between the two of them which looked good and serious as well as things silent and still but afterwards we spot a moment that takes you by surprise after this which nearly makes you jump out of your seat offering great horror timing.
Larter on in the story we have lame moments on Richard trying to work in an office and other spots like that which doesn't fit into the story too well and losing touch on what we may think was a well done supernatural horror flick.
Another lame moment is when Richard's next exorcism is a horror film fanatic wearing a mask with a lame moment on what happens after he removes the mask as this rips off a tribute to The Exorcist.
We do have a moment with Richard drunk out of his mind at a bar and spotting Burgess and insulting him to try and provoke him which for sure leaves an impression that this brute will punch him out.
The story lags on as it needed to end sooner with some intense moments on what happens to Richard after he was about to get it on with a gothic chick but this seemed pointless to watch.
Bottom line is as mentioned the movie being too long and at times killing wastless time but at the same time there's some real well done scene's offering a decent sense of humor too. Some of it falls flat though. A well shot independent low budget horror comedy that almost seems like an anthology a little bit revealing different chapters on different possessions happening but this was the same story instead of different one's. A film with some leaky holes but some nice memorable one's too for anyone who saw this one.

The acting is pretty good as we have a very small cast of main characters so I will do my best here on who to review.... Daniel Falicki (Richard Vanuk) delivered his role as a drunken exorcsim pretty good. At times he was rusty but really picks up the pace as he really knew on how to act like a basket case or troubled. Adds some nice wit when he tries to talk to his posessed victims as well as doing a nice job getting aggressive or demanding too. Was fairly decent with his emotional attitude while talking on the phone adding a nice intensity within all of this. Plus does well panicking in certain situations. Plus does well acting like an obnoxious asshole when he gets hammered too.
David Higbee (Burgess Belle) seemed a little too campy with his attaitude as an obnoxious landlord but yet had the right size and looks to portray this role so I will give him credit for that. He was not too bad when he gets violent and nasty. Plus comes across well as an asshole too with his insulting attitude.
Michael Cunningham (My Boy) had an effective supporting role as a possessed burly guy in which he did well with his creepy expressionless behavior. Plus does a good job jumping into action with his demonic playing attitude when he performs a food fight in which he seemed like a natural ham while doing all of this. Offering a decent versatality within all of this.
Patrick Hendren (Jeremiah) came clearly good as a blind possessed one having a dark presence and then later on after being cleansed seemed to speak well adn clearly with his speaking which he offered a nice and mellow behavior throughout all of this. He was a good character actor and had the right looks for all of this and studied his part very well.
Mike Roberts (Jeremiah's Brother) does well as someone whom is well alert with what is going on along with really having a good patient type of behavior. Was always on the ball with what he had to do. Also does a good job getting upset in certain spots too along with being midly timid which shows off nicely too.

A hole is shot through someone's hand.
Odd bloodsheds.

Nice low classical music in certain spots which sounds powerfully done as well as some heavy drumbeats here and there. Plus we have low whooshing and creepy windy type of effects along with the airy sounds too delivering a nice haunting type of feel. The composing by Tom Ashton really helped the story along big time.